9 years old of girls produce below 5 jins of half heavy male baby

9 years old of girls produce below 5 jins of half heavy male baby
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Late on January 25 the reader says to stuff of our newspaper newspaper, the Changchun City someHospitalDepartment of gynaecology and obstetrics closes treated a special patient, 9 years old of girls are pregnant 8 half moon enter this courtyard. The reporter undertook interviewing to this matter. On January 27 midday, this girl emerges the next in palace of analyse of this hospital classics 2.75 kilograms of heavy male baby.

When 25 days of late reporters come to ward of this hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics, most patient and family member had fallen asleep, in ward corridor very noiseless. The reporter protects personnel to enquire the message of this girl to this family doctor, cure protects personnel to say the girl and family member had slept, inconvenience is disturbed. The reporter enquires individual circumstance of the girl and domestic situation, cure protects personnel to did not disclose to the reporter. The reporter sees on the patient registration form of this division, the name of this girl of 9 years old is ” ** ” two words, the illness that register is ” gravid… “

26 days morning, the reporter enquires a circumstance again, cure protects personnel very evade this matter, did not disclose relevant case to the reporter. Reporter from accompany inside ward protect understanding arrives over there personnel, be pregnant the girl’s home is loose former, she grows more maturely, the specific reason that the girl is pregnant is unspecified, her family does not talk this matter greatly to alien.

27 days midday, this girl emerges the male baby that the next weighs 2.75 kilograms in palace of analyse of this courtyard classics, at present Mu Zijun is not had hinder greatly.

Cause 9 years old of girls to be pregnant who is parturient person? Current, return unknown. Allegedly, be pregnant the girl’s family already reported a case to the security authorities to police. Jilin result bear the Liu lawyer of attorney office says, in view of 14 one full year of life the following woman does not enjoy sexual right, hold the post of so why ” did not violate woman volition ” counterplea all cannot hold water, the contact that should produce a gender with its only or behavior all form forcible rape, and be when measurement of penalty want from heavy punishment.

As we have learned, lifetime basis of the female its physiology phenomenon, have 5 development period, namely childhood period, adolescence, autumn, the turn of life and menopause. The female is in autumn when, as a result of ovarian and complete mature can fixed oviposit, produce hormone periodicly, because this had reproductive capacity. General girl is in 11 years old when just can enter adolescence. Will tell normally, ability gives birth to the child after feminine occurrence menstruation, but in May 1939, peruvian a girl of 5 years old is pregnant unexpectedly, smoothly childbirth gives surviving baby.

What be engaged in department of gynaecology and obstetrics for years is femaleDoctorTell a reporter, 9 years old of girls are pregnant parturient this kind of circumstance is extremely scarce.

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Miss long life? It is how simple! (graph)

Be careful! You do not have hole of medical treatment advertisement the word says.

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Man 21 years 1.5 dozens of cravat turn eyesight into myopia after 3 months


Man 21 years 1.5 dozens of cravat turn eyesight into myopia after 3 months

Come from area of 9 dragon slope recently, eye of Li Lei disclosure has area of 9 dragon slope the place is not right, so the eyesight of 1.5, it is not clear that a bit bit further now place looks. 25 days, li Lei arrivesSouthwest hospitalExamination, eyesight drops to 0.8. WithDoctorChat be informed: Because cravat is fastened too closely, bring about an eyeMyopic.

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   Model shaping makes tie like every sky class

“A pair of large small holes, will 21 years had not given trouble. ” Li Lei says, he lives in day of area of 9 dragon slope to promote C of city of road the upper Changjiang region 9 buildings, the university graduated last year, in day of area of 9 dragon garden strange foreign trade sells a company to find a sale to work. Xiaoli values this job very much, every sky class makes tie surely, wear installing. “To the sale the object leaves good impression, be helpful for beginning the work. Be helpful for beginning the work..

Colleague Xiao Yongfu of Li Lei says, at first, xiaoli takes necktie to the unit everyday, letting a work in the same placing help is, he ever also had made tie a few times to Xiaoli. One week later, xiaoli lets a colleague help no longer. Li Lei laugh says, cravat should have been hit, get cost time really. He is informal before the mirror Lang dozen, hit namely bad.

   Choke with resentment to maintain an eye forcedly to fasten be out of order

But, li Lei is obliged to be hit at will, be afraid that cravat was dropped, bow tie is fastened very closely.

