Diet of man autumn preserve one’s health is healthy powerful body – flying Hua Jiankang net

Diet of man autumn preserve one’s health is healthy powerful body – flying Hua Jiankang net

The autumn arrived, weather turns cool, climate also becomes dry, often make the person feels nose, Pharynx worksDry is unwell. Friend of a few men thinks, they do not need preserve one’s health, preserve one’s health is feminine thing, actually the man also needs preserve one’s health particularly, need to notice more in autumn. Cookbook of preserve one’s health of autumn of a few men introduces below, sex of benefit Yu Nan is healthy powerful body.

A lot of moment, because calm situation often lets social thinking of the habit,the man forgot him care. Actually, what go up because of the male and female physiology is different, male constitution is bigger, use up more, the man is taller than cerebral damage star to nutrient demand. Be in especially autumn, the male had better find the cookbook of preserve one’s health that suits his, protection is healthy. Cookbook of man autumn preserve one’s health has the following commonly:

1, hotpot soup

Material: Hotpot, medlar, pepper

Recuperate means: Will after hotpot is abluent mincing, put into right amount water infusion is joined inside boiler, when waiting for the flesh to thoroughly cook, join medlar to continue to boil hotpot to know sth thoroughly, put green, ginger, salt, pepper to flavor then can.

Sanitarian effect: Filling kidneyEssence of the Zhuang Yang, beneficial that raise blood. Apply to giddy tinnitus, Lumbar genu aching and limp, bodyAngular, Kidney emptyImpotent, chronic hepatitis, Liver cirrhosisReach the disease patient such as senile body empty.

   2, binaural soup

Material: Black agaric, tremella, rock candy

Recuperate means: Mix agaric first tremella with lukewarmBlebHair, after be being cleaned clean, put in evaporate bowl together, join right amount water and rock candy, the evaporate in putting steam box is ripe can.

Sanitarian effect: Lung of embellish of filling kidney, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood.

  3, amber walnut

Material: Walnut flesh, white sugar

Recuperate means: Put walnut meat into boiled water, add a few refined salt to immerse 10 minutes, carry go walnut fur clothing, abluent, drop works. A few clear water and white sugar are put inside boiler, boil to syrup thick stiff, devoted walnut flesh mixes fry, make syrup wraps a bag to be on walnut flesh. Change boiler to heat balm, investment sticks the walnut flesh of full syrup, use slow fire flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil to golden color, fish out, drop goes oily, the edible after air is cool.

Sanitarian effect: Essence of filling kidney solid, lukewarm lung breathes heavily surely. Treat long disease or old people lungKidney deficiency of yangGas is weak, Impotent, seminal emission, Pee frequency, lumbar acerbity foot is weak, coughAsthma. Still can use at old age or constipation of body empty be caused by.

  4, yam stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup

Material: Yam, polished glutinous rice, brown sugar, pepper

Recuperate means: yam till dolly becomes powder, put after the evaporate in a pot for steaming food is ripe to put right amount brown sugar next, and add chopped meat of a few pepper make it, immerse polished glutinous rice a short while, pink of wear polished glutinous rice, put yam stuffing and stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of make it of pink of polished glutinous rice into boiler to thoroughly cook again can.

Sanitarian effect: Be good at lienalFilling kidney. Apply to kidney essence deficit, lienal empty to be fed less wait for disease patient.

  5, the wine that prick berry

Material: Prick berry fruit, rice wine

Recuperate means: Wash the fruit that prick berry clean, next insolation, pit eliminate clean, dry bottle is put after dolly in, put right amount rice wine, had built opening sealed. Daily brace up shake 1 times, immerse 7 days above. Morning and evening takes 15 milliliter each.

Sanitarian effect: Be good at lienal beneficial is angry, filling heart raises blood. Blood of the disposition that treat a heart is insufficient, impotent do not lift, kidneyTiredForce, ForgetfulInsomnia.

Cookbook of preserve one’s health of concerned man autumn introduces for everybody temporarily big here, the hope can bring a help to male friend preserve one’s health. The male and woman are same, should pay close attention to all the year round and take him health seriously, what season eats what kind of thing preserve one’s health, it is clear to should be written down, the body that invites oneself is more healthy.