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The world of cate of square _ of dietotherapy of summer three-colored amaranth

Dietotherapy of summer three-colored amaranth square

2012-02-07 14:04:55

Xia Shi is divided first, it is the season with mature three-colored amaranth, value of right now three-colored amaranth nutrition is very high. The vitamin C content of three-colored amaranth resides green vegetable high the first, it contains a lot ofthe nutrient material such as calcic, phosphor, iron, and do not contain oxalic acid, what contain calcic, iron to enter human body hind to be absorbed very easily to use, the growth that still can promote children development.

Phyletic: Three-colored amaranth can be divided according to Xie Se for green three-colored amaranth, red three-colored amaranth and beautiful three-colored amaranth, green three-colored amaranth is fried ripe hind soup juice is clear,

Effect: Three-colored amaranth has convergent and clear hot detoxify, hemostatic, diminish inflammation to remove the effect of the dysentery below swollen, cure, the eye bare a list of things of phlogistic be caused by on the disease of bare dysentery characterized by white mucous stool to be caused by of damp and hot and irascibility is guttural and painful, red adverse wait, all have certain auxiliary therapy effect.

Cook: Three-colored amaranth can boil boiling water, also can fry feed, appropriate uses boiling water scald, after the acerbity flavour of purify three-colored amaranth, issue boiler cook to become dish again. Three-colored amaranth is fried ripe eat, sexual flavour slants to boil soup to feed a Retongli having Qing Dynasty with; at making the same score action.

No-no: Three-colored amaranth cannot be fed together with turtle, the person that can cause Xu Han of bromatoxism; intestines and stomach is unfavorable also feed more, cause diarrhoea easily.

Dietotherapy of red three-colored amaranth square

[sexual flavour] pleasant, cool, avirulent.

[return classics] into big, small intestine.

[effect] alexipharmic Qing Dynasty is hot, hemostatic diuresis.

[advocate treat] diphtheria, the disease such as hematuria and send hives fully.

[no-no] cannot feed together with turtle.

[specification] red three-colored amaranth is fried ripe eat, sexual flavour slants to boil soup with; to feed at making the same score, clear heat connects profit motive, empty of every intestines and stomach is cold person unfavorable feed more, cause diarrhoea easily.

[square concentration of dietotherapy of red three-colored amaranth]

1, red amaranth colza 10 grams, or the red three-colored amaranth that uses double amount, water simmer in water is taken, one day two, can send hives fully.

2, red amaranth colza 30 grams, fry yellow levigation, divide boiled water of strong brown sugar to take (diet raw or cold food is hot food) , treat postpartum abdominal pain.

3, root of red three-colored amaranth, igneous forge grinds end (or add) of borneol a few, in inbreathe larynx, treat diphtheria.

4, quantity of not stick to of red three-colored amaranth, the soup that boil often is fed, lower limbs of the filariasis that wipe blood is as swollen as the skin and strumous big.

5, red three-colored amaranth 120 grams, reach a bowl with simmer in water of 4 bowls of water, lukewarm take, cancer of two pairs palace has auxiliary curative effect.

6, 150 grams control red three-colored amaranth, go, abluent, dissect. 100 grams cook rice congee is fast ripe when, join red three-colored amaranth, add a few oily salt edible. Heat having Qing Dynasty stops dysentery action. Apply to acute bacterium sex dysenteric with enteritis.

The world of cate of _ of recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy of stomach trouble

The recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy of stomach trouble

2012-02-07 13:53:07

Of modern life rhythm accelerate, people drinks feed not the rule, stomach trouble occurence rate is higher and higher. Common saying says ” the stomach is expensive raising ” , have the person of stomach trouble, use besides medicaments outside, cure of drink food therapy is very important also. Recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy is recommended below.

One, beneficial lienal cake

Recipe kimono law: Red jujube 500 grams, thoroughly cook flay nucleus. Flesh extraction a jujube 250 grams, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard is 60 grams, unripe the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is 120 grams, dry ginger pink 60 grams; the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes abluent, bake with slow fire dry, grind delicate last stage, join dry Jiang Fenhe inside the jujube, be like,pound together mud, make small cake, put the drying inside oven, take out put plastic food reserve inside bag. Beautiful of all of this cake color, sweet, flavour, hollow should make snack, snacks acts as after eat, to nibble slow pharynx, grow has taste, not only ill person love to feed, children also likes to eat.