“Often listen to Xiaoli to cry choke with resentment. ” live in spur track of city of change of new and high area 38 colleague Zhao of 2 16 buildings can say, ask Xiaoli happening what thing every time, xiaoli does not wish to say. “Bashful. ” Li Lei’s reason is, the colleague knew the fact, affirmative meeting laughs at him to make even tie bad. But, he is forced to be maintained forcedly.

“Exclusive eye does not have myopia him in the good friend. ” member of market of Li Lei’s good friend, Xin Huashu inn is versed in Zhang Xiao says, original, everybody envies Li Lei to double eyesight is the eye of 1.5. The closest period of time, he and Li Lei have a meal together, shop, li Lei says to read the billboard of not clear distance or other article however. Last week 5, be in complacent world, which two is the letter that he asks Li Lei hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers to the building supports? Li Lei looked a long time, it is not clear to say to look unexpectedly.

Li Lei says, since last year December, the eye begins a bit incorrect interest, a bit bit further thing still can see well, again a bit further ambiguous. This month 12 days, he and good friend of one other place play to big cliff hole, stand in north of river of overlook of view scene stage, the billboard that can look clear previously looks however not clear, can see a frame only.

   Double eye myopia is cravat the department is too close

Last weekend, li Lei shut-eye awakes, double eye is painful fierce, be afraid that the eye gives an issue, he measures eye degree to glasses inn hastily, the result makes him astonied, or so at the same time myopic, have 0.8 only. Yesterday early in the morning, li Lei arrives southwestHospitalExamination, want to know the problem goes where.

Doctor of Zhang Chen star made comprehensive inspection to Li Lei, did not discover eye ministry is amiss, discover boy cravat is fastened very closely however. Doctor Zhang asks him, whether to often tie tie very close? After getting affirming answer, he microscope, conclude: Tie is too taut, the department goes outMyopia.

   Tie of thick neck man is not too taut

Doctor Zhang explains, cravat is fastened too closely, the meeting is oppressive carotid with nerve, normal blood current opens block up human body, cause cerebral ministry to be short of blood, be short ofOxygen, bring about normal nutrition supply to suffer be restricted, drag in optic nerve and moveThe eyesVia, appear thereby eye strut, treat the symptom such as thing faintness. Cravat is too close, make cervical vein press press, blood of eye ministry vein cannot successful circumfluence arrives heart, deposit is organized in eye week, affect vision already, also can make eye strut unwell. “Still can causeGlaucoma. ” Doctor Zhang says, department tie is mixed too closely the man with huskier neck, should damage of vigilant optic nerve is killed.

Pine of cravat collar button is critical and measurable

How to make tie, can ability avoid cause an effect to health? Doctor Zhang says, cravat or collar button want a few more comfortable, too urgent meeting causes a harm to health. He suggests to fasten the person of cravat, do not tie tie too closely, wear the Tang Dynasty the person of outfit, collar button does not want too close. Should let a neck proper freedom is spent, ability protects an eye effectively.

Tie brings hair glaucoma easily too closely

Branch of German medical treatment considers to show, tie is fastened closely below neck and larynx section, cause glaucoma easily. Researcher makes clear to the test of 40 males citizen, after tying tie 3 minutes, of major personIntraocular pressureRose 20% . Department cravat is oppressive and cervical vein, influence blood is current, cross-eye fine produces side effect.

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You will how many bad habit gives heredity do you leave generation?


Miss long life? It is how simple! (graph)

Be careful! You do not have hole of medical treatment advertisement the word says.

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The girl should lay next foundations for breast enhancement

As the speciality of the age. The bosom of some females begins flabby, shrivelled with prolapse, as a result of,this isEstrogenSecrete the most exuberant Yo spring period already passed. Accordingly. Female (female food) what should begin to exercise bosom muscle to maintain bosom in adolescence is plump and strong and handsome. Can try to exercise a method below, the person that has done says very effective oh!

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★ nature lies on his back, hip does not leave bed area, do straighten one’s back to move up (athletic food) keep moment, repeat do 8, 10.

★ double genu is fragile go up in soft mat, the upper part of the body is erect, before both hands adds up to palm park bosom. Two tactics makes antagonism motion forcibly. Notice ancon joint does not fall crooked. Two arms become one word, hold out a bosom to look up, cooperate deep breathing to make a motion. Repeat do 8, 10. ★ nature stands, body of double arm park two side. Double ancon joint is bent turn over 90 degrees, endeavor to make double arm to bosom two side are clingy, after holding to 5 seconds, loosen, repeat do 8, 10.


