7 kinds of people are banned take the world of chili _ cate

7 kinds of people are banned take the world of chili _ cate

7 kinds of people are banned have chili

2017-11-13 17:22:12

A lot of people are not had hot not joyous, a day of 3 meal should have chili, eat hot advantage to have a lot of, but not be everyone can have hot, Although eat hot very bright, but eat hot contraindication or some, must notice. For example below these 7 kinds of people.

One, patient of disease of heart head blood-vessel

Chili element can make blood circulates aggravate, the heartbeat is accelerated, tachycardia, short-term inside a large number of taking, can cause acute heart failure even sudden death.

2, the person that suffer from nephrosis

The chili element in chili of piquancy food burden is to pass a kidney to excrete, have cell of caustic kidney essence, can cause kidney function change badly, appear even kidney function fails.

3, haemorrhoid patient

The friend that pile has in the life is absent a few. Have the attention of friend ten million of haemorrhoid, although chili contains rich vitamin C, after the person that has pile however was having chili, vein of easy however naevus congests oedema, farther aggravating haemorrhoid, form anal abscess thereby. Additionally chili returns can aggravating constipation, make haemorrhoid becomes heavy.

4, the person that taking Chinese traditional medicine

Consider to discover, eat chili element to be able to destroy Chinese traditional medicine curative effect, take Chinese traditional medicine so while, should abstinence and hot food. Serve the patient of Chinese traditional medicine, answer in dietary respect delicate, cannot eat chili and everything to contain the food of exciting element, answer to eat the food that contains crude fibre more, diet chili, turnip, onion excitant strong food, can go against an illness to alleviate otherwise.

5, the patient that has red-eyed disease and keratitis

The hot sex condiments such as chili can make dilate of eye ministry blood-vessel congests, bring about eye ministry resistance to drop, make a person easy contract red-eyed disease. Accordingly, during the patient that has the symptom such as red-eyed disease, keratitis is coming on, should put an end to chili stoutly. Because eat piquancy food easy get angry, accentuate thereby illness.

6, pregnant puerpera

Food of piquancy of edible of this kind of crowd, unripe sore of meeting occurrence talking around, defecate is dry wait for symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat, the sicken that because lactation baby makes,also meets.

7, armour excessive patient

As a result of patient itself with respect to the heartbeat fast, feed hot hind can make a heartbeat faster, aggravating illness.

Chili can be solved painful

From of old chili often is used to remove aching, and the scientist just knows recently, chili element can be stimulated and extinct god classics guides ” P ” material, and P material is OK will aching message is spread everywhere to neurological. Pass through the acetanilide principle of chili element, chili creams had been used to herpes of express ungird shape, trigeminal nerve is painful wait for ache.

Chili can prevent cancer

From the point of the research of epidemiology, the nation with a lot of hot be addicted to, if southeast Asia, India suffers from,cancered machine rate compares western country little. The scientist is conjectural, in these hot food, itself contains a lot of material that fight oxidation, oxidation and chronic, cancer and ageing have direct conjunction originally. Also the research of American Hawaiian university points out recently, kind of carotene in the vegetable such as chili, carrot can be exciting the gene that message transmits between the cell, when be being changed because of organic cancer, the system that message exchanges between the cell can malfunction) , this may have main use on precautionary cancer.

Chili can make the skin aglow

chili element besmear is on the skin, can outspread capillary, stimulative loop, and make the skin aglow, calorific. At present already the manufacturer uses this principle, put chili element into the sock in, become ” chili socks ” , use for warming oneself in the winter.

Chili can relieve the unwell symptom of the cold

Came 100000, hot food often is thought to be able to go phlegmy, discovery is like now also is such. Hot food but attenuant excretive mucus, help phlegmy by expectorate, lest block up respiratory tract. Professor moxa Wen Jiman says California university even: ” the effect of medicine of a lot of patulin that sell in drug-store, cough and chili just the same, but it is better that I feel to have chili, because it does not have side-effect completely.

Have the disadvantage of chili

Although chili abounds nutrition, have fundamental officinal value again, but edible excessive endangers human body health instead. Because overmuch chili element will be acuteness,stimulate gastric bowel mucous membrane, make its height hyperaemia, peristalsis is accelerated, cause stomach-ache, bellyacke, diarrhoea to make anal burn thorn aches, cause gastric bowel disease, make haemorrhoid haemorrhage. Accordingly, the person that every contracts the disease such as esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and haemorrhoid, all should eat less or diet chili. Because the sexual flavour of chili is big Xin Dare, pinkeye, toothache, larynx is so painful, the fervent disease such as furuncle of haemoptysis, sore, or tuberculosis is the hypertensive disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, ill, also Ying Shen is fed.

Chili can prevent arteriosclerosis

The deal that a day of place of carotene wants β is contained in a chili, and β carotene is puissant antioxidant, can cope with low density cholesterol to be oxidized harmful model voice. Once low density cholesterol is oxidized, did not leave like butter like freezer, the corporeal block that can become bad is arterial. In other words, it is β the initiative phase that carotene begins in arteriosclerosis, begin interpose.