[the practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

[the practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce also is practice of a kind of commonner the daily life of a family, do fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce, more typical is thick broad-bean sauce of the county that put Pi, put a few dry chili next, taste taste is very little sweet, the sort that chooses a fish also is more, can choose crucian carp fish generally speaking, also can choose a carp to wait a moment, also want to cut the fish into place when making this food, come with deepfry next two sides is golden, will see the way of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce.

The practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce

The practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce

With makings

Advocate makings: Crucian carp fish 1

Complementary makings: Dry chili of a few of Chinese prickly ash of a few of powder of garlic of ginger end a few 4 green Chinese onion a shallot 10 grams lay a few cooking wine smoke sweet vinegar of 20 grams Zhenjiang 5 Ke Bai is saccharic valve of beans of county of 5 grams Pi 20 grams

1. kills take out of crucian carp fish alive splanchnic, abluent interior black film, delimit on piscine body on a few knives so that tasty. Wipe in piscine body inside and outside on a few cooking wine, salt and white pepper, pile up flavour 5 minutes.

The fish of good the code taste puts 2. to roll oil in, small fire simmer in water fizzles out to two sides, take out put in dish stand-by. Notice to piscine skin is protected as far as possible when flipping through, although this has challenge sex quite.

The fish with 3. good decoct takes tray in stand-by.

The practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce

The complementary material that prepares before 4. , look to everybody. Unripe smoke, cooking wine, white sugar and acetic attune become a bowl of juice stand-by.

New oil falls inside 5. boiler, explode Chinese prickly ash of powder of garlic of sweet ginger end, chili and green Chinese onion.

Valve of beans of county of 6. rejoin Pi explodes sweet, put a fish next, mix up unripe smoke mixture juice to irrigate piscine body to go up, roll water into what burn again, the shovel that use boiler dials the juice that use boiling water to make its mix gently even. The fish does not turn over. The cap on the lid, small fire stews 8 minutes slow to be able to be installed dish.

7. is scattered go up ornament of some of small chopped green onion, namely lubricious fragrance completely!

Practice 2

With makings

Advocate makings: Grass carp two jins partly

Complementary makings: Green 19 garlic 20 grams caraway 20 grams are peppery 20 grams rapeseed oil pink of 250 grams Chinese prickly ash valve of 10 grams hot beans chili of 20 grams bubble 10 bubble ginger 19 salt essence of 20 grams chicken 20 grams cooking wine pink of 30 grams beans 50 grams of 30 grams celery the five spices

1. washs the fish clean above all, next the redundant water teem in the bowl, get on the fish that has washed put salt, cooking wine, peppery, next mix is even souse 20 minutes.

2. kipper while green, caraway, celery, garlic is cleaned completely

The practice of fish of Sichuan hemp hot braise in soy sauce

3. cuts the dish that has washed into broken rice size, bubble ginger, bubble chili is same also,

4. scatters pink of on a few beanses before deepfry fish, next mix is even.

5. will enter oil in boiler, wait for oil to burn heat, use chopstick general fish next a clip arrives in boiler scamper

It is OK that the piscine flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil such as 6. arrives when the surface is golden case boiler

After 7. scoops the fish, the in part of remnant of oily teem half that remain is in boiler (the oil of teem can be taken fry other dish, need not worry about wasteful oil oh) , burn oil hot, enter the bubble ginger that has cut, bubble chili adds segment or section of hot beans, garlic, break up together after frying 3 minutes or so, add a bowl of water (the bowl that have a meal can) rejoin celery, caraway, green, pink of the five spices breaks up together fry (after chopped green onion and caraway can stay to waited for a boiler, scatter went up in the face) ,

8. breaks up fry complementary makings while join salt, gallinaceous essence, chinese prickly ash, continue to break up fry 3 minutes or so, enter a fish to be fried together,

9. turns over the fish fry when coming to hang full soup juice entirely, tick off Gorgon euryale to fall into boiler, break up fry can give boiler equably!

The boiler since 10. is scattered on the caraway that remain and green, calculate success!