The world of cate of _ of cookbook of 5 fruit juice that darling loves most

The world of cate of _ of cookbook of 5 fruit juice that darling loves most

The cookbook of 5 fruit juice that darling loves most

2017-02-23 13:36:29

Draft fruit is healthful, and to year young for darling, can extract the fruit into fruit juice to be drunk to darling. Fresh fruit juice contains rich vitamin, the immune force of OK and promotional darling and metabolism, very helpful to the body. So, what does the water fruit juice that suits darling edible have? How should be made again? Below small make up the fruit juice recipe that for everybody mom recommends a few kinds to suit darling. Look together.

1, cantaloup juice

Applicable darling: 4 months rise

Material: Fresh cantaloup half, white sugar a few

Practice: cantaloup abluent, flay goes child. Cut cantaloup small, put juicer, the agitate that add water extracts juice, broken bits of the filter after teem will precipitate can.

Sweet little hint: Cantaloup contains calcic, phosphor, iron and the darling such as a variety of vitamins to grow indispensable nurture is qualitative, constant drinkable cantaloup juice can promote haemal circulation, help aid digestion, prevent a dry tongue dry to wait.

2, orange juice

Applicable darling: 3, 4 months

Can drink a few delicacy to extract orange juice to darling from 3 months, those who want an attention is the quantity shoulds not be overmuch, most it is OK to begin to feed 9 spoons. Can as darling grow, increase an amount gradually.

Material: Umbilical orange 2, carrot 1, white sugar a few

Practice: Orange sliver, to cutting 4 piece, flay. Carrot is abluent, cut paragraph. orange flesh and carrot Duan Fang extracts juice into juicer, add white sugar, mix is even can.

Sweet little hint: C of rich pectic, protein, calcic, scale, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin is contained to wait for a variety of nutrition composition in orange, can nutrition of darling of many sided supply, and to moist darling skin, hair, sanitarian eye has distinct effect.