The world of cate of square _ of dietotherapy of summer three-colored amaranth

The world of cate of square _ of dietotherapy of summer three-colored amaranth

Dietotherapy of summer three-colored amaranth square

2012-02-07 14:04:55

Xia Shi is divided first, it is the season with mature three-colored amaranth, value of right now three-colored amaranth nutrition is very high. The vitamin C content of three-colored amaranth resides green vegetable high the first, it contains a lot ofthe nutrient material such as calcic, phosphor, iron, and do not contain oxalic acid, what contain calcic, iron to enter human body hind to be absorbed very easily to use, the growth that still can promote children development.

Phyletic: Three-colored amaranth can be divided according to Xie Se for green three-colored amaranth, red three-colored amaranth and beautiful three-colored amaranth, green three-colored amaranth is fried ripe hind soup juice is clear,

Effect: Three-colored amaranth has convergent and clear hot detoxify, hemostatic, diminish inflammation to remove the effect of the dysentery below swollen, cure, the eye bare a list of things of phlogistic be caused by on the disease of bare dysentery characterized by white mucous stool to be caused by of damp and hot and irascibility is guttural and painful, red adverse wait, all have certain auxiliary therapy effect.

Cook: Three-colored amaranth can boil boiling water, also can fry feed, appropriate uses boiling water scald, after the acerbity flavour of purify three-colored amaranth, issue boiler cook to become dish again. Three-colored amaranth is fried ripe eat, sexual flavour slants to boil soup to feed a Retongli having Qing Dynasty with; at making the same score action.

No-no: Three-colored amaranth cannot be fed together with turtle, the person that can cause Xu Han of bromatoxism; intestines and stomach is unfavorable also feed more, cause diarrhoea easily.

Dietotherapy of red three-colored amaranth square

[sexual flavour] pleasant, cool, avirulent.

[return classics] into big, small intestine.

[effect] alexipharmic Qing Dynasty is hot, hemostatic diuresis.

[advocate treat] diphtheria, the disease such as hematuria and send hives fully.

[no-no] cannot feed together with turtle.

[specification] red three-colored amaranth is fried ripe eat, sexual flavour slants to boil soup with; to feed at making the same score, clear heat connects profit motive, empty of every intestines and stomach is cold person unfavorable feed more, cause diarrhoea easily.

[square concentration of dietotherapy of red three-colored amaranth]

1, red amaranth colza 10 grams, or the red three-colored amaranth that uses double amount, water simmer in water is taken, one day two, can send hives fully.

2, red amaranth colza 30 grams, fry yellow levigation, divide boiled water of strong brown sugar to take (diet raw or cold food is hot food) , treat postpartum abdominal pain.

3, root of red three-colored amaranth, igneous forge grinds end (or add) of borneol a few, in inbreathe larynx, treat diphtheria.

4, quantity of not stick to of red three-colored amaranth, the soup that boil often is fed, lower limbs of the filariasis that wipe blood is as swollen as the skin and strumous big.

5, red three-colored amaranth 120 grams, reach a bowl with simmer in water of 4 bowls of water, lukewarm take, cancer of two pairs palace has auxiliary curative effect.

6, 150 grams control red three-colored amaranth, go, abluent, dissect. 100 grams cook rice congee is fast ripe when, join red three-colored amaranth, add a few oily salt edible. Heat having Qing Dynasty stops dysentery action. Apply to acute bacterium sex dysenteric with enteritis.