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Fingernail has a few crescent moon to compare the world of normal _ cate

It fingernail has a few crescent moon is normaller that fingernail has a few crescent moons

2017-01-10 13:31:40

A lot of people are in place of 1/5 of fingernail lower part, have one white circular arc, it is us often say ” crescent moon ” . Its size, different person is behaved also each are not identical. The change of crescent moon reflected the healthy condition of human body on certain level.

Look from the exterior, normal crescent moon shows hoar, energy is more abundant a crescent moon is whiter, conversely crescent moon differs more ambiguous more. Some blurs in that way like frosted glass even, may adumbrative what waste sexual disease chronically happen.

Look from the amount, thumb must have crescent moon. The big toe of two hands must have healthy person crescent moon, forefinger and middle finger should have crescent moon, ring finger can do not have crescent moon. Both hands should have 8, 10 crescent moon are best. Generally speaking, big toe, forefinger, middle finger has crescent moon, at least ability of 6 crescent moon calculates basic health.

Look from size, too small adumbrative digest bad. Generally speaking, the area of crescent moon is the 1/5 of fingernail about, brim clarity. If be less than 1/5, the likelihood means energy inadequacy, intestines and stomach to draw ability difference. If crescent moon becomes suddenly dark and gloomy, shrink fine, disappear, mean possibly contract consumptive disease, wait like tumor, internal haemorrhage. Discover crescent moon decreases, answer to adjust dietary habit in time, of inanition want compensatory nutrition, nutrition wants much abstain from eating meal superfluously to feed, anyhow should achieve a balance prandial, nutrition is balanced.

Prevent haze not only it rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food is important also to rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food _ cate the world

Prevent haze not only it rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food is important also to rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food

2016-12-29 17:59:17

The research report of World Health Organization shows, air pollution can is opposite not only of people healthy cause an effect, and also be cause important and exterior cause of cancer.

Consider to make clear, oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen and but the main composition that inspiratory grain content is mist haze these 3, but the culprit that inspiratory grain content is pollution of weather of aggravating mist haze. Since of itself of this kind of grain a kind of contaminant, it is the carrier with the qualitative toxicant such as aromatic hydrocarbon of heavy metal, much annulus, be many sided to the influence of the body.


Soup of wax gourd of dried small shrimps

To respiratory system respect: These poisonous little grain can be absorbed by human body, the grain content of 10pm of bead diameter ≥ can be cut off by nasal cavity, its are basic to the harm of human body negligible; The grain content of 10pm of ≤ of diameter of 2.5pm ≤ bead, can enter the upper respiratory tract, but major conference is held back by the nap inside nasal cavity, pass phlegmy fluid eduction, healthy to human body harm is lesser; But the grain content of 2.5pm of bead diameter ≤ the majority can arrive directly at lung through human body bronchus, the classics after be being dissolved lymphatic or each haemal circulation organizations to human body, cause a variety of pathology effect; The others was not absorbed by lobar cell itself by deliquescent part, cause pneumoconiosis, browbeating greatly of people healthy.

Draw an aspect to calcium: What mist haze weather still can bring about close layer ultraviolet ray is abate, sunshine decreases, illuminate of ultraviolet ray of children, pregnant woman, old person is insufficient, d of the vitamin inside body generates inadequacy, decrease greatly to calcic absorption, serious meeting causes a baby rachitic, children grows decelerate, osteoporosis of lack of pregnant woman calcium, old person is serious.

Immune force respect: Vitamin D absorbs inadequacy, cause one of elements that immune force drops.

To cardiovascular disease respect: Intensity of ultraviolet ray of close layer of mist haze weather is abate, make the active of bacteria of the infectivity in air increases. Accordingly, if long-term and inspiratory this kind of poisonous pollution air, can increase the mortality of heart head blood-vessel and respiratory system disease greatly.

