Take the world of cate of chocolate advantage much _

Take the world of cate of chocolate advantage much _

Take chocolate advantage much

2017-01-12 17:00:59

The United States ” internal medicine learns document ” a research that monthly magazine publishs 27 days makes clear as a result, eat chocolate to have new profit again — the mortality that reduces blood pressure and bring down old people.

” internal medicine learns document ” the more reason that published Holand studies to achievement spoke engorge chocolate. One of bases of chocolate are cocoa. Study the result shows, antioxidant and yellow alkyl alcohol are contained in cocoa, and these two kinds of material are OK function of the cell in activation blood-vessel, the heart disease that because cholesterol and other remedy are caused,can reduce, cancer and hectic hair interpretation of the cause are led. In addition, the yellow alkyl alcohol in cocoa is a kind kind of healthful yellow ketone. It is a kind of antioxidant that cocoa beans contains, have as similar as aspirin attenuant blood action. This kind of material is contained in a lot of vegetable, green tea and red wine, it can increase the one oxidation nitrogen in blood, improve hemal function, have profit greatly to improving human performance.