Female period has what unwell symptom, how to improve _ cate the world

Female period has what unwell symptom, how to improve _ cate the world

Female period has what unwell symptom, how to improve

2016-10-21 11:56:23

Modern woman pressure is great, have symptom of unwell of a lot of period, so how to alleviate these symptoms, look together

Frail model

Arrive before period, the foot is met bloated, easy and fatigue, and lumbar acerbity backache, have appetite not quite, easy cold or have loose bowels. Can have classics painful appearance scarcely, classics blood is shallow red, measure sometimes measure sometimes more little, show two polarization. Period is brief, if erupt simultaneously anaemic, menstruation comes easily behindhand. Metabolism is poor, oedema is serious, leaving half body especially is fat more.

Improve small secret recipe: 3 eat cannot little, had eaten to digest more, the food with balanced nutrition. Breakfast must eat, because intestines and stomach is bad, to nibble slow pharynx wants when having a thing. Do not suit to do intense exercise, if consider motion, had better choose dinner hind to take a walk. The proposal drinks tea of the bark of eucommia and ginseng tea. Chinese traditional medicine can use lotus seed and the root of remembranous milk vetch.


Easy and giddy, stand up with respect to see stars, the skin feels thick thick dry dry, spirit is not centered, often forgetful. Physiology period abdomen is uncomfortable, return meeting waist sick at heart backache and intercurrent all sorts of unwell symptoms. Classics blood color is pink or shallow red, classics blood is very rare, period is very brief. Menstrual belated case is very severe, classics regular meeting pulls above. Although period had ended,still feel the whole body is faint.

Improve small secret recipe: Do not use an eye usually or use a brain excessive, morpheus wants enough, diet life should notice to enrich the blood. Every night 12 when sleep before, if sleep,do not wear can drink a cup of hot milk. Can eat animal liver or other enrich the blood food. The proposal drinks jujube tea or medlar tea, chinese traditional medicine can use angelica and longan.

Be afraid of cold model

Arrive period, abdomen has the feeling of catch a cold catch a cold, classics is painful serious, one catch a cold catch a cold will be more serious, but heat preservation can feel a bit more comfortable.

Period comes behindhand normally, period regular meeting lasts 7 days above, via hematic wine, meeting be mingled with is poured out of like the clot like pork liver color. Special be afraid of cold, intercurrent and frail model probability is very high.

Improve small secret recipe: Want to make time of good heat preservation, can wear thick underwear or thick socks. Do not wear skirt, because if issue half body catch cold catch cold, classics is painful the meeting is more serious. The proposal eats lukewarm sex food. Common and OK tub or bubble foot come drive algidity. The proposal can drink ginger mother tea and cinnamonic tea.

Pressure is too large

The spirit before period is astatic, mood angst is disturbed, get angry easily. Devouringly with anorexia two kinds of phenomena keep repeating, often fart or belch, meeting chaos grows blain, either constipation is have loose bowels. Every menstruation painful symptom is different, can follow the body state change at that time, can abdominal distension before period or bellyacke, but menstruation comes these symptoms can disappear. Classics blood is general red, it is normal 4 arrive 5 days. Meet sometimes in advance, come behindhand sometimes.

Improve small secret recipe: Be about to learn control mood usually, it is normal that daily life work and rest wants, period can listen music or drink drink herb tea to pacify a mood. Eat orange more or drink tea, some of greenery can be put in common room, some of simple extend can be done to hold after getting up, if have,time can take a walk. The proposal drinks jasmine flower tea and mint tea, chinese traditional medicine can try field mint and dried tangerine or orange peel.