Spermatozoon puts vivid time detailed to see spermatozoon life inside female body – flying Hua Jiankang net

Spermatozoon puts vivid time detailed to see spermatozoon life inside female body – flying Hua Jiankang net

  Spermatozoon puts vivid time inside female body The spermatozoon that life of detailed solution spermatozoon is the male and woman ovum this is both after union, ability forms completeOosperm. Common man is inClimaxEjaculate later, SpermatozoonOne part is entered femaleHuman bodyInside, still a branch is poured out of. Because vaginal environment of the woman is different, Spermatozoon is in the surviving time inside female bodyEndless and identical. Want to understandSpermatozoon puts vivid time inside feminine body? See later development introduction continuously please.

Expert introduction, spermatozoon is in the surviving time inside female body:

The expert points out, the hour that male spermatozoon woman survives inside body is 20-72 hour, that is to say if the men and women is in in the spermatozoon after sexual life this hour paragraph did not touch on the word of ovum, won’tBe pregnant.

And enter the spermatozoon inside feminine body directly, in appropriate temperature and environment, control in two days probably. If vaginal environment is poorer, unsuited live, can die very quickly. This also is nature picks the fruit with evolution about, and live the is united in wedlock with ovum opportunity with long time is great also, the person that actor or actress wins out.

So, if be the woman that does not want to be pregnant temporarily, had better be in business accountingOviposit periodWith crises when, many dozens go out a few days abundant, before oviposit period 3 days also also had better guard against somewhat. Be pregnant to the plan of course, OK also and computative time, ahead of schedule ready-made increases conception odds, salute the advent of darling.

Increase spermatozoon to put vivid time inside female body, can have done the work of the following respect:

1, if wantGive birth to the boysomes machine rate is old, choose as far as possible in oviposit that day orOviposit dayBefore the of the same branch of a family inside 2-3 day, because autacoid of this hour vagina is,slant alkalescent, suit Y spermatozoon live.

2, the number that notes sexual life and frequency, give the newer obligate of spermatozoon time. In sexual process, the male can defer ejaculation, show slightly as a result of the secretion of the vagina after feminine climax alkalescent, blast off greatly as far as possible, cut the hour of small tadpole swimming, retain actual strength.