1 kind of jujubes be good at lienal solution wine still can prevent cancer! How to eat optimal? _ cate the world

1 kind of jujubes be good at lienal solution wine still can prevent cancer! How to eat optimal?

2016-11-28 14:03:51

Big jujube is winter eats the food that fill and cannot replace of compensatory nutrition, among them wintry jujube more get of people love. Wintry jujube has tasted not just, still a lot of effect and action can help us complement in the winter nutrition. Here, will understand understanding winter jujube to have what nutrition value together, 1 kind of jujubes be good at lienal solution wine still can prevent cancer! How to eat optimal?

The effect of 7 great merit of wintry jujube and action

See alcoholic drink

Containing a lot offructose and vitamin C is the recipe of wine of solution of wintry jujube help, from the fine medicine that begins fructose and vitamin C to be treated as to see alcoholic drink in ancient time, and some acerbity flavour composition are OK inside wintry jujube decompose alcohol, help people have a headache regain consciousness to awake from inside wine.


Rock candy stews wintry jujube

Value of demon taro nutrition analyses _ cate the world

Value of demon taro nutrition is analysed

2012-02-07 14:34:26

Demon taro, call head of beautiful body, beautiful, Ma Yu, ghost taro again. The mucus protein that demon taro contains fiber of anhydride of candy of manna of many beautiful body, vitamin, plant and certain amount, have peculiar sanitarian action and medical treatment effect, by people praise for ” charm food ” , have ” do not think fat, eat demon taro; Want thin, eat demon taro; Want intestines and stomach is good, still eat demon taro ” view.

≮ effect ≯

C of the nicotinic acid that demon taro place contains, vitamin, E wait for what can reduce the cholesterol inside body to accumulate, prevent arteriosclerosis and disease of blood-vessel of head of heart of prevention and cure.

Taro taking evil spirit can enhance airframe immunity power, metabolization has pair of cancer cell such as anhydride of contains candy of beautiful body manna, Selenium, zinc interference action, contains admirable and prandial fiber can stimulate airframe to produce a kind of material that exterminates cancer cell, can prevent and cure cancerous tumor.

Demon taro contains the chromic, absorption that can defer dextrose, reduce the blood sugar after eat effectively, reduce the burden with dirty pancreas thereby, make the candy metabolization of the diabetic is in benign loop, won’t resemble certain fall to candy medicaments makes blood sugar drops abruptly in that way and appear hypoglycemia phenomenon.

Additional, demon taro still has poison of stomach of salinity of filling calcium, balance, clean, whole bowel, platoon to wait for action.

≯ of ≮ applicable crowd

All average per capita but edible, especially diabetic and fat person good food.

≯ of ≮ comfortable dosage

80 grams control every eat.

≮ is healthy traffic light ≯

Unripe demon taro is poisonous, must decoction 3 hours of above just but edible, and every time appetite is unfavorable and overmuch.

≮ is main nutriment ≯

A (microgramme)B1B2B6B12 (microgramme)CD (microgramme)E
Biology element (microgramme)K (microgramme)P (microgramme)CaroteneFolic acid (microgramme)Pantothenic acidNicotinic acidMineral element
IronPhosphorPotassiumSodiumCopperMagnesianZinc (microgramme)Selenium (microgramme) Consult
Nutrient manual

The world of cate of nutrient value _ of orange

The nutrient value of orange

2006-10-13 11:50:14

Orange renown ” Huang Guo ” , ” golden ring ” , for the fructification of fragrant citrus of rue division plant, originate in ministry of our country southeast formerly, it is one of 4 name fruit of world. Orange divides orange and lime, lime calls a crock orange again, flavour acid takes pain, unfavorable edible, multi-purpose take fruit juice at making, very few delicacy is fed. Delicacy is fed give priority to with orange. Breed of our country orange is very much. Orange fructification is globose, fluctuation is a bit compressed, exterior Hua Ze, the color before mature is blue, maize pulp turns into acid after maturity sweet measurable, juice is much, be full of aroma, it is one of fruits that people likes to eat. Of orange can feed a part to be 74 % , flesh of orange of every 100 grams contains quantity of heat to be 197 1000 joule, moisture 87. 4 grams, protein 0. 8 grams, adipose 0. 2 grams, prandial fiber 0. 6 grams, carbohydrate 10. 5 grams, ash content 0. 5 grams, carotene 160 microgramme, sulfur amine element 0. 05 milligram, riboflavin 0. 04 milligram, nick is acerbity 0. 3 milligram, ascorbic acid 33 milligram, vitamin E0. 56 milligram, potassium 159 milligram, sodium 1. 2 milligram, calcic 20 milligram, magnesian 14 milligram, iron 0. 4 milligram, manganese 0. 05 milligram, zinc 0. 14 milligram, copper 0. 03 milligram, phosphor 22 milligram, selenium 0. 7 microgramme, still contain glucoside of orange peel glucoside, shaddock skin rue, shaddock skin glucoside, lemon to suffer from acid of element, Na Keting, citric acid, apple. Peel contains naphtha, have more than 70 kinds of active material, basically be alcohol of Hexin of aldehyde of the last of the ten Heavenly Stems, citric aldehyde, citric Xi.