★ is erect, before bosom of double arm Qu Yu, a bit under clavicle, two tactics across, the centre of the palm is down. Two arms side is smooth lift. After exerting oneself to do sth. at the same time, maintain. Notice to even breath wants when making a motion, rhythm should fast and strong, do 8, 10.

Two legs of ★ dish sit, the upper part of the body erect, both hands hits the place of bosom above, adduction of two shoulders lienal bone, the head keeps just, surround 4 times after double arm, before catching, surround 4 times, hold even breath. Around needs to do 3, 5.

(The exercitation edits: Zhu Yanmei)

Female autumn preserve one’s health feeds therapeutics

The Mid-autumn Festival has gone, this mark is worn the autumn had gone half the time, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, autumn All Souls’Day dry, dry evil in season. If dry evil sends disease to be able to appearThe mouth works, Work nasally, pharynx works, Dry cough, The skin is dryEtc, because this should eat lung of a few embellish more,promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid food.

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Be told especially to the woman more should such, because the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is told male belong to this world, the female; that belong to shade male advocate essence of life, female advocate blood, dry evil hurts shade blood easily, if the woman experiences dry evil, easy appearAmenorrhoea, after menstruation is wrong, menstrual quantity is postpartum and little, frail, postpartum syndrome of the turn of life of milk inadequacy, woman. Afore-mentioned diseases, all around move classics, embryo, produce, the respect such as lactation, and maintain classics, embryo, produce, of lactation physiology function, it is strong, allow, superintend and director, belt 4 arteries and veins, among them with the strong, period that assumes 2 arteries and veins to matter to a woman directly, be pregnant, bear wait for physiology function. Develop a 2 arteries and veins to have affinity with liver, kidney, lienal, stomach again, so medicinal food therapeutics, must fill from tone hand.


The adolescent woman adjustment as a result of grave head bottom and hypophysis the function has not mature completely, autumn if carelessly dietotherapy health care, cause a function easily maladjusted sex menstruation is disorder, clinical go up main show is menstrual cycle or period accident is differ, bleed the amount is unusual.

This period dietary principle is: Dietary daily life should have the law, avoid have dinner of incur loss through delay or be hungry is full not all the nutrition that; maintains enough, absorb; proteinly to be fed more especially contain a lot ofiron to be mixed character the food of the vitamin.

Dietotherapy square: Dried persimmon 3, red jujube 10, hill dogwood flesh 15 grams. First flesh of decoct hill dogwood, take juice a bowl big, thoroughly cook together with dried persimmon, red jujube again become namely. Menses is daily 1 agent, 3 ~ are use consecutively 5 days one period of treatment. Just have kidney of filling liver beneficial originally, raise blood to photograph hematic result. Apply to lumbar genu acid cold, uterine bleeding carries coarse disease.


Each system produces lactation woman tremendous adaptability changes, the need quantity of all sorts of nutriment increases, especially protein, calcic, iron, zinc, vitamin kind need amount is larger. The autumn is all sorts of melon and fruit when vegetable is the richest, optimum have prandial treatment.

This period dietary principle is: Should eat the food that contains a lot ofprotein more above all, be like chicken, fish, shrimp, lean lean, grandma, egg, bean products, daily protein presses 1.2 grams of 1 ~ / kilogram weight; is adipose absorb unfavorable and overmuch, the 20% ~ that take total heat energy 25% can; absorbs the inorganic salt such as calcic, iron, zinc and microelement; to feed the pregnant woman with the food; particularly good appetite that contains a lot ofa vitamin more more, staple food is unfavorable and overmuch, usable greengrocery allay one’s hunger.

Dietotherapy square: Longan 2 2, egg 1, brown sugar is right amount. Longan hull, add warm boiled water, put right amount brown sugar, hit an egg to be put in longan next above, in 10-20 of the evaporate inside boiler minute, with the egg ripe advisable, good evaporate longan soup egg is drunk together, daily 1-2 second, take 7-10 day repeatedly. Just contain iron originally, Vitamin B2More, can reduce palace to shrink reach flagging feeling, have the effect that protect a fetus.

The turn of life

Airframe of woman of the turn of life can produce a series of change, for exampleOsteoporosis, fat pledges metabolization is changed, genital official and atrophy of the organization end the pelvis, if drink food therapy notices in daily life,cure can spend the turn of life smoothly.