Effect: Pleasant of big jujube flavour, can lukewarm fill gas of lienal, beneficial raises blood. Modern medicine proves: Big jujube contains a lot ofprotein and vitamin C, protein is ulcer starts the stuff with face repair indispensable place; Vitamin C can enhance airframe the resistance to the disease. Acerbity sex of pleasant of the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard is smooth, can disappear of be good at stomach is fed. The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes fills lienal beneficial is angry, water of dry wet benefit. The make a comprehensive view is whole square, have fill the function that disappear of lienal Wen Zhong, be good at stomach feeds.

Get used to disease or contraindication: Apply to digestibility ulcer disease to still do not have haemorrhage only, card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is lienal Xu Han model person, expression is: Gastralgia is unbroken, be fond of Wen Xi to press, accept is fed decrease, the look is weary force, defecate jalf congealed is thin, limb is not lukewarm. If lienal Wan is glowing aching, be agitated is irritable, pantothenic acid is noisy, the mouth works a hardship, belong to liver stomach gloomy heat person, unfavorable eat this cake.

2, peach kernel congee

Law of this square recipe kimono: Peach kernel, virgin soil each 10 grams, after peach kernel immerses, flay abandons a needle, right amount cold water is added after 2 medicine are abluent, high heat boil, change slow fire slow fry in shallow oil. After 30 minutes, divide castration broken bits, 100 grams rice is abluent congee is boiled in adding medical juice. Congee is ripe join Gui Xinfen (drugstore has carry out) 2 grams, brown sugar 50 grams. The rare mix of congee can master according to individual hobby. Feed 1 bowl small every time, everyday 3 come 4 times, this congee Shang Segong is bright, rice is sodden give oil, sweet and goluptious, mouthfeel slippery benefit.

This square effect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: “Painful be illogical, general rule indolence ” . Peach kernel but invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, embellish bowel is aperient; Virgin soil can the heat of Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, invigorate the circulation of blood that raise blood; Gui Xin, brown sugar can be lukewarm connect hematic arteries and veins and acetanilide; Sex of rice flavour pleasant is smooth, can beneficial is lienal with the stomach, contain protein, adipose, saccharide, calcic, Tie Hewei to give birth to element B1 to wait; Brown sugar can furnish not only quantity of heat, contain a lot ofiron to pledge again. Albumen and iron are the main raw material of hematopoiesis character.

Get used to disease and no-no disease: After this congee applies to digestibility ulcer haemorrhage to stop or without produce the person that go out, card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is Yu stop inside blood model, expression is gastral cavity painful like pinprick, pain spot is fixed do not move, the tongue is qualitative violet dark or spot having Yu. When be like cankerous activity to bleed, abstinence this congee.

3, congee of bright reed rhizome

Recipe kimono law: Fresh reed rhizome is 100 grams, green skin 5 grams, rice 100 grams, ginger 2. After will bright reed rhizome is abluent, those who cut a centimeter to grow is fine paragraph, put bowl together with green skin inside, add right amount cold water, after immersing 30 minutes, high heat boil, change slow fire fry in shallow oil 20 minutes. Fish out dregs of a decoction, join abluent rice, boil blossom to rice, congee soup sticks a canister. Before carrying boiler 5 minutes, put ginger, one day is divided 2 times lukewarm take. The alcohol of this congee rice is sweet be united in wedlock with the faint scent of reed rhizome, feed rise slippery profit is nice, have taste additionally one time.

This square effect: Heat of reed rhizome Qing Dynasty raises shade, gas of green skin travel stops ache, ginger and stomach stop vomit, rice raises gastric profit lienal. Above all medical conpatibility of medicines are proper, amount to discharge heat and stomach in all, raise the effect with acetanilide shade.