Orange flavour pleasant, acerbity, the gender is cool. Have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, appetizing next angry effect. Orange or water orange juice are fed after normal person meal, have solution fat, disappear accumulating is fed, stop the action of thirsty, sober up. Orange nutrition is very rich and comprehensive, old young all appropriate. The vitamin C with the rich content in orange, P, can increase airframe strength, add the flexibility of blood capillary, reduce the cholesterol in blood. Disease of tall blood fat, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis person often eat orange beneficial. Orange place contains cellulose and pectic material, can promote alvine path peristalsis, be helpful for clear bowel aperient, eliminate put oneself in another’s position inside harmful material. Hardships and difficulties of flavour of orange peel sex and lukewarm, relieve a cough expectorant effect surpasses dried tangerine or orange peel, it is cure cold cough, inappetence, bosom is abdominal distension painful fine medicine. Orange has become the pronoun of vitamin C almost. In fact, its vitamin C content is rich, can enhance human body strength, can fat dissolve sex outside body of harmful material eduction, the oxidant of security personnel Kang Kang that is a solid conform to. Orange peel calls Huang Guo the skin again, outside removing the part in containing pulp, carotene content is more, can serve as peptic, balmy flavor enhancement. Orange peel still contains the orange peel oil that times, right chronic bronchitic effective.

It is better to the body that preserve one’s health of the Beginning of Spring eats 6 kinds of vegetables _ cate the world

It is better to the body that preserve one’s health of the Beginning of Spring eats 6 kinds of vegetables

2018-02-09 11:11:22

Already the Beginning of Spring a few days, preserve one’s health entered a new level again, so it what this time takes is better to the body that what this time takes? What vegetable to eat to the body more preserve one’s health? Look below!

1, Turnip

Be in a lot of places, the Beginning of Spring cries again ” bite spring ” . North provides representative food most is a turnip, eat a turnip to be able to be divided to gnaw, section, cut into shreds, make a variety of forms such as stuffing. Eat a turnip to be able to be solved not only spring tired, still can enhance birth function of the woman, turnip of the Beginning of Spring is called again ” descendants turnip ” . Northerner loves to eat unripe turnip more, the beauty in You Yixin and small red turnip are optimal.

Willow of slippery chicken of ginger fine and soft

2, shepherd’s purse

In vernal potherb, shepherd’s purse is dazzling star absolutely, collect its early spring tender seedling regards potherb as edible, faint scent is goluptious. The nutrient value of shepherd’s purse is very high also, especially vitamin C, kind carotene and all sorts of mineral content are very high. Traditional medicine thinks, shepherd’s purse still has auxiliary treatment the effect such as dysenteric, enteritis, cold.

3, spinach

In numerous vegetable, raise what liver protects liver to have spinach aptly. Spinach is spring in season vegetable, have moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, scanty liver to raise the action such as blood. Very common so common, spinach is nevertheless a kind ” the every in dish is tasted ” . Serving as the spinach that every tastes to have a way is very much, the congee that boil is common namely one road. Spring preserve one’s health can boil congee with spinach.

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Effeminate look is good, enrich the blood little not _ cate the world

Effeminate look is good, enrich the blood little not

2017-07-07 16:14:47

Inadequacy of feminine anaemia, courage and uprightness is very common phenomenon, but long-term anaemia has to the body can have very big effect, because this is below the condition that knows anaemia, must enrich the blood in time just go. And to the woman, enriching the blood is crucial, The female complexion with gas enough blood is ruddy luster, and the person of the inadequacy that enrage blood not only the skin is poor, connect menstrual cycle not the rule, say to want to enrich the blood in time so just go. So what does the wife have to enrich the blood?