This period dietary principle is: Dietotherapy with filling kidney is this, fill especially kidney shade, woman of the turn of life is incidental be perturbed, much at the same time the plant such as sweat, hectic fever is neurological not stable symptom, should notice in reason food be good at lienal, raise a heart. Avoid stimulation, acrimony food; proper control is adipose absorb, restrict the tallow fat; that contains a lot ofsaturated fatty acid to notice to absorb the food; that contains calcium to abound to absorb the food; that contains high protein, tall vitamin to be those who reduce malignant tumor to come on especially, appropriate of food of woman of the turn of life is delicate, eat vegetable fruit more, Much drinkWater.

Dietotherapy square: Egg of cook over a slow fire of pig hoof soya bean, pig hoof 2, blow wash clean, in putting bowl, boil to half ripe, soya bean 100 grams check is only, immerse 12 hours with Wen Shui ahead of schedule, pan is clean, add water to cross a beans half inches, flourishing baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside go float foam. Slow fire is boiled to 7 maturity, add to hoof of half ripe pig inside, put 5 into hull egg, add water to add spice, fire of lard one’s speech with literary allusions of day of flourishing baked wheaten cake, to hoof beans crisp sodden. Connect soup edible 2 days minute, every a week takes one party to 10 days, this square high protein, rich calcium is qualitative, the collagen fiber of pig hoof is healthful.

(the exercitation edits: Liu Xiulin)

Make the same score 5 reasons of the bosom

Underwear is wearing the design of the measures of undeserved cover cup, underwear, apparel even the method of underwear and measure are to have cultured, if dress is undeserved, what can cause bust probably is adipose ” 4 excessive ” .

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Life food not regular pressure lives big, life not the rule or mood are more depressive, can affect the growth of bosom. Because spirit presses muscularity to be able to cause hepatic gas blood deposit,be illogical free, and the energy that mammary development place needs conveys to be able to get block up.

Reduce weight undeserved perhaps everybody has such experience, should be on a diet at the beginning only reduce weight, first thin those who go down is bosom certainly, the result brings about the body to did not reduce weight, bra is empty instead rise, if want,be on a diet so, the food standoff ministry that must cooperate to take a few breast enhancement massages motion.


A lot of females like to bending over to sleep, but bend over actually sleep can serious oppressive bosom, make a breast flagging, cave. So, should not bend over to sleep as far as possible, had better adopt lie on one’s back and in a way the pose to Right deviation, already can gather together bosom, can loosen a heart again.

Posture is badBow-backed, collapse the undesirable posture such as the waist oppresses easily bosom, affect the position with adipose bosom, let a bosom model become ugly, so, no matter you are what cover cup, should hold his head high self-confidently hold out a bosom.

(does the exercitation edit: ? Climb left-eyed flounder to pull?

The puerpera needs additional tonic

Complement of puerpera postpartum nutrition is very important.

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Because the puerpera is producing the much energy that wastes in the process, the nurse responsibility that and give again immediately returns, undertake to the puerpera proper nutrient complement is very important so. We introduce a few kinds to suit to eat the nutrient food that fill to the puerpera below.

1, brown sugar

Nutrient characteristic: The volume that contain iron is high, enrich the blood to the puerpera.

Nutrition: Contain a variety of microelement andMineral, canDiuresis, prevention and cure is postpartumUrinary incontinence, promoteLochiaEduction.

The expert reminds: General and drinkable cannot exceed 10 days, time is too long increaseLochia of courage and uprightness, and can make in summer the puerpera perspires more and inside body little salt.

2, egg

Nutrient characteristic: Contain protein rich and utilization rate is high, still contain element of lecithin, yolk to reach a variety of vitamins and mineral, what contain among them is adipose easy be absorbed.

Nutrition: Conduce to puerpera refection. Maintain neurological health.

The expert reminds: Eat 4-6 everyday enough already, overmuch meeting makes protein superfluous and cause other nutrition disease.

3, millet

Nutrient characteristic: Contain more VB1 and VB2, cellulose content is very high also.

Nutrition: Help puerpera refection, exciting bowel wriggles, stomachic.

The expert reminds: Millet congee shoulds not be too rare, and in postpartum also cannot be staple food completely with millet, lest lack other nutrition.

4, sesame seed

Nutrient characteristic: Contain a lot ofprotein, adipose, calcic, iron, VE

Nutrition: Can rise and improve prandial nutrition quality.

The expert reminds: It is better to if choose black sesame seed,should compare white sesame seed.