Get used to disease and no-no disease: This congee gets used to the person that at digestibility ulcer disease card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is liver stomach to accumulate heat, expression is gastral cavity glowing ache, be agitated bitter to taste of noisy, mouth does irritable, pantothenic acid. Be like cold happy event of gastral cavity painful Wei, discharge of defecate jalf congealed,

Costive darling is unfavorable the world of eating cate of _ of 5 kinds of food

Costive darling is unfavorable 5 kinds of eating food

2017-02-09 11:39:50

Constipation is right darling people for, it is not quite comfortable really, if food is undeserved, may constipate is aggravating. During constipation introducing below, should not be the food of edible.

1, candy

Candy can be abate the peristalsis that gastric bowel, make an illness aggravating.

2, persimmon

Alvine fluid can decrease to secrete after persimmon edible and produce patient of constipation, chronic constipation unfavorable edible.


Juice of tremella lily lotus seed

3, sorghum, lotus seed

Sorghum and lotus seed control function of acerbity solid bowel stronger, edible hind makes an illness easily aggravating.

4, polished glutinous rice

After edible polished glutinous rice make life easily hot, defecate is dry, hard.

5, protein or calcium cross much food character

If this kind of food has been absorbed much, make defecate is become easily alkalescent, dry and the quantity is little, hard eduction, should reduce edible so.

Corn edibles should increase during constipation, absorb the vegetable that contains a large number of cellulose and fruit, path of exciting stomach bowel wriggles, benefit is formed at defecate, achieve aperient goal thereby.

Be pregnant initial stage eats pregnant of what good pregnant woman the world of cate of _ of inchoate food strategy

Be pregnant initial stage eats pregnant of what good pregnant woman inchoate food strategy

2017-06-26 18:17:11

When just be pregnant, pregnant mom always are unavoidable excited mood. But this moment, vomiting during pregnancy is exceedingly apparent also, what to eat to do not have appetite, but do not eat,darling cannot absorb nutrition again. For earlier to be pregnant friend, what to eat to had been compared? Be pregnant earlier besides want additional folic acid, also want escape to weigh the food of taste. Look below small the introduction that write, the hope is helpful to you.

Treat cookbook of vomiting during pregnancy: Beef of bittern of dried tangerine or orange peel

Raw material: Lean beef, soy, dried tangerine or orange peel, green, ginger, candy, soy, water () of 2 big spoon.

Make a way: Use dried tangerine or orange peel water a little bubble is soft, green is abluent cut off; Beef is abluent slice, add soy to mix divide evenly, bloat 10 minutes; The beef that will bloated put one piece in hot oil, deepfry arrives to work a bit a few; Explode dried tangerine or orange peel, green, Jiang Xian sweet, join soy, candy, water and beef to be fried a bit next; Take out beef, put the bittern stuff that has mixed, namely dried tangerine or orange peel, green, ginger, soy, candy, stew to thick gravy desiccate, can edible.

Nutrient little secret:

Lean lean kind contain rich B a group of things with common features vitamin, can aid reduce be pregnant inchoate vomitive symptom, still can reduce mental exhaustion to wait unwell. Ginger and dried tangerine or orange peel also conduce to the sick feeling that reduces pregnant mammy.

Pregnant woman is appetizing cookbook: Han type hot Chinese cabbage

Raw material: Face of Chinese cabbage, chili, apple, pear, ginger, garlic, salt, white sugar, fish sauce.


1. Chinese cabbage is abluent, cut 2 half (or 4 half) ;

2. inside and outside is wiped equably on salt, bloat about 4 hours narrow to Chinese cabbage bulk and molten;

Cool boiled water crosses after 3. develops redundant salinity with clear water, twist dry moisture;

Half and half of 4. apple, pear, cut broken end; Bailuo predicts half, dig becomes silk; Garlic, ginger cuts broken end;

Transfer into in 5. chili face right amount salt, white sugar, fish sauce, with cool boiled water smooth;

End of the chili paste of 6. general mix up and turnip silk, apple, pear end, garlic ginger end mixes divide evenly;

7. applies the pepper sauce material that has made equably on layer of Chinese cabbage inside and outside;

8. loads the cold storage in having oily sealed container to save, after waiting for unhurried word to refrigerate one day can edible.

The world of cate of _ of cookbook of 5 fruit juice that darling loves most

The cookbook of 5 fruit juice that darling loves most

2017-02-23 13:36:29

Draft fruit is healthful, and to year young for darling, can extract the fruit into fruit juice to be drunk to darling. Fresh fruit juice contains rich vitamin, the immune force of OK and promotional darling and metabolism, very helpful to the body. So, what does the water fruit juice that suits darling edible have? How should be made again? Below small make up the fruit juice recipe that for everybody mom recommends a few kinds to suit darling. Look together.