The woman enrichs the blood food

1, sugar cane

Although sugar cane tastes no-go, contain rich nutrient element however, for instance the microelement such as iron, calcic, zinc. Among them the content of iron is particularly much, every kilograms of sugar cane contains the iron of 9 milligram, first what reside a fruit. Accordingly, sugar cane also has ” enrich the blood if really ” beautiful praise.

2, pumpkin

Cobaltic can active human body is metabolic, stimulative hematopoiesis function. AndThe nutrient component that pumpkin contains the conduce such as cobaltic, zinc and iron to enrich the blood, besides the basic microelement that iron is production erythrocyte character.

3, red jujube

Consider to make clear, certain part of Gong Zaozhong can adjust the metabolism of human body, stimulative cell grows, can enhance medullary hematopoiesis function, add the content of the red blood cell in blood. Eat red jujube more, can enrich the blood not only, still can let skin become smooth and exquisite, and be full of flexibility.

4, grape

The grape contains many dextrose, can give cardiac muscle compensatory nutrition. And because content of grapy calcium, phosphor, iron is opposite taller, and contain a variety of vitamins and amino acid, because this grape is weak anaemia of old age, woman and body person nourishing beautiful is tasted. AndPleasant of grape sex flavour is smooth, have the effect of filling gas blood, strong bones and muscles

Cake of chocolate Mu Si

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Female summer Qing Dynasty heats up solution heat, these 4 Shang Shao not _ cate the world

Female summer Qing Dynasty heats up solution heat, these 4 Shang Shao not

2017-06-01 17:20:09

Drink soup to suit more in the summer, summertime high temperature is burning hot very easy get angry, so what boiling water do females drink does can effective Qing Dynasty heat up detoxify? Will look. Be worth high temperature weather, the water that place of OK and compensatory body needs the much water that drink boiling water is divided, still can remove disappear heat to prevent ill effect. Is the summer burning hot what Shang Pin to drink to had been compared? 4 clear heat introduce to solve the Shang Pin of heat to the female below, the beautiful eyebrow that have fun at hurries Get rises!

1, gram kelp soup

Material: Xian Hai takes 200 grams, gram 60 grams, paddy rice 30 grams, dried tangerine or orange peel 6 grams, brown granulated sugar 60 grams.

Practice: kelp abluent cut silk, iron with boiled water, fish out accuses to do moisture. Rice gram dried tangerine or orange peel parts abluent, clear water is entered inside arenaceous boiler 1000 milliliter, join rice, gram, kelp, dried tangerine or orange peel, the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing leaves. Convert small fire slow fire is boiled blossom to gram, put brown sugar to be able to be fed.

Effect: This tasting have clear fire to heat up, alexipharmic detumescence action.

2, soup of fish of crucian carp of bright lotus leaf of old wax gourd

Material: Wax gourd 800 grams, bright lotus leaf 12, umbellate pore fungus, lustre have diarrhoea each 15 grams, rice of hyacinth bean, Yi each 20 grams, crucian carp fish 1, pork 50 grams, ginger 3.

Practice: Each soup makings is abluent, wax gourd stripping and slicing; The medicinal material immerses in; Crucian carp fish is slaughtered abluent, issue made of baked clay Bao with pork, ginger, add clear water 3000 milliliter (about 12 bowls of quantities) , high heat changes slow fire Bao to make an appointment with two half hours after Bao boil, next salt but.

Effect: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks wax gourd has disappear hot weather wet, raise gastric juice, cleanse dirty, the result of water of disappear carbuncle, travel, detumescence. Lotus leaf has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, rise the effect with this world that send Qing Dynasty, cool hemostatic blood, commonly used at hotly wet have loose bowels of irritated thirsty, heat. Umbellate pore fungus can diuresis ooze is wet, lustre have diarrhoea can wet, Qing Dynasty heats up make water of dispel irrigation works, ooze, crucian carp fish benefits and be good at lienal benefit wet, Wenzhong is appetizing, invigorate the circulation of blood knows the energy of life below subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, Wen Zhong. Deserve to be soup, distinct benefit with rice of hyacinth bean, Yi again goluptious, clear heat sees hot weather, be good at lienal dispel is wet,

3, duck broth

Pleasant of flavour of duck flesh sex, cold, enter classics of lobar stomach kidney, have nourishing, raise the stomach, filling kidney, heat that divide consumptive disease oedema of bone evaporate, disappear, stop hot dysentery, relieve a cough expectorant wait for action. The person that there is heat inside every body eats duck meat aptly, the constitution is frail, inappetence, calorific, defecate is dry what feed with the person of oedema is more beneficial. Look in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, duck flesh has the effect of water of the filling empty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, benefit that raise a stomach. Of duck flesh have a way numerous, in the summer, had better have a way or boil make duck soup, can complement already excessive the nutrition that use up, but what dispel brings hotly is unwell.