5, soup of chicken broth, fish, broth

Nutrient characteristic: Contain easily element of the protein that human body absorbs, V, mineral.


Nutrition: Flavour is delicious can stimulate gastric juice to secrete, increase appetite, still can promote secrete breast.

The expert reminds: Because the puerpera is easy,perspire and lactate, water requirement wants prep above average person, because this is many,drink boiling water very beneficial.

(the exercitation edits: Liu Xiulin)

The woman wants the source of water that learns him self-restraint

” red Lou Meng ” in, gu Baoyu has a through the ages to flow fragrant if, do not know each belles still are written down? It is to follow you personal and relevant oh. Good, believe everybody also is thought out, namely — ” the daughter is the flesh and blood that water becomes ” . This word explained the woman is like the character of water well. Since the female’s character is water popularly gentleness relaxed, so, without doubt, the woman also is to rely on water to raise those who rise. How can a woman lack water, of dryasdust, can that look? Yes, believe the everybody beautiful eyebrow before computer special also agree small the version that write.

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Female heat alsoEasy get angry, and this problem, often drinking water at ordinary times is to be able to be solved of course, but drink water more became good ­ otherwise, water is drunk much also meet toxic, kidney is met burden not, meeting bloat comes to eyelid. That is not true yuan gas. The water inside feminine body is divided, cannot loss is excessive. Relative to our body, a lot of explicit east east can count internal heat. For instance, exaggerate of the five flavors. Too salty too hot too bitter food, the gas in needing us to use will mediate, this is internal heat.

Unluckily some of Mm taste is weighed quite, or which days of mood is bad to press muscularity, be afraid of only want to come a bowl of acrimony Shaanxi cool skin or it is water the fish that boil is delighted. Chinese meal is some kind of flavour with a food classify medium the five flavors, it is food does not matter only actually, the key is condiment, especially flavor. Flavor world of China is famous, inside a bowl of dish, for instance 5Sachet, it is seed of cassia bark, anise, small fennel, coriander, Chinese prickly ash 5 kinds of flavor, return meeting rejoin likelyGinger, green, garlic, chili, dried tangerine or orange peel, alas I am incomputable… these flavour extremely the food of dense is met loss our fountainhead! If their temperature is not of moderate, however particularly cold or particularly hot cooked food, more a loss.

Still have snacks! Those pass deepfry or bake the thing that make, very sweet fragile. Scamper crosses the person of the thing to know, deepfry isDehydrationprocess. Although mouthfeel is good, but the body that took off the food of water to enter us, can absorb the moisture inside body immediately, eat so much you feelThe mouth works. What actually it absorbs is not water, however the body fluid in the body. I understand even if a kind mucous, with water it is completely not same.

Still have our state of mind, if inquietude is static gentle, however indignant, depressive, sad, ecstatic, this it what on-the-job field has again is strange that what on-the-job field has again, but what we want to employ the body is medium gas goes counteracting it. Say for go this fountainhead in our body, want everything to be spent nevertheless only, be in namely self-restraint it, food is a bit more delicate, the mood is a bit gentler. Those are gentle, taste is not quite heavy, fresh the food that does not add too much condiment is good east. Contain mucous (colloid) the thing is particularly good, for instance pig hoof (it is good to stew, hemp calculated hotly) , the fish freezes (scale freezes) , beautiful glue (the fish glue that is a fish) , cartilage of tremella, chicken, fim.

The soup with delicate taste is better, because it can stay in the body longer, and won’t be regarded as water is too fast outside ground eduction body. The woman is nourishing those who come out, this but right. Still have, should drink water more in air conditioning room or use humidifier.

There is fair water share in the body and metabolization is expedite good. Water portion stops to be able to appear fat in the person inside body fat, be like many one layer flesh, the face is bulging, eyelid is swollen swollen. Mm people use ice cube or tea apply eye normally. That is the plan of take temporary solution only. Portion of the water inside body stops is kidney and lymphatic problem. Also may be to absorb too much tall salt food causes. A lot of medicine reducing weight are containedDiuresisAgent component, also be with removing body water the portion is given priority to, can impose heavy heart burden, cause undesirable consequence.


The means of settlement is very much, for instance low salt food, or massage lymphatic with kidney. Of human body lymphatic center in root of neck, alar, ham quite. Oil of the skin that nod embellish is added to massage these place when can bathing in the late evening, or the waist after rub heats up both hands to massage, make nephritic blood be accelerated circularly.