1, cantaloup juice

Applicable darling: 4 months rise

Material: Fresh cantaloup half, white sugar a few

Practice: cantaloup abluent, flay goes child. Cut cantaloup small, put juicer, the agitate that add water extracts juice, broken bits of the filter after teem will precipitate can.

Sweet little hint: Cantaloup contains calcic, phosphor, iron and the darling such as a variety of vitamins to grow indispensable nurture is qualitative, constant drinkable cantaloup juice can promote haemal circulation, help aid digestion, prevent a dry tongue dry to wait.

2, orange juice

Applicable darling: 3, 4 months

Can drink a few delicacy to extract orange juice to darling from 3 months, those who want an attention is the quantity shoulds not be overmuch, most it is OK to begin to feed 9 spoons. Can as darling grow, increase an amount gradually.

Material: Umbilical orange 2, carrot 1, white sugar a few

Practice: Orange sliver, to cutting 4 piece, flay. Carrot is abluent, cut paragraph. orange flesh and carrot Duan Fang extracts juice into juicer, add white sugar, mix is even can.

Sweet little hint: C of rich pectic, protein, calcic, scale, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin is contained to wait for a variety of nutrition composition in orange, can nutrition of darling of many sided supply, and to moist darling skin, hair, sanitarian eye has distinct effect.

Accurate mom needs to know: Different gestation cold needs to take different the way to deal with a situation! _ cate the world

Accurate mom needs to know: Different gestation cold needs to take different the way to deal with a situation!

2016-11-10 13:23:51

? ?


The cold is the problem with very incidental pregnant woman, how should be after pregnant woman catchs a cold, done after all so? We should take different the way to deal with a situation according to gestation.

Pregnant is inchoate (gravid 1~3 month)

If catch a cold but do not have a fever, the temperature when perhaps having a fever does not exceed 38 ℃ . This kind of circumstance issues pregnant woman to answer much water boiled water, rest adequately if; has a fever 39 ℃ above when the cold, and last 3 days above, so except should lie in bed rests, outside watering more, still should adopt actively drop in temperature measure, can use lukewarm wet towel or brush bath with the alcohol of 30% , till temperature falls,come till 38 ℃ are the following.

Pregnant woman still should see a doctor in time to the hospital, drug is used below doctor guidance. If pregnant woman is to be after oviposit the 2 head cold inside week, because of this period oosperm and matrix had be notted contact directly, won’t be opposite with medicine fetal influential.

Pregnant metaphase (gravid 4~6 month)

Want to use drug cautiously right now. If companion of pregnant woman cold has high fever, much more adumbrative illness is more serious, answer to see a doctor in time, do not eat diminish inflammation painful, this is the febrifuge with no-no pregnant woman. But also do not want conceal one’s fault for fear of criticism, relatively safe remedy should be used below doctor guidance.

Pregnant is terminal (gravid 7~9 month)

Take patulin to compare safety relatively right now, drug can be used below the doctor’s guidance. After pregnant woman catchs a cold if do not have tonsil phlogistic, blood pressure tall, cough up is yellow phlegmy, shed thick tears to wait, but need not antibiotic, because antibiotic can carry placental action within fetal body, the possibility that has 20%~40% is right fetal form a harm.
The pregnant mom with lighter symptom of a few colds, also can adopt the method that a few blame medication.

1, if laryngeal itch again painful, antrum of gargle of usable thick brine reachs pharynx and larynx.

2, the hot water that enters 40 ℃ left and right sides inside the cup, buy of mouth, will nose ministry enters teacup mouth inside, ceaseless and inspiratory hot steam, a day 3, every time 10 minutes or so can.

3, when cough, can lay an egg divide evenly, add a few Bai Sha candy and ginger juice, with take medicine with water of half cups of boiled water.

4, ginger piece 3 centimeters 15 grams, long very light blue 3 paragraphs, add water boil, join brown sugar drinkable, conduce to sudoriferous, alleviate symptom.