Honeysuckle teal soup: Honeysuckle 25 grams, teal 1, fig 2, dried tangerine or orange peel 14, xian Jiang 2, clear water 1000 milliliter, saline a few. Honeysuckle is abluent, after teal is washed clean, put boil 5 minutes are boiled inside water, take out; Dried tangerine or orange peel is washed clean, bubble soft raze bursa; Clear water 1000 milliliter boil, roll honeysuckle, teal, fig, dried tangerine or orange peel, Jiang Jia into Bao, convert slow fire Bao two hours, add salt to flavor.

4, disappear heat is old columbine soup

Material: Wax gourd 800 grams, unripe the seed of Job’s tears 100 grams, bright lotus leaf 1 flake, dried tangerine or orange peel 14, old columbine 1, pig lean lean 150 grams, ginger 3.

Practice: Wax gourd flay, abluent, cut chunk account; The seed of Job’s tears, dried tangerine or orange peel is abluent, all immerse a bit, dried tangerine or orange peel goes flesh; Old columbine slaughter abluent, stripping and slicing; Pig lean lean is abluent, cut lump. the other boiling water outside removing wax gourd and lotus leaf makings and ginger are put into made of baked clay Bao together inside, add clear water 3000 milliliter (about 12 bowls of quantities) , slow fire Bao changes after high heat boil a hour, next wax gourd and lotus leaf roll a hour again, transfer into right amount salt but.

Effect: Dove is a kind of high protein, low adipose, flesh is tender delicious flesh kind precious birds; And wax gourd has disappear hot weather wet, raise gastric juice, cleanse dirty, the effect of water of disappear carbuncle, travel, detumescence. Close and be soup, delicacy is sweet, clear sweet, delicious, for beautiful soup of preserve one’s health of summer disappear heat, men and women all appropriate.

Hormonal maladjusted food of 5 kinds of yellow will fill _ cate the world

Hormonal maladjusted food of 5 kinds of yellow will fill

2016-10-17 10:24:01

The female is hormonal be helpful for sending out female glamour, hormonal meeting reduces the female as the addition of the age, want to improve hormonal exudation state, want to begin from the food that eats yellow above all, because it is a female hormonal excretive impulsion.

Maize food is OK be good at lienal, enhance gastric bowel function, regain energy, compensatory vigour, alleviate then the female is hormonal secrete reductive symptom. Maize food also has curative effect very much to digestion, in the meantime, helpful to memory decline also.

1, soya bean: Help stomach bowel regains power, it is natural vegetal female hormonal, can help the female’s hormonal adjustment. Also conduce to alleviate the symptom of the turn of life and period, OK still precaution and hormonal concerned cancer.

2, pumpkin: Enhance vigor, compensatory vigour, improve function of the metabolism inside body.

3, banana: Aggrandizement digestion function, the toxin in cleared blood, have combat melancholy and the effect that enhance immune power.

4, persimmon: Be good at lienal appetizing, embellish lung promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid and improve cardiovascular function.

5, citric: Eliminate exhaustion, stimulative blood circulates, increase immune power, defer skin consenescence.

What does autumn Qing Dynasty heat up detoxify to eat? _ cate the world

What does autumn Qing Dynasty heat up detoxify to eat?

2016-10-13 15:00:57

Common saying says, civilian it is a day in order to feed, the person’s health and food be closely bound up. If absorb insalubrious food for a long time, it is long-term, easy inside human body to accumulate toxin in great quantities cause a variety of diseases, because this is fixed,to body endotoxin undertaking clearing is the link that makes sure oneself health cannot be ignored. It is the food with a few clear alexipharmic heat below, can help cleared body endotoxin. What does autumn Qing Dynasty heat up detoxify to eat?

