How to take exercise raise function force to promote index of blessing of sex of life of husband and wife – flying Hua Jiankang net

How to take exercise raise function force to promote index of blessing of sex of life of husband and wife – flying Hua Jiankang net

How to take exercise riseFunction force PromoteHusband and wife livesIt is more important that man of sexual blessing index is no good all right, of man of that is to sayFunction forceComing about the man is more important, about also be identical for the woman. Excellent sexual ability, the glamour that allows the man increases, can win feminine favor more. And the self-confident heart that still can promote a man, the life and job have power more. If have beside everybodyFunction forceCompare strong man, ask you not to want again envious, might as well try these a few kinds of way, also can invite you and their postureSame sexCapacity is sufficient powerful.

Raise the method of function force, a few things of male cannot help doing:

1, the tiptoe since the time stand on tiptoe of pee

The male every time the tiptoe since the stand on tiptoe when pee has a lot of advantages to the male, pointed time can make on tiptoe sufficient 3 shade arrive next via Xiao ChangFilling kidneyZhuang Yang’s effect. Enhanced the maleThe penishardness, and be helpful for maintainingErecttime, prolong sexual life.

2, carry anus 100 times everyday

Major male shoots what energy enrages to weaken as coccygeal as pubic bones fleshFaintThe concern is very big, do the motion that carry anus appropriately to be able to train coccygeal flesh everyday, can be in stand, walk or any hour can undertake anus trains carrying, shorten first 3 seconds left and right sides, loosen 3 seconds again next, undertake 100 times everyday, hold to two months left and right sides to be able to see effect.

3, MassageAbdominal

The abdomen of great massage man, let the body loosen, stimulative blood circulates, promote male function force. The time that massaging can lean on the chair, the palm is stretched naturally, put in alvine center next, undertake slow whirl, massage, frequency wants measurable, minutely control in 120.

4, pace couchant a horse practices

Harmony of deep of the abdomen of the time man that having sexual life, coxal, pelvis and ham sarcous controls dispute of constant crucial point, crouch Ma Buneng appropriately to train the muscle of these place quite adequately everyday so, enhance the power propping up of the body, alleviateFatigueFeeling, and still can control ejaculation, particular way is two legs space stands, should be the same as with the shoulder wide, the body poises, hold to probably 15 minutes or so.

How to exercise function power? Sweet clew: Enhance function power, both sides of husband and wife must cooperate each other, daily in can take exercise together, enhance function power. Sexual life of husband and wife when, the collaboration of voluntary tacit agreement, such ability let sexual life become quite more harmonious, also want to notice local cleanness is wholesome additionally.