Dietary appropriate is delicate during the cold, with congee, water in which noodles have been boiled, fresh vegetables and fruits advisable, the content such as be bored with of avoid cooking oil, raw or cold food, if zhongzi, ice is tasted, chocolate, seafood. Still should notice heat preservation, lest 2 degrees catch a cold.


Have child of chromatic vegetables and fruits more the world of cate of more healthy _

Have child of chromatic vegetables and fruits more more healthy

2016-10-25 11:29:42

Although the snacks that contains artificial pigment is good-looking, endanger child health however, can weaken appetite not only, can bring about child intelligence to drop even, sexual precocity. So the parent should learn to guide the child to choose the food of multicoloured correctly, eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruits more.


Green leapfrog jumps

Chromatic snacks reduces cent to child intelligence

If Sao of asthmatic, rhinitis, skin is urticant,the chromatic snacks that absorbs excessive to synthesize pigment can be caused not only wait for allergy, likely still action arrives the child’s nerve, bring about thereby have a headache wait for a symptom. With certain colour and lustre fresh soda water is exemple, as a result of inside added artificial synthesis pigment and essence, excessive is drinkable and easy ad cool-headed in the child not on the enteron mucous membrane with mature development, cause appetite to drop with indigestion, disturb a variety of enzymatic functions inside body, cause undesirable effect to metabolism and constitution development. As time passes, hidebound the intellective development that also meets the child reduces cent. Doctor proposal, the parent should control the snacks of children strictly, eat a few natural food more.

Chromatic vegetables and fruits wants much edible

Chromatic vegetables and fruits looks beautiful not only, and nutrition is rich. Carry to itself feed or the child of partiality for a particular kind of food, the parent should choose attentively more. Maize vegetables and fruits accumulate contain rich vitamin, wait like day lily, hotbed chives, pumpkin, among them vitamin E is dirty to hepatic, pancreas very beneficial; Orange, citric, corn the ace that these food are synthetic vitamin C, everyday the melon and fruit of two yellow of edible 2-3, with respect to the vitamin C that can assure a need. Green is vegetable accumulate contain rich folic acid and calcium, wait like flower of spinach, green vegetables, leek, besides rich fiber can help the child digest, prevent constipation besides, still contain a lot ofmany calcium to pledge, stimulative darling skeleton and dental development. If black department food is dawdle, sesame seed, black rice, black the agaric microelement that contains human body to need and of all kinds vitamin, also suggest the parent chooses for the child more.

Lack chromium and calcic cheeper to have the world of myopic _ cate easily

Lack chromium and calcic cheeper to suffer from myopia easily

2016-10-20 14:30:43

The incidence of a disease of children myopia rises stage by stage now, 3%-5% already was amounted to before school age. So, the precaution of myopia needs to grab from the infant. According to American scientist Lai favour doctor studies, the happening of myopia and body lack the microelement such as chromium and calcium to concern.

Chromic element is a human body is indispensible kind of mineral element, the action in eyeball development is to make its are permeated pressure poise, can bring about crystalline lens to be roused otherwise change protruding, the diopter that causes an eye increases, and become myopia. According to the expert calculate, children needs chromic 50-200 microgramme about everyday, if darling ate the food of many candy and tall carbohydrate, meet those who make the microelement in the body chromic store the quantity decreases.

Calcium is we are familiar with a kind of when also take seriously very mineral element relatively, but everybody is known to it or concentration is in promotional and skeletal development, prevent children rachitic wait for a respect, rise the development connection of it and eye rarely, actually calcic lack also is to cause eyesight growth undesirable and even one of main reasons that form myopia. Ate to be burned too much boil too those who pass is protein kind of food, can make the calcic metabolization in the body happens unusual, cause be short of calcium.

Precaution is so myopic, besides noticing to use eye sanitation, develop the dietary habit with reasonable darling even, exquisite nutrition is wholesome. Eat less candy and contain the food with fast candy, eat rice, flour less, have unpolished rice wide range more, eat less lardy, limitation contains high protein tallow of the food of fat and refined sugar absorb, reduce the chromic eduction in the body. In the meantime, eliminate the bad food habit of baby partiality for a particular kind of food, eat animal egg more kind, milk, shrimp, legume, lean lean, dawdle.