1, gram

The gram albumen in gram, tan pledges and yellow ketone apperception closes matter, can be united in wedlock with compound of organic phosphor pesticide, mercuric, arsenic, lead form sedimentary, make decrease or lose noxiousness, and be not easily absorb by gastric bowel. Gram soup is a kind of very good alexipharmic water agent, if daily life is medium classics

2, balsam pear

The dimension C content in balsam pear is very high, have precaution film of cell of scorbutic, protection, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, raise airframe to should stimulate the action such as heart of ability, protection. In the meantime, balsam pear has gas of the heat of clear hot need, beneficial that raise blood, filling kidney be good at the effect of detoxify of lienal, bright eye. The active ingredient in balsam pear can restrain normal cell canceration, promote choppy cell to recover from an illness, have the certain effect that fight cancer.

3, kelp

Consider to discover, kelp is had fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar, adjust immunity, fight cruor, fight tumor, platoon plumbic detoxify and fight oxidation to wait for a variety of biology functions.

4, tea

The tea much phenol in tea serves as a kind of natural antioxidant, can keep clear of active oxygen is free base; Its precipitate to heavy metal ion or reductive, can regard alkaloid as toxic antidote. Additional, tea much phenol can raise airframe fight oxidation ability, reduce hematic fat, enhance cellular flexibility, prevent thrombosis, defer sclerosis of arterial congee appearance and hypertensive happening.

Honey preserve one’s health eats a law 6 kinds to govern the world of ailment _ cate effectively

Honey preserve one’s health eats a law 6 kinds to treat ailment effectively

2016-09-19 16:12:57

Honey is known as ” the most perfect nutrition food in nature ” , gu Xila’s person regards as honey ” god-given gift ” . China begins artificial apiculture to collect honey from ancient time, medicine of honey since fine, it is classy beverage, but prolong life. The health care that still can be used at hairdressing is tasted. Honey eats a law 6 kinds to treat ailment effectively, but preserve one’s health.


Honey grapefruit tea

Honeydew of juice of 1. lotus root

Juice of bright lotus root 150 milliliter of 100 ~ , join honey 30 grams, smooth drink is taken. Appropriate lung hot cough, pharynx does larynx painful, nosebleed person edible.

The world of cate of square _ of epileptic and handy dietotherapy

Epileptic and handy dietotherapy square

2012-02-07 14:13:56

Square 1

Prescription: Turtle 1, vegetable oil, refined salt each are right amount.

Usage: Turtle thoroughlies cook hull, add vegetable oil, refined salt to boil sodden, flesh of the soup when breaking out eats 1 times, use consecutively 7 days.

Advocate treat: Epileptic.

Square 2

Prescription: Bamboo drop 10 grams, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf 12 grams. Stalk rice 50 grams.

Usage: Water of decoct of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf takes juice. Rice adds water to boil congee, face ripe before the drop that add bamboo and boil of juice of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf. Eat 1 times.

Advocate treat: Epilepsy breaks out greatly.

Square 3

Prescription: Cucumber cane 100 grams, zhu Ru 60 grams, earthworm 10 grams, white sugar is right amount.

Usage: Add cucumber cane, Zhu Ru, earthworm juice of water simmer in water, go broken bits adds white sugar right amount flavor. Cent is taken 3 times.

Advocate treat: Epilepsy breaks out greatly.

Square 4

Prescription: Turtle 1, medlar 20 grams. Yam 30 grams, ginger, refined salt each are right amount.

Usage: Turtle goes head, ungual, abluent stripping and slicing, add water with medlar, yam, refined salt and ginger, stew to turtle know sth thoroughly. Cent eats 2 times.

Advocate treat: Epileptic intermittence period.

Square 5

Prescription: Ovine head 2 pay, the tuber of elevated gastrodia 15 grams, yam 30 grams, refined salt, pepper, lardy each are right amount.

Usage: Film of muscle of ovine head take out, boil in all with the tuber of elevated gastrodia, yam, add refined salt, moustache to do pink, lardy flavor divide 1 ~ 2 times to eat.

Advocate treat: Epileptic fit is intermittent period.

Square 6

Prescription: Ginseng end 5 grams, ginger 5. Rice 100 grams.

Usage: Stalk rice is abluent add water, ginseng end, ginger boils congee in all, lukewarm feed, daily 2 ~ 3.

Advocate treat: Epileptic.

Square 7

Prescription: Hill 20 grams, qing Dai 3 grams, borax 10 grams.

Usage: Yam insolation, grind in all with Qing Dai, borax delicate last stage, take medicine with water, every time 3 grams, daily 3.

Advocate treat: Epileptic.