Still have method of a dietotherapy, take wax gourd. Ream skin, make melon flesh and melon seed into juice with mixer together (must use melon seed, the most effective is its) , boil in boiler, wait for juice to change rock candy is added after sticking, boil a little while again, the meeting after refrigeration coagulates together. Eat a law to use the quantity make tea of one spoon to drink namely. Summer drinks this is super really clear nephritic trash, still eliminate the good method of redundant water portion. Your little face can become very strong, small waist also is.

(the exercitation edits: Kong Danqi)

Middleaged female health care is careful glaucoma

Have in archaic fokelore a lot of ” cry blind eye ” story, have certain and scientific basis actually. According to HubeiHospital of assist fencing downtownOphthalmic Huang Yi teachs the introduction, the female suffers from more easilyGlaucoma, especially acute shuts horn glaucoma, female incidence of a disease is 2 times of the male, the female of 40 years old of above is easier sicken. Alleged ” cry blind eye ” , as a result of,be excessive sadness, cause intraocular pressure to lift, cause acute to shut horn glaucoma to break out thereby, the patient is inside short timeView is narrow, eyesight drops, even the instant is complete blindness.

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Glaucoma prevents Huang Yi to teach the introduction from all directions face, should from the following 4 respects prevent glaucoma:

1. Note individual difference. Especially eyeball volume is relatively minor, anteroom is more shallow, the person that house part compares stricture, bring about intraocular pressure extremely easily to lift.

2. Be careful the age. As the growth of the age, crystalline lens is bigger and bigger, can produce obstacle of boiler circulation of pupil block sluggish, room so, cause intraocular pressure to lift, bring about glaucoma.

3. Control emotion. The woman’s sensitive nature, frail psychology quality and feeling abound the inducement that is this disease. Mood reaction is stronger, excessive anger, sadness and excessive joyance, can bring about pupil come loose big, cause glaucoma happening.

4. Change undesirable way of life. Male advocate outside, female advocate inside, abigail sex indoors working hours is relatively longer, if bedroom light is not quite bright, except cause eyesightFatigueBeyond, live for a long time in the environment with dim light, pupil is spent gently medicinal powder big, also can cause glaucoma.

In addition, the female sees TV, online time grow too, cause eyesight exhaustion easily also, increase the chance that glaucoma breaks out at the same time, raise the incidence of a disease of glaucoma. Glaucoma comes on clues Professor Huang Yi reminds say, to the female, if attentive observation, be the clues that can discover glaucoma as early as possible, especially acute shuts horn glaucoma, inchoate symptom is more apparent.

Acute shuts horn glaucoma inchoate expression is: Appear when the duskRainbow is inspected, Mist is inspected, meet at the moment misty dim dim sensory; at the same time, companion has acid of ministry of bend of ministry of eye feel distended, nose root, eyebrow to bilge, have aching feeling, the symptom after resting a little can alleviate.

Usually, if appeared afore-mentioned symptoms, be glaucoma fit. If arrive right nowHospitalDiagnose of ophthalmic as soon as possible, use laser treatment only, can cure. If did not take seriously, the illness can accentuate further. Once encounter,cause an element: If rage, eyesight is fatigue, will naturally cause the big show effect of glaucoma. Cause the harm that cannot go against badly even to inspecting a function to be met so, have a choice only right nowOperationTreated.


Because glaucoma has apparent genetic tendency, have this kind of disease familial history the person should take seriously highly more, accomplish inchoate, fixed do check-up to the hospital.

Be in to the age the female of 40 years old of above, precautionary acute shuts horn glaucoma, want to avoid to cause an element as far as possible above all, the life style that develops health and; of habits and customs avoid as far as possible even indoors working hours is too long, shorten if must work for long indoors,see the TV, time; that uses computer, daylighting must have those who ensure; to enhance psychological quality even to take exercise, foster optimistic disposition; to encounter accident, should learn measurable mood drain, oneself are adjusted really come nevertheless, should appeal in time psychologyDoctor.

(the exercitation edits: Liu Xiulin)

Save the woman after 25 years old ” aperture ” confused

After 25 years old of birthday pass, there is bit of in a state of anxiety in AMY heart, fear unemployed, fear to be lovelorn, of course most fear anile, green no longer. Long for eventually on the weekend, enjoy the affection of good spare time of a person. After waking naturally, as usual undertakes on the weekend morning check, examine skin and figure carefully. Do not look not to know, look frighten jump, just crossed birthday weak point 4 weeks, the pore on the cheek already showed gradually form. AMY heart Jing, hasten call Su San.