To mental health respect: Say from mentally, big mist day meets what become depressing, depression to man-made experience, can be stimulated or the condition with aggravate depressed psychology. In addition. The low pressure that because mist daylight line is weaker,causes, some people can produce drive in mist day the phenomenon with slack, low mood.

Now, the popularity on the net a few ” clear lung ” food, the respiratory system that pollutes place to cause to air of mist haze day actually is less than special effect since infection, must not blind follow, but we still ought to notice somewhat on food, below the premise that makes sure nutrition is balanced, keep healthy, increase immune capacity, also can help our promotion be in mist haze so counteractive to the oneself of grain content ability.

Want to increase immune capacity, promotion oneself is right in mist haze the counteractive ability of grain content, prandial on can absorb contain a lot ofvitamin A, vitamin the food such as C and eat the food that a few have embellish lung effect, be like: Lotus root of Bai Luobo, lily, yam, duck’s egg, lotus, water chest nut, tremella, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province, pomegranate, orange, what can improve pharynx and larynx and respiratory tract in the help on certain level is dry urticant painful wait for unwell symptom, reduce the undesirable effect that mist haze day brings to respiratory system thereby!

Mist haze day, the science that notices calcium to wait is compensatory

Calcium reachs vitamin D

Contain a lot ofcalcic food to have: Dried small shrimps, soja and its goods, cheese, cheese, yoghurt, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin D is less, besides common yoke, milk, deep-sea fish, still can choose preparation of compensatory vitamin D according to actual condition.

Vitamin A

In recent years the scientist discovers again, the cancer incidence of a disease of the person that vitamin A is lacked should compare Everyman 2 times taller much, especially the incidence of a disease of lung cancer is highest. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin A has: Vegetable of the fish such as animal liver, milk products, salmon, green yellow orange, animal liver is optimal origin, next carotene is called again vitamin A former. Content of former carrot of A of this kind of vitamin is higher, the content in general fruit and commissariat is less.

Vitamin C

British researcher is in ” epidemiology ” the dispatch on the magazine expresses, the fruit that eats vitamin C content to abound more or vegetable can reduce air to pollute the harm to respiratory system. Contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin C: Shaddock of yangtao, sanded cropland, hawkthorn, orange, sweetbell redpepper, cabbage mustard, cauliflower, on the west the food such as orchid.

Fight oxidation food

Easy occurrence oxidation should surge mist haze day and the disease problem that the heart and vessels injures, eat a few contain a lot ofa vitamin have the vegetable that fights oxidation and fruit: The meeting such as violet potato, tomato, violet wild cabbage, violet aubergine, towel gourd, wax gourd, balsam pear, orange, yangtao, green jujube is helpful.

Vitamin B a group of things with common features

Diet affects the person’s spirit and mood condition directly. Amino acid is rising to weigh wanted action particularly to the spirit of hearten person, if amino acid absorbs inadequacy, especially the synthesis that lubricious ammonia acid, cheese ammonia acid and the lack with egg acerbity ammonia can affect the nerve inside cerebrum to give simple substance, make a person dejected, spirit is blue. Vitamin B a group of things with common features lack can make person memory drops, forgetful with expression dim. Liver of the food pork that contains a lot ofB a group of things with common features, chicken, egg, fish, legume, spinach, black rice.

Female period has what unwell symptom, how to improve _ cate the world

Female period has what unwell symptom, how to improve

2016-10-21 11:56:23

Modern woman pressure is great, have symptom of unwell of a lot of period, so how to alleviate these symptoms, look together

Frail model

Arrive before period, the foot is met bloated, easy and fatigue, and lumbar acerbity backache, have appetite not quite, easy cold or have loose bowels. Can have classics painful appearance scarcely, classics blood is shallow red, measure sometimes measure sometimes more little, show two polarization. Period is brief, if erupt simultaneously anaemic, menstruation comes easily behindhand. Metabolism is poor, oedema is serious, leaving half body especially is fat more.