How does vomiting during pregnancy do? Alleviate have the world of cate of subtle move _

How does vomiting during pregnancy do? Alleviate have clever court

2016-10-14 10:47:23

Allowing mom to nurse in the health of pregnancy pay close attention to very much, we also can see some accurate mom can appear vomiting during pregnancy, such very much accurate mom are afflictive, we are looked at also is afflictive, how occurrence vomiting during pregnancy alleviates pay close attention to, some food also are to be able to alleviate of accurate mom vomiting during pregnancy, does that alleviate what does the cookbook of vomiting during pregnancy have? With respect to understanding falls below.

Alleviate method of vomiting during pregnancy and small subtle move

Phenomenon of vomiting during pregnancy is in the female’s gravid head 3 months are compared commonly apparent, to alleviate symptom of vomiting during pregnancy, at that time pregnant Mom should notice to eat much food less on food, feel hungry feeling to be able to have bit of thing, avoid hollow starve. In addition, pregnant Mom can eat a few food that contain a lot ofcarbohydrate more, wait like meal of soda biscuit, rice, banana. Additional, jiang Neng reduces pregnant quite the symptom of inchoate and disgusting, vomiting, proposal accurate mom can take ginger tea or ginger candy.

1, accurate mom pregnancy can look for a few pastime appropriately, resemble can continueing to work, perhaps look for a person to chat, see a book wait, can divert the attention of oneself so, reduce symptom of vomiting during pregnancy.

2, should feel disgusting when wanting to vomit, might as well can try to lay down come, can alleviate effectively so the sick feeling that sends sexual vomiting feeling to bring suddenly.

3, can try to dissection a fresh lemon, hear next, or lemonade is drunk. Carry the fragrance with citric pure and fresh oneself and tart flavor, can let pregnant Mom alleviate vomiting during pregnancy.

4, accurate mom can have a few proper campaign, can ease the vomitive reaction with inchoate pregnant so. Accurate mom should choose the motion of a few relatively light delay, be like outdoor take a walk, do pregnant woman health care to hold etc.

Radiation-proof raise again colour food pregnant Mom tastes! _ cate the world

Radiation-proof raise again colour food pregnant Mom tastes!

2016-09-29 17:24:48

After be pregnant, all the more be afraid of radiation, influence of for fear that arrived fetal. Wear radiation-proof clothes, find a place for green food is waited a moment, pregnant Mom can know, still have dietotherapy radiation-proof law, important is already can radiation-proof can beautiful colour.

Contain the food of carotene

Carotene is a kind of powerful and strong antioxidant, can effective tutelar body cell is avoided suffer harm, avoid cellular happening canceration thereby. Also can enhance power of human body immunity, defer cell and airframe consenescence, reduce the happening of the disease, carotene is contained in some cosmetic, make its rise to be mixed to radiation-proof, protection, moist skin fight anile action. The food that contains carotene has the flower of cod-liver oil, Xi La, carrot, food such as spinach.

Gules fruit

Gules fruit is very much, wait like tomato, cherry, this is to fight the food with radiation best effect. The vitamin that one kind contains a lot ofto fight oxidation in this kind of food, tomato red element, among them the content with tomato is highest. Tomato red element can improve skin allergy, the skin that drive causes because of skin allergy is dry itch with Sao ache feels, in addition, to ultraviolet ray, tomato red element also has better safety action.

Have the food of the function that discharge poison

This kind of pig blood, food is for instance OK a body of harmful material eduction inside our body inside, do not leave a bit space to radiation material.

Contain a lot ofthe food of collagen flexibility material

The food that contains a lot ofcollagen flexibility material has kelp, laver, holothurian etc, because of this kind of food medium collagen material has effect of a kind of adhere, can give the radiation material adsorption inside body put oneself in another’s position side by side inside.

Seed of all sorts of legume, olive oil, sunflower is oily

Oxidation vitamin E, C is contained a lot ofin this kind of food, can reduce what computer radiate brings about to cross oxidation reaction, have very good protection effect to our skin, can very good reduce cutaneous harm.

Each accurate mom after be pregnant but must notice nutrition more, the darling that lets oneself absorbs best nutrition in abdomen, be brought up quickly, grow for a health clever darling.