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The word says Su Sanke is AMY boudoir sweet circle maintain expert, fragrant age 28 years old superabundant, because carry out her what do not make the different subject that protect skin with age all the time, the skin of spirit of fresh and juicy, burnish flexibility, do not show pore, do not show coarse, it is only light, admire evil spirit everybody.

Su San listens after the horror of AMY is reported, delay leisurely ground says: Why true belle is little on the world, wait for state happening only because of most woman namely, just seek settle way, and know far from have prevent this concept ahead of schedule. Look, your this pore each magnify like mouth, it is to follow the age to concern of course, 25 years old, play the part of tender still can drip, but as time elapse, skin begins ageing, new cell generates slow down, surface layer cell is arranged become not neat, pore is more and more apparent, the skin is coarser and coarser. So, Pore is bulky, The skin is coarse, can be everybody thinks not just accuse good oil to be able to be solved. I sum up a pore the cause of formation with bulky, coarse skin basically has 4 big sides:

The first: Skin is flabby ageing

Years not Rao Ren! As the growth of our age, cutaneous cell newly emerging force is abate, necessary material ifCollagen albumen, stretch albumen fiber generate decrease, skin is sent closely no longer slowly, such pore nature also are sent closely no longer, appear on your face the sort of ” drip-drop form ” pore. So, skin of skin of a help maintains newer frequency, help of contractible poreLatexIt is very important.

The 2nd: Corneous metabolization is slow

We know, do not clean sanitation for a long time, dirt is accumulated cause a bacterium easily, cause a disease. The skin a truth, when your growth as the age, the skin slowly ageing, the corneous metabolization on the face also can slow. Long-term not complete cleanness, old old cutin will jam your pore, nature of pore of if things go on like this can be maintained gradually big. Accordingly, the high grade pore of cutin of ageing of a can effective purify is delicate clean colour mud, it is indispensible!

The 3rd: Lack water dry

Have a word: “The woman is water do ” , this is one admonitionses to manage absolutely. When us age greatens, when the skin on the face begins because of ageing to lack moisture content, cuticular cell is met atrophic, form uneven skin surface, the problem such as pore and furrow can appear especially apparent, protect to skin so wet it is quite important. Want tarry youth, before letting the skin maintain 25 years old exquisite, not with great concentration has been done keeping wet job is impossible.

The 4th: Pressure is too great and the grease of generation is secreted

Do not think you are not oily skin, facial ministry skin won’t give oil unusual. 25 to 30 years old of women between, because of pressure and environmental element, very easy meeting stimulates an unusual oil. For eduction more grease, pore is gradually can bulky, apparent; and secrete because of leather fat particularly exuberant, superfluous skin fat can pile up again in pore, form acne, bring about pore block, make pore more bulky… this kind of circumstance, pure use product accusing oil to be used a bit, but solve basic problem very hard.


With the my Su San’s so old experience that protect skin, once appear pore bulky, skin is coarse, mean be about to enter in fighting anile battle for a long time. So AMY, for the woman that to us these spent 25 years old, psychological age can keep infinite and young, but skin age must take seriously.

You discover early today, want to rejoice, fast cheer improvement. Skin occurrence problem cannot be afraid of, it is OK to be answered actively. Believe me, fight anile job to be done well, bulky and regular meeting improves pore, the skin also is met regain is delicate. Affirmative meeting is accomplished ” do not show pore, it is only light ” .

(the exercitation edits: Kong Danqi)

Can prevent the food of disease of department of gynaecology

Common saying says, medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill. Nutrient expert points out, reasonable collocation of nutrition notices in diet, proper complement is as follows food, conduce female prevents ill disease-resistant. Have the following woman common disease can undertake precautionary effectively with food:

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Because periodic exsanguine and bear wait for a reason, about 3 exist to be spent gently into the female of aboveThe sex that be short of iron is anaemic. Long-termAnaemicBring about ovarian function easily to drop, cause an effect to female health. Enrich the blood the it may be said that raise blood is female lifetime ” homework ” .

The food such as animal liver, lean lean, spinach contains iron not only the volume is high, and absorb easily. Medical expert is special remind, the female should drink strong tea and coffee less as far as possible when period, lest among them tannin restrains the absorption of iron. Period is unwell- – drink some of honey to heat up a grandmaNext abdomens are aching, Lumbar genu aching and limp, uneasiness of listless, Morpheus reachs the body the symptom such as mood be agitated, it is female period the body that often encounters is unwell.