Improve small secret recipe: 3 eat cannot little, had eaten to digest more, the food with balanced nutrition. Breakfast must eat, because intestines and stomach is bad, to nibble slow pharynx wants when having a thing. Do not suit to do intense exercise, if consider motion, had better choose dinner hind to take a walk. The proposal drinks tea of the bark of eucommia and ginseng tea. Chinese traditional medicine can use lotus seed and the root of remembranous milk vetch.


Easy and giddy, stand up with respect to see stars, the skin feels thick thick dry dry, spirit is not centered, often forgetful. Physiology period abdomen is uncomfortable, return meeting waist sick at heart backache and intercurrent all sorts of unwell symptoms. Classics blood color is pink or shallow red, classics blood is very rare, period is very brief. Menstrual belated case is very severe, classics regular meeting pulls above. Although period had ended,still feel the whole body is faint.

Improve small secret recipe: Do not use an eye usually or use a brain excessive, morpheus wants enough, diet life should notice to enrich the blood. Every night 12 when sleep before, if sleep,do not wear can drink a cup of hot milk. Can eat animal liver or other enrich the blood food. The proposal drinks jujube tea or medlar tea, chinese traditional medicine can use angelica and longan.

Be afraid of cold model

Arrive period, abdomen has the feeling of catch a cold catch a cold, classics is painful serious, one catch a cold catch a cold will be more serious, but heat preservation can feel a bit more comfortable.

Period comes behindhand normally, period regular meeting lasts 7 days above, via hematic wine, meeting be mingled with is poured out of like the clot like pork liver color. Special be afraid of cold, intercurrent and frail model probability is very high.

Improve small secret recipe: Want to make time of good heat preservation, can wear thick underwear or thick socks. Do not wear skirt, because if issue half body catch cold catch cold, classics is painful the meeting is more serious. The proposal eats lukewarm sex food. Common and OK tub or bubble foot come drive algidity. The proposal can drink ginger mother tea and cinnamonic tea.

Pressure is too large

The spirit before period is astatic, mood angst is disturbed, get angry easily. Devouringly with anorexia two kinds of phenomena keep repeating, often fart or belch, meeting chaos grows blain, either constipation is have loose bowels. Every menstruation painful symptom is different, can follow the body state change at that time, can abdominal distension before period or bellyacke, but menstruation comes these symptoms can disappear. Classics blood is general red, it is normal 4 arrive 5 days. Meet sometimes in advance, come behindhand sometimes.

Improve small secret recipe: Be about to learn control mood usually, it is normal that daily life work and rest wants, period can listen music or drink drink herb tea to pacify a mood. Eat orange more or drink tea, some of greenery can be put in common room, some of simple extend can be done to hold after getting up, if have,time can take a walk. The proposal drinks jasmine flower tea and mint tea, chinese traditional medicine can try field mint and dried tangerine or orange peel.

Yangtao prevents gum haemorrhage fruit so eat can treat a disease _ cate the world

Yangtao prevents gum haemorrhage fruit so eat can treat a disease

2016-10-18 15:52:01

Do you know? The fruit can treat a disease oh! It is OK that everybody gives check below what does curative fruit have?

Gum bleeds- – yangtao

The person gum that lacks vitamin C becomes flimsy, often haemorrhage, strut, the vitamin C content of yangtao is the richest in the fruit.

Prevent furrow- – mango

Mango is the optimal fruit that prevents furrow, because contain rich B,one carotene is mixed unique enzymatic, can arouse skin cell vitality, stimulative litter eduction.

Muscle is pulled- – pineapple

After muscle is pulled, constituent agnail, blood circulates not free, get hurt place is red heat is painful. The pineapple albumen enzymatic part that pineapple place contains has antiphlogistic effect, can promote constituent rehabilitate.

Excessive with the eye- – papaya

Excessive with the eye, the A of crucial material vitamin that retinal sensitive place relies on is used up in great quantities, with respect to need right now edible can offer the papaya of many vitamin A.

