The practice of fish of scamper Chinese toon

The practice of fish of scamper Chinese toon

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  • The ” of fish of “ Chinese toon that with piscine sliced meat bud of wrap up Chinese toon calls. The colour and lustre after classics blast is golden, cortical crisp, cruelly oppress is soft tender, delicacy of Chinese toon bud is sweet. For Jinan area spring relatively the season food of be current.

    The practice of fish of scamper Chinese toon, how is fish of scamper Chinese toon done delicious

      [raw material]

    Monkey at cruelly oppress 150 grams, refined salt 2.5 grams, gourmet powder 1.5 grams, wet starch 25 grams, peanut oil 500 grams (restrict cost 50 grams) , chinese toon bud 100 grams, carry on wine 5 grams, the egg is clear 2, green ginger end each 1 gram.

       The practice of fish of scamper Chinese toon:

    1. Preparation works: Grow monkey fish sliced meat 7 centimeters, 3.5 centimeters wide, thick 0.2 centimeters chip, put a bowl inside, add refined salt 1.5 grams, end of ginger of carry on wine, gourmet powder, green catchs divide evenly. Chinese toon bud goes a ministry, bathe is clean, bud of every Chinese toon arranges long roll into one piece to coil with cruelly oppress. Egg Qing Dynasty, refined salt, wet starch closes together, tone becomes rare paste.

    2. Scamper makes: Round-bottomed frying pan is put on medium baking temperature, enter peanut oil, burn to 7 when becoming heat, touch ” of fish of “ Chinese toon paste of divide evenly egg, one by one puts oil inside, move to become golden look to blast of low baking temperature, fish out is placed dish inside become namely. When feeding, salt of besides Chinese prickly ash dips in feed.

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