Husband and wife passes sexual life note these 7 kinds of circumstances prohibit husband and wife makes love – flying Hua Jiankang net

Husband and wife passes sexual life note these 7 kinds of circumstances prohibit husband and wife makes love – flying Hua Jiankang net

   The husband and wife after marriage lives sexual life is to want baby, the 2 natural physiology demand that are a person. But, Husband and wife lives sexual lifeCannot incontinent, excessive, abysmal line, healthy safety should be placed in the first. How does husband and wife live sexual life? A lot of teaching material point outHusband and wife lives sexual lifeShould use such-and-suchPose, want to noticeForeplay, process, hind play, use contraceptive, sanitation is waited a moment. Small today make up change a view, in the light ofHusband and wife lives sexual lifeno-no proceed with.

   Below these 7 kinds of circumstances, prohibit husband and wife lives sexual life
   1. Generally speaking, sexual life should have avoided during falling ill. Because the disease is phyletic various, illness weight is differ, best oneself consult doctor opinion bluntly.
   2. Do not be in you became tired, malty perhaps make love when the mood is bad. The male is inDrunk wineWhen, itsSpermatozoonCan produce deformation, ifBe pregnant, meeting influence is fetal.

   3. Menstruation, female vagina secretion shows acidity, can kill ab extra bacterium. However, MensesVaginal secretion is counteracted by classics blood between alkalescent, this is a kind of very good germiculture base. MenstruationWhen coming, the film inside the uterus falls off, there is cut inside the uterus, uterine mouth is stretched slightly again, sexual intercourse is easy bring a bacterium, cause genital inflammation. If have the person of chronic pelvic infection originally, period sexual intercourse can cause acute show effect more. Period sexual intercourse also can accentuate the uterus congests, make period blood increases, period is lengthened or period is unwell and aggravating.
   4. Before 3 months that are pregnant and 3 months should prohibit making love finally. Be pregnant inchoate, placenta does not grow in intrauterine time, sexual intercourse pricks exciton palace systole easily to cause miscarriage. Be in gravid and terminal, sexual intercourse is easy cause haemorrhage of slink, uterus or puerperal fever. The sexual life of gravid and odd month also wants abstemious, the act is not violent, press not overly press female abdomen.

   5. Before restoring to the uterus after childbirth (make an appointment with 6-7 week) , can cause genital inflammation, uterus otherwise haemorrhage or block up are perineal reach vaginal cut heal and postpartum health to restore. If postpartum vagina bleeds (lochia) duration is longer, also should extend abstinency time.
   6. The female is worn (or get off) contraceptive annulus, after male ligate, two prohibit inside week sexual life. The woman undertakes tubal ligate, a month avoids sexual life.
   7. The doctor suggests to avoid the other side of sexual life, if unwell or the body is fretted disturbed.