Smoke for a long time- – grape

The person lung that smokes for a long time is accumulative and many toxin, the function is damaged. The place in the grape contains active ingredient to be able to raise cellular metabolism to lead, help lung cell discharges poison. Additional, the grape still has effect of make expectoration easy.

Excessive with the head- – banana

Excessive bring about with the head the vitamin inside human body, mineral reach lack of quantity of heat, compensatory banana can offer place to need to nurture pledges and alleviate negative sentiment.

Staple food is refrigerant can reduce adipose defend the world of fat _ cate

Staple food is refrigerant can reduce adipose prevent fat

2016-09-26 15:32:12

Frozen bean curd is by fresh bean curd refrigerant and into, contains nurture pledges and do not have because of refrigerant process prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, some nutrition material passes change, have profit to human body instead.

Research shows, the digestive rate of whole soja is 65% , soya-bean milk is 84.9% , and frozen bean curd is 95% . After super-cooling of bean curd classics freezes, the nutrient material such as protein, calcium does not have a loss almost, so frozen bean curd has the nutrition of common bean curd basically also. In addition, frozen bean curd has small opening much, nutrition rich, quantity of heat is little wait for a characteristic, won’t create clear hungry sense, it is fat person good food reducing weight. Accordingly, often outer dinner party or the reader friend with hematic high fat mights as well eat some of frozen bean curd more.

The practice of frozen bean curd

Frozen bean curd of vermicelli made from bean starch of pickled Chinese cabbage

The raw material that make: Vermicelli made from bean starch of mouth of frozen bean curd, pickled Chinese cabbage, dragon, a kind of dried mushroom, loose mushroom, caraway

The method that make:

Cut frozen bean curd 2 centimeters of square piece, the scald in next boiled water boiler is appeared, float with cold water cool. A kind of dried mushroom, will loose mushroom parts water hair takes former boiling water. Abluent silt. Vermicelli made from bean starch uses lukewarm bleb soft, cut what grow into 20 centimeters paragraph, pickled Chinese cabbage goes outer old gang, chase piece to become paper-thin full-length film, suitable long cut into shreds, finer better. Caraway is abluent in cutting paragraph of outfit pannikin. Take chaffy dish, loose mushroom piles up a bottom, vermicelli made from bean starch is put, get on code of pickled Chinese cabbage again, issue bean curd, stratosphere is a kind of dried mushroom. Fry boiler suffer from excessive internal heat, issue a kind of dried mushroom, loose mushroom, former soup is burned, add refined salt, pepper, peanut oil falls into chaffy dish, build. On charcoal is ignited when banquet, alexandrine pannikin caraway flavors on dish of the chaffy dish below Duan Sui meaning add sweet.

Clear lung tea has what smoking crowd to drink the world of cate of _ of 6 tea drink surely

Clear lung tea has what smoking crowd to drink 6 tea water surely

2016-09-21 13:45:04

Does everybody know? Many tea have the function of clear lung, small today make up introduce clear lung tea what to have for everybody! Smoking crowd wants to reduce the harm to lung, can tipple is the following tea of 6 clear lung.

Smoking hurts lung, long-term smoking can cause lung accumulation poison, how is ability clear Where is lung? Below, small make up what does the clear lung tea with common introduction have for you, of smoking you must pay attention to lung health.

1. American ginseng tea

The crowd of smoking often holds the inadequacy of fluid of easy occurrence shade, issue such as lobar dry. Additional, respiratory tract is endangered nicotianly for a long time, its resistance also can drop, be inbreaked easily by the disease. American ginseng and ginseng are different, its are unfavorable suffer from excessive internal heat, and have method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to beneficial is enraged and promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid more stop thirsty effect. American ginseng still can promote haemal vigor, filling lung to fall fire and raise a stomach to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, suit smoke civilian very much drinkable. In the meantime, through drinkable American ginseng clear lung tea still can be recuperated diabetic, raise immune force to protect heart and vessels and nerve center.