Expert of department of gynaecology and obstetrics discovers recently, the female faces the hot milk that one cup drinks to add honey before sleeping every night in menstruation, can be reduced or eliminate period a variety of unwell.

Because the Potassium in milk is OK slow mood, have reduceBellyacke, the magnesium that in preventing the infection, action; honey that reduces classics blood amount, contains but calm central nervous, the help removes a woman in periodNervousMood, ease psychological pressure.

   Dysmenorrhoea– – contain in banana of banana taking a place richVitamin B6, andVitamin B6Have stable nerval effect, can stabilize a female to be in not only the uneasy mood of period, still conduce to improvement Morpheus, reduceBellyacke. Migraine—Eat the food that contain magnesium moreMigraineGood hair Yu Yoling’s female, be engaged in the female of mental job especially.

Consider to discover, some slantHave a headacheMagnesian content is extremely low in the patient’s blood, if notice to absorb the food that contains a lot ofmagnesium on food, if face of millet, Qiao, legume, banana, nut reachs sea product to wait, can decrease slantHave a headachefit.

   Depressed—Because suffer the effect that endocrine hormone changes,often have fish, the female appears more easily than the male depressed mood. Consider to discover, often eat 3 article fish, pilchard to wait contain a lot ofω – the fish of 3 fatty acid, can help a female alleviate depressed mood or reduceDepressed diseaseincidence of a disease. The ω that because these fish are medium,contains a lot of- 3 fatty acid are had fight depressed action.

   EstrogenDrop—Absorbing bean products estrogen is the important sex hormone inside female body, make the same score under normal water in blood when it when, the reproductive function of meeting abigail sex and sexual function are affected, still can make the heart loses protection. The different yellow ketone that contains in soja is material of one phyletic estrogen, can offset put oneself in another’s position insideEstrogen is insufficient.

Drink 500 milliliter soya-bean milk or the bean products that eat 100 grams above everyday, wait like bean curd, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, can adjust effectively endocrine function, make estrogen return to normal level. Mould sex vaginitis—Eat garlic more kind often edible garlic kind the female suffers from not easily on mould sex vaginitis.

Because the material such as garlic element, garlic hot element is contained a lot ofin garlic, they are the natural and antiseptic material that contains sulfur, have intense antiseptic effect, can control white beads bacterium inside the vagina excessive grow and breed.

Mammary gland disease—Eat whole wheat food and kelp more discovery of a research, yo age female absorbs whole wheat food more in food, can make estrogen maintains appropriate level in haemal circulation, avoid estrogen level exorbitant and cause disease of a lot of mammary gland.

Many iodine is contained in kelp, the leaf before can exciting hypophysis is secretedCorpus luteum makes element, make ovarian and follicular corpus luteum change, reduce the estrogen level inside body.

Accordingly, often edible kelp conduces to precaution and cureMammary gland hyperplasia. Tumour of department of gynaecology—Part of some kind of natural phytochemistry is contained in eating the gules vegetables and fruits such as red apple of red skin vegetables and fruits, chili more, can restrain the growth of cell of tumour of a few department of gynaecology effectively, reduce them at the same time the reactivity to estrogen, have the effect that prevents tumour of department of gynaecology consequently. In addition, the vegetables and fruits such as onion, violet grape also has similar effect.

   Ovarian cancer—Eat fast calcic food to investigate discovery in great quantities more, the female that absorbs full amount calcium to pledge is less than absorbing calcium to pledge person the probability that contracts ovarian cancer decreases 54% . Grow because of what enough calcium conduces to control cancer cell character and diffuse.


Accordingly, the female should notice the food of proper complement tall calcium, especiallyMenopauseHind woman and senile woman everyday calcic intake should achieve 1000 milligram. This insists to drink milk or milk products everyday with respect to need, often eat the food such as skin of bean products, shrimp, small fish, kelp and shepherd’s purse.

   Breast cancer—Constant drink red wine considers to make clear, red grape skin and grape contain a kind of natural material that fight cancer in seed, can avoid estrogen level exorbitant, stimulate mammary gland organization, make its happen evil change. Accordingly, the female drinks right amount claret everyday (one cannikin can) or eat a few grapes, female of conduce of among them natural ingredient prevents breast cancer, still can prevent heart disease at the same time.

(The exercitation edits: Zhu Yanmei)

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