Fingernail has a few crescent moon to compare the world of normal _ cate

Fingernail has a few crescent moon to compare the world of normal _ cate

It fingernail has a few crescent moon is normaller that fingernail has a few crescent moons

2017-01-10 13:31:40

A lot of people are in place of 1/5 of fingernail lower part, have one white circular arc, it is us often say ” crescent moon ” . Its size, different person is behaved also each are not identical. The change of crescent moon reflected the healthy condition of human body on certain level.

Look from the exterior, normal crescent moon shows hoar, energy is more abundant a crescent moon is whiter, conversely crescent moon differs more ambiguous more. Some blurs in that way like frosted glass even, may adumbrative what waste sexual disease chronically happen.

Look from the amount, thumb must have crescent moon. The big toe of two hands must have healthy person crescent moon, forefinger and middle finger should have crescent moon, ring finger can do not have crescent moon. Both hands should have 8, 10 crescent moon are best. Generally speaking, big toe, forefinger, middle finger has crescent moon, at least ability of 6 crescent moon calculates basic health.

Look from size, too small adumbrative digest bad. Generally speaking, the area of crescent moon is the 1/5 of fingernail about, brim clarity. If be less than 1/5, the likelihood means energy inadequacy, intestines and stomach to draw ability difference. If crescent moon becomes suddenly dark and gloomy, shrink fine, disappear, mean possibly contract consumptive disease, wait like tumor, internal haemorrhage. Discover crescent moon decreases, answer to adjust dietary habit in time, of inanition want compensatory nutrition, nutrition wants much abstain from eating meal superfluously to feed, anyhow should achieve a balance prandial, nutrition is balanced.