2. Honey grapefruit tea

Be in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in already account pleasant of grapefruit sex flavour, acerbity, cold, the effect that has regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it to change bowel of Qing Dynasty of lung of phlegmy, embellish. Suit to fill very much lienal, inappetence, opening is weak and glide undesirable patient. And to smoking crowd, the make expectoration easy of grapefruit tea stops thirsty effect, can improve smoking to be opposite the harm of respiratory tract, pharynx and larynx and esophagus. In the meantime, smoking still can affect oral cavity health, grapefruit and honey have the bacteriostasis of one, be helpful for maintaining oral cavity health.

Additional, the crowd of smoking appears easily still phenomenon of suffer from excessive internal heat, drinkable this tea can improve costive problem. And the vitamin C that contains a lot ofamong them can eliminate exhaustion, fight oxidation, orange peel glucoside can adjust blood pressure, improve the hemal ageing problem that smoking poses.

7 kinds of people are banned take the world of chili _ cate

7 kinds of people are banned have chili

2017-11-13 17:22:12

A lot of people are not had hot not joyous, a day of 3 meal should have chili, eat hot advantage to have a lot of, but not be everyone can have hot, Although eat hot very bright, but eat hot contraindication or some, must notice. For example below these 7 kinds of people.

One, patient of disease of heart head blood-vessel

Chili element can make blood circulates aggravate, the heartbeat is accelerated, tachycardia, short-term inside a large number of taking, can cause acute heart failure even sudden death.

2, the person that suffer from nephrosis

The chili element in chili of piquancy food burden is to pass a kidney to excrete, have cell of caustic kidney essence, can cause kidney function change badly, appear even kidney function fails.

3, haemorrhoid patient

The friend that pile has in the life is absent a few. Have the attention of friend ten million of haemorrhoid, although chili contains rich vitamin C, after the person that has pile however was having chili, vein of easy however naevus congests oedema, farther aggravating haemorrhoid, form anal abscess thereby. Additionally chili returns can aggravating constipation, make haemorrhoid becomes heavy.

4, the person that taking Chinese traditional medicine

Consider to discover, eat chili element to be able to destroy Chinese traditional medicine curative effect, take Chinese traditional medicine so while, should abstinence and hot food. Serve the patient of Chinese traditional medicine, answer in dietary respect delicate, cannot eat chili and everything to contain the food of exciting element, answer to eat the food that contains crude fibre more, diet chili, turnip, onion excitant strong food, can go against an illness to alleviate otherwise.

5, the patient that has red-eyed disease and keratitis

The hot sex condiments such as chili can make dilate of eye ministry blood-vessel congests, bring about eye ministry resistance to drop, make a person easy contract red-eyed disease. Accordingly, during the patient that has the symptom such as red-eyed disease, keratitis is coming on, should put an end to chili stoutly. Because eat piquancy food easy get angry, accentuate thereby illness.

6, pregnant puerpera

Food of piquancy of edible of this kind of crowd, unripe sore of meeting occurrence talking around, defecate is dry wait for symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat, the sicken that because lactation baby makes,also meets.

7, armour excessive patient

As a result of patient itself with respect to the heartbeat fast, feed hot hind can make a heartbeat faster, aggravating illness.

Chili can be solved painful

From of old chili often is used to remove aching, and the scientist just knows recently, chili element can be stimulated and extinct god classics guides ” P ” material, and P material is OK will aching message is spread everywhere to neurological. Pass through the acetanilide principle of chili element, chili creams had been used to herpes of express ungird shape, trigeminal nerve is painful wait for ache.

