Before of the same branch of a family, feminine ten million should remind a man, make gift so correct! – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Before of the same branch of a family, feminine ten million should remind a man, make gift so correct! – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Quality. Love is sweethearts between most the most intimate contact, but besides passion, also want special attention good sanitation to just go. Because of a lot of venereal happening, especially disease of female department of gynaecology, very major come from feculent sexual behavior.

One. Love. . Before love, individual cleaner makes a platoon be in the first

1. brushs his teeth, wash one’s hands, form a habit

Do not brush his teeth, bad taste makes the kiss becomes unpleasant not only, give up possibly also each other love. . The desire of love. As to wash one’s hands, direct oversight dropped a lot of sweethearts. Because contact screen of computer of mobile phone, flat to wait, the likelihood on the hand is stained with a few venereal pathogen, as a result of the agency action of the hand, the secret that takes venereal pathogen contact not carefully the other side is in closely, such very dangerous oh ~~

 2. clean private parts, chongzhongzhi is heavy

As the growth of our woman age, two crude defense line were done not have gradually, the first line of defence is Hymen, the 2nd line of defence is value of private parts PH, acid-base value begins abate, suffer infection the most easily. Add small signal Mmm9928 to teach you the most practical skill that protect skin!

However besides two crude defense line we ourselves can build the 3rd defense line actually, do the cleanness of nice private parts to nurse everyday namely. Had better nurse with weak acidity fluid cleans vulva, curb bacterium goesPeculiar smell, caress delicate private parts ~ softly

 2. The man relies on to issue half body to think, the woman must worry

1. woman is ill, male qualified personnel is a culprit!

Especially the ” of “ blind area that sanitation of illicit fine point is numerous man, feel to be like woman of private parts unlike inside body, hide a bacteria not easily.

Drape of skin of private parts of little imagine male is more, bilge of very easy accumulative remain, those who a few bacteria can be concealed stealthily in the male actually is urethral in. They can not have apparent effect to the male usually, leave snake in the grass to the female however. Pass love. Love, and produced across to affect a situation, like feminine slow coach palace is formed phlogisticly, namely because get for a long time a variety of wrapping dirty is medium sending of inflammation, virus stimulate ability to bring about repeatedly.

   2. for me, ask you to be done so

A man in sexual organs not clean circumstance plays the woman with oneself close, to the woman character is extremely irresponsible practice! You are too dingy, I can refuse and your bang!