The world of cate of _ of recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy of stomach trouble

The world of cate of _ of recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy of stomach trouble

The recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy of stomach trouble

2012-02-07 13:53:07

Of modern life rhythm accelerate, people drinks feed not the rule, stomach trouble occurence rate is higher and higher. Common saying says ” the stomach is expensive raising ” , have the person of stomach trouble, use besides medicaments outside, cure of drink food therapy is very important also. Recipe of 3 kinds of dietotherapy is recommended below.

One, beneficial lienal cake

Recipe kimono law: Red jujube 500 grams, thoroughly cook flay nucleus. Flesh extraction a jujube 250 grams, the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard is 60 grams, unripe the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is 120 grams, dry ginger pink 60 grams; the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes abluent, bake with slow fire dry, grind delicate last stage, join dry Jiang Fenhe inside the jujube, be like,pound together mud, make small cake, put the drying inside oven, take out put plastic food reserve inside bag. Beautiful of all of this cake color, sweet, flavour, hollow should make snack, snacks acts as after eat, to nibble slow pharynx, grow has taste, not only ill person love to feed, children also likes to eat.

Effect: Pleasant of big jujube flavour, can lukewarm fill gas of lienal, beneficial raises blood. Modern medicine proves: Big jujube contains a lot ofprotein and vitamin C, protein is ulcer starts the stuff with face repair indispensable place; Vitamin C can enhance airframe the resistance to the disease. Acerbity sex of pleasant of the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard is smooth, can disappear of be good at stomach is fed. The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes fills lienal beneficial is angry, water of dry wet benefit. The make a comprehensive view is whole square, have fill the function that disappear of lienal Wen Zhong, be good at stomach feeds.

Get used to disease or contraindication: Apply to digestibility ulcer disease to still do not have haemorrhage only, card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is lienal Xu Han model person, expression is: Gastralgia is unbroken, be fond of Wen Xi to press, accept is fed decrease, the look is weary force, defecate jalf congealed is thin, limb is not lukewarm. If lienal Wan is glowing aching, be agitated is irritable, pantothenic acid is noisy, the mouth works a hardship, belong to liver stomach gloomy heat person, unfavorable eat this cake.

2, peach kernel congee

Law of this square recipe kimono: Peach kernel, virgin soil each 10 grams, after peach kernel immerses, flay abandons a needle, right amount cold water is added after 2 medicine are abluent, high heat boil, change slow fire slow fry in shallow oil. After 30 minutes, divide castration broken bits, 100 grams rice is abluent congee is boiled in adding medical juice. Congee is ripe join Gui Xinfen (drugstore has carry out) 2 grams, brown sugar 50 grams. The rare mix of congee can master according to individual hobby. Feed 1 bowl small every time, everyday 3 come 4 times, this congee Shang Segong is bright, rice is sodden give oil, sweet and goluptious, mouthfeel slippery benefit.

This square effect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: “Painful be illogical, general rule indolence ” . Peach kernel but invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, embellish bowel is aperient; Virgin soil can the heat of Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, invigorate the circulation of blood that raise blood; Gui Xin, brown sugar can be lukewarm connect hematic arteries and veins and acetanilide; Sex of rice flavour pleasant is smooth, can beneficial is lienal with the stomach, contain protein, adipose, saccharide, calcic, Tie Hewei to give birth to element B1 to wait; Brown sugar can furnish not only quantity of heat, contain a lot ofiron to pledge again. Albumen and iron are the main raw material of hematopoiesis character.

Get used to disease and no-no disease: After this congee applies to digestibility ulcer haemorrhage to stop or without produce the person that go out, card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is Yu stop inside blood model, expression is gastral cavity painful like pinprick, pain spot is fixed do not move, the tongue is qualitative violet dark or spot having Yu. When be like cankerous activity to bleed, abstinence this congee.

3, congee of bright reed rhizome

Recipe kimono law: Fresh reed rhizome is 100 grams, green skin 5 grams, rice 100 grams, ginger 2. After will bright reed rhizome is abluent, those who cut a centimeter to grow is fine paragraph, put bowl together with green skin inside, add right amount cold water, after immersing 30 minutes, high heat boil, change slow fire fry in shallow oil 20 minutes. Fish out dregs of a decoction, join abluent rice, boil blossom to rice, congee soup sticks a canister. Before carrying boiler 5 minutes, put ginger, one day is divided 2 times lukewarm take. The alcohol of this congee rice is sweet be united in wedlock with the faint scent of reed rhizome, feed rise slippery profit is nice, have taste additionally one time.

This square effect: Heat of reed rhizome Qing Dynasty raises shade, gas of green skin travel stops ache, ginger and stomach stop vomit, rice raises gastric profit lienal. Above all medical conpatibility of medicines are proper, amount to discharge heat and stomach in all, raise the effect with acetanilide shade.

Get used to disease and no-no disease: This congee gets used to the person that at digestibility ulcer disease card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is liver stomach to accumulate heat, expression is gastral cavity glowing ache, be agitated bitter to taste of noisy, mouth does irritable, pantothenic acid. Be like cold happy event of gastral cavity painful Wei, discharge of defecate jalf congealed,