Chili can prevent cancer

From the point of the research of epidemiology, the nation with a lot of hot be addicted to, if southeast Asia, India suffers from,cancered machine rate compares western country little. The scientist is conjectural, in these hot food, itself contains a lot of material that fight oxidation, oxidation and chronic, cancer and ageing have direct conjunction originally. Also the research of American Hawaiian university points out recently, kind of carotene in the vegetable such as chili, carrot can be exciting the gene that message transmits between the cell, when be being changed because of organic cancer, the system that message exchanges between the cell can malfunction) , this may have main use on precautionary cancer.

Chili can make the skin aglow

chili element besmear is on the skin, can outspread capillary, stimulative loop, and make the skin aglow, calorific. At present already the manufacturer uses this principle, put chili element into the sock in, become ” chili socks ” , use for warming oneself in the winter.

Chili can relieve the unwell symptom of the cold

Came 100000, hot food often is thought to be able to go phlegmy, discovery is like now also is such. Hot food but attenuant excretive mucus, help phlegmy by expectorate, lest block up respiratory tract. Professor moxa Wen Jiman says California university even: ” the effect of medicine of a lot of patulin that sell in drug-store, cough and chili just the same, but it is better that I feel to have chili, because it does not have side-effect completely.

Have the disadvantage of chili

Although chili abounds nutrition, have fundamental officinal value again, but edible excessive endangers human body health instead. Because overmuch chili element will be acuteness,stimulate gastric bowel mucous membrane, make its height hyperaemia, peristalsis is accelerated, cause stomach-ache, bellyacke, diarrhoea to make anal burn thorn aches, cause gastric bowel disease, make haemorrhoid haemorrhage. Accordingly, the person that every contracts the disease such as esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and haemorrhoid, all should eat less or diet chili. Because the sexual flavour of chili is big Xin Dare, pinkeye, toothache, larynx is so painful, the fervent disease such as furuncle of haemoptysis, sore, or tuberculosis is the hypertensive disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, ill, also Ying Shen is fed.

Chili can prevent arteriosclerosis

The deal that a day of place of carotene wants β is contained in a chili, and β carotene is puissant antioxidant, can cope with low density cholesterol to be oxidized harmful model voice. Once low density cholesterol is oxidized, did not leave like butter like freezer, the corporeal block that can become bad is arterial. In other words, it is β the initiative phase that carotene begins in arteriosclerosis, begin interpose.

The world of cate of delicate _ having a way of bright bamboo shoots in spring of spring like bamboo shoots after a spring rain

Of bright bamboo shoots in spring of spring like bamboo shoots after a spring rain delicate have a way

2017-04-07 17:22:54

Drizzly of rain during springtime, everythings on earth is moist, the bamboo shoot in mountain forest in succession break ground and piece, “Bamboo shoots in spring of path of all without exception of have a taste of what is just in season ” , bamboo shoots in spring is the curiosa in hill, it is to circulate the China cate of chiliad,

Allegedly Tang Taizong likes to take bamboo shoot very much, whenever bamboo shoots in spring appears on the market, always want official of call together group to taste bamboo shoot banquet greatly together, symbolize with bamboo shoot pragmatic and prosperous, compare the talent below big Tang Tian to come forth in large numbers, be just as ” emerge ” be born flourishingly euqally hair. Su Dongpo also favores bamboo shoot, when Huang Zhou arriving at the beginning of him, discovery circles Shan Jiezhu, the song on the horse goes ” the Yangtse River circles beauty of Guo Zhi fish, good Zhu Lianshan becomes aware bamboo shoot is sweet ” sentence, write in the poem again later: “Make a person thin without the flesh, without Zhu Lingren common. If otherwise is thin not common, carbonado of daily bamboo shoot. ” Li Yu is in ” idle affection sends occasionally ” in it is the opinion that gives bamboo shoot height more: “The content to Xian Zhimei, in cooked food the first article. Fat sheep is tender pig, why sufficient than the shoulder? ” that is to say, had bamboo shoot, the pig sheep beef with that sweet fertilizer does not enter his law small hole, see its from which the passion to bamboo shoot.

