Have child of chromatic vegetables and fruits more the world of cate of more healthy _

Have child of chromatic vegetables and fruits more the world of cate of more healthy _

Have child of chromatic vegetables and fruits more more healthy

2016-10-25 11:29:42

Although the snacks that contains artificial pigment is good-looking, endanger child health however, can weaken appetite not only, can bring about child intelligence to drop even, sexual precocity. So the parent should learn to guide the child to choose the food of multicoloured correctly, eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruits more.


Green leapfrog jumps

Chromatic snacks reduces cent to child intelligence

If Sao of asthmatic, rhinitis, skin is urticant,the chromatic snacks that absorbs excessive to synthesize pigment can be caused not only wait for allergy, likely still action arrives the child’s nerve, bring about thereby have a headache wait for a symptom. With certain colour and lustre fresh soda water is exemple, as a result of inside added artificial synthesis pigment and essence, excessive is drinkable and easy ad cool-headed in the child not on the enteron mucous membrane with mature development, cause appetite to drop with indigestion, disturb a variety of enzymatic functions inside body, cause undesirable effect to metabolism and constitution development. As time passes, hidebound the intellective development that also meets the child reduces cent. Doctor proposal, the parent should control the snacks of children strictly, eat a few natural food more.

Chromatic vegetables and fruits wants much edible

Chromatic vegetables and fruits looks beautiful not only, and nutrition is rich. Carry to itself feed or the child of partiality for a particular kind of food, the parent should choose attentively more. Maize vegetables and fruits accumulate contain rich vitamin, wait like day lily, hotbed chives, pumpkin, among them vitamin E is dirty to hepatic, pancreas very beneficial; Orange, citric, corn the ace that these food are synthetic vitamin C, everyday the melon and fruit of two yellow of edible 2-3, with respect to the vitamin C that can assure a need. Green is vegetable accumulate contain rich folic acid and calcium, wait like flower of spinach, green vegetables, leek, besides rich fiber can help the child digest, prevent constipation besides, still contain a lot ofmany calcium to pledge, stimulative darling skeleton and dental development. If black department food is dawdle, sesame seed, black rice, black the agaric microelement that contains human body to need and of all kinds vitamin, also suggest the parent chooses for the child more.