Prevent haze not only it rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food is important also to rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food _ cate the world

Prevent haze not only it rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food is important also to rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food _ cate the world

Prevent haze not only it rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food is important also to rely on guaze mask to choose to eat what food

2016-12-29 17:59:17

The research report of World Health Organization shows, air pollution can is opposite not only of people healthy cause an effect, and also be cause important and exterior cause of cancer.

Consider to make clear, oxide of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen and but the main composition that inspiratory grain content is mist haze these 3, but the culprit that inspiratory grain content is pollution of weather of aggravating mist haze. Since of itself of this kind of grain a kind of contaminant, it is the carrier with the qualitative toxicant such as aromatic hydrocarbon of heavy metal, much annulus, be many sided to the influence of the body.


Soup of wax gourd of dried small shrimps

To respiratory system respect: These poisonous little grain can be absorbed by human body, the grain content of 10pm of bead diameter ≥ can be cut off by nasal cavity, its are basic to the harm of human body negligible; The grain content of 10pm of ≤ of diameter of 2.5pm ≤ bead, can enter the upper respiratory tract, but major conference is held back by the nap inside nasal cavity, pass phlegmy fluid eduction, healthy to human body harm is lesser; But the grain content of 2.5pm of bead diameter ≤ the majority can arrive directly at lung through human body bronchus, the classics after be being dissolved lymphatic or each haemal circulation organizations to human body, cause a variety of pathology effect; The others was not absorbed by lobar cell itself by deliquescent part, cause pneumoconiosis, browbeating greatly of people healthy.

Draw an aspect to calcium: What mist haze weather still can bring about close layer ultraviolet ray is abate, sunshine decreases, illuminate of ultraviolet ray of children, pregnant woman, old person is insufficient, d of the vitamin inside body generates inadequacy, decrease greatly to calcic absorption, serious meeting causes a baby rachitic, children grows decelerate, osteoporosis of lack of pregnant woman calcium, old person is serious.

Immune force respect: Vitamin D absorbs inadequacy, cause one of elements that immune force drops.

To cardiovascular disease respect: Intensity of ultraviolet ray of close layer of mist haze weather is abate, make the active of bacteria of the infectivity in air increases. Accordingly, if long-term and inspiratory this kind of poisonous pollution air, can increase the mortality of heart head blood-vessel and respiratory system disease greatly.

To mental health respect: Say from mentally, big mist day meets what become depressing, depression to man-made experience, can be stimulated or the condition with aggravate depressed psychology. In addition. The low pressure that because mist daylight line is weaker,causes, some people can produce drive in mist day the phenomenon with slack, low mood.

Now, the popularity on the net a few ” clear lung ” food, the respiratory system that pollutes place to cause to air of mist haze day actually is less than special effect since infection, must not blind follow, but we still ought to notice somewhat on food, below the premise that makes sure nutrition is balanced, keep healthy, increase immune capacity, also can help our promotion be in mist haze so counteractive to the oneself of grain content ability.

Want to increase immune capacity, promotion oneself is right in mist haze the counteractive ability of grain content, prandial on can absorb contain a lot ofvitamin A, vitamin the food such as C and eat the food that a few have embellish lung effect, be like: Lotus root of Bai Luobo, lily, yam, duck’s egg, lotus, water chest nut, tremella, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province, pomegranate, orange, what can improve pharynx and larynx and respiratory tract in the help on certain level is dry urticant painful wait for unwell symptom, reduce the undesirable effect that mist haze day brings to respiratory system thereby!

Mist haze day, the science that notices calcium to wait is compensatory

Calcium reachs vitamin D

Contain a lot ofcalcic food to have: Dried small shrimps, soja and its goods, cheese, cheese, yoghurt, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin D is less, besides common yoke, milk, deep-sea fish, still can choose preparation of compensatory vitamin D according to actual condition.

Vitamin A

In recent years the scientist discovers again, the cancer incidence of a disease of the person that vitamin A is lacked should compare Everyman 2 times taller much, especially the incidence of a disease of lung cancer is highest. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin A has: Vegetable of the fish such as animal liver, milk products, salmon, green yellow orange, animal liver is optimal origin, next carotene is called again vitamin A former. Content of former carrot of A of this kind of vitamin is higher, the content in general fruit and commissariat is less.

Vitamin C

British researcher is in ” epidemiology ” the dispatch on the magazine expresses, the fruit that eats vitamin C content to abound more or vegetable can reduce air to pollute the harm to respiratory system. Contain a lot ofthe food of vitamin C: Shaddock of yangtao, sanded cropland, hawkthorn, orange, sweetbell redpepper, cabbage mustard, cauliflower, on the west the food such as orchid.

Fight oxidation food

Easy occurrence oxidation should surge mist haze day and the disease problem that the heart and vessels injures, eat a few contain a lot ofa vitamin have the vegetable that fights oxidation and fruit: The meeting such as violet potato, tomato, violet wild cabbage, violet aubergine, towel gourd, wax gourd, balsam pear, orange, yangtao, green jujube is helpful.

Vitamin B a group of things with common features

Diet affects the person’s spirit and mood condition directly. Amino acid is rising to weigh wanted action particularly to the spirit of hearten person, if amino acid absorbs inadequacy, especially the synthesis that lubricious ammonia acid, cheese ammonia acid and the lack with egg acerbity ammonia can affect the nerve inside cerebrum to give simple substance, make a person dejected, spirit is blue. Vitamin B a group of things with common features lack can make person memory drops, forgetful with expression dim. Liver of the food pork that contains a lot ofB a group of things with common features, chicken, egg, fish, legume, spinach, black rice.