Bamboo shoots in spring fries bacon

Bamboo shoots in spring fries bacon, balmy and tangy, gust forgive person, it is the gust name dish of our home town. Bamboo shoots in spring, bacon parts slice, part next quick-boil water, former it is to go acerbity, latter is to let flavour do not pass salty. Explode with conflagration ginger garlic and chili sweet, fry into bacon below to moment, immediately puts bamboo shoots in spring one case stir-fry before stewing is fried, fire should be used suddenly, those who maintain bamboo shoot is tender with delicacy, add fermented soya beans, cooking wine and right amount clear water to convert again stew of medium baking temperature, close to Shang Kuai when working can. Infiltration of ringing bamboo shoots in spring the fragrance of bacon, more full-bodied and goluptious.

If cut bamboo shoots in spring into circlet to scramble egg, golden in appearing pure and fresh Yu Bai, that inviting aroma is accurate can give the greedy bug in your abdomen tick off come out, glibly letting a person promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Besides Xian Sun, the dried bamboo shoots that makes also is me on domestic table all the year round common cate, dried bamboo shoots stews chop, dried bamboo shoots to burn river fish, always let us ” feed bamboo shoot to not eat the meat suddenly suddenly ” .

Citric besides protect skin what to effect still have? _ cate the world

Citric besides protect skin what to effect still have?

2017-03-31 10:44:11

Lemon contains C of rich citric acid, phosphor, calcic, Potassium, magnesian, vitamin to wait, drink lemonade to have the sanitarian function of a lot of health care more, do you know?

Effect of 1. beautiful skin

The vitamin C that contains in lemonade can evict toxin from inside blood, make skin smooth and tender, reduce the generation of furrow.

2. helps aid digestion

Lemonade provides helpful liver to secrete biliary action, help aid digestion then, still can reduce the unwell symptom such as heartburn and constipation at the same time.

3. enhances immune power

Rich vitamin C and potassium are contained in lemon, these nutriment can stimulate cerebrum and nerve, potassium still has the effect that restrains blood pressure to rise. Accordingly, after enhancing immune power, the person suffers from not easily also on cold.

4. reduces weight

Rich pectic fiber is contained in lemon, the lemonade that drink a dot produces full abdomen move easily, help then reduce weight.

5. diuresis action

Lemon has favorable diuresis effect, pass the toxin in body of uric fluid eduction, assure the health of urology organ.

6. town coughs

To the person of cough, warm lemonade can alleviate cough, let respiratory system feel better a few.

7. purify halitosis

Citric acid can the bacterium inside purify oral cavity, alleviate the oral cavity that toothache and periodontosis bring is unwell with oral cavity peculiar smell.

8. alleviates pressure, carry good intention condition

When your body and mind feels pressure hill is big, most the nutriment that uses up first is vitamin C, drink C of vitamin of complement of a bit lemonade more right now, can alleviate pressure, the mood calm that lets you is a few happier.

Take the world of cate of chocolate advantage much _

Take chocolate advantage much

2017-01-12 17:00:59

The United States ” internal medicine learns document ” a research that monthly magazine publishs 27 days makes clear as a result, eat chocolate to have new profit again — the mortality that reduces blood pressure and bring down old people.

” internal medicine learns document ” the more reason that published Holand studies to achievement spoke engorge chocolate. One of bases of chocolate are cocoa. Study the result shows, antioxidant and yellow alkyl alcohol are contained in cocoa, and these two kinds of material are OK function of the cell in activation blood-vessel, the heart disease that because cholesterol and other remedy are caused,can reduce, cancer and hectic hair interpretation of the cause are led. In addition, the yellow alkyl alcohol in cocoa is a kind kind of healthful yellow ketone. It is a kind of antioxidant that cocoa beans contains, have as similar as aspirin attenuant blood action. This kind of material is contained in a lot of vegetable, green tea and red wine, it can increase the one oxidation nitrogen in blood, improve hemal function, have profit greatly to improving human performance.