[oily stew crab] _ how stew _ how stew – net of people preserve one’s health

[oily stew crab] _ how stew _ how stew – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

In the period of around of our country the Mid-autumn Festival, also be the phase with fatter crab, delicious very delicious, and nutrition is rich. The practice of the crab also has a variety of, major person is to use boiler evaporate to wear directly eat, those who want is the flavour of former juice raw ingredient. Actually, oily stew crab is a famous and delicious dish is tasted. The practice of oily stew crab is not complex also, burden also need not too much, just want to master good duration when do, this are more important.

 Oily stew crab

The way that makes oily stew crab

Advocate expect crab

Complementary expect ginger

Condiment starch of salt, candy, gourmet powder, yellow rice or millet wine, ketchup, water, edible is oily.


1, crab gets rid of after mouthparts and crab lung abluent, fore-and-aft everything two half hind (if pursue) reserve.

2, Jiang Qie is big reserve.

3, catch crab divide evenly with a few yellow rice or millet wine, souse is controlled 10 minutes.

4, oil is made in boiler, the 6 nowadays that become heat enter Jiang Pian, crab conflagration falls to fry after waiting for Jiang Pian to become angry slightly become red to crab body.

5, issue ketchup stir-fry before stewing to fry come to give red oil slightly.

6, boil yellow rice or millet wine, join clear water to come do not have surfeit material.

7, salt, sugar is put after conflagration is done, flavor.

8, decrescent fire, the lid builds stew to make 10 minutes or so, flavor again to flavour accurate.

9, change conflagration to receive juice, join render palatable of a few gourmet powder.

10, boiler goes out to be become namely after joining starch of a few water to tick off juice of good Gorgon euryale.

 Oily stew crab

How is crab of stew of oil of electric meal Bao done

Advocate makings

Crab 3 only

Complementary expect

Green 2, the head of garlic 2, cooking wine 5 grams, oil 10 grams


1. crab is abluent, green cuts the head of garlic of chopped green onion to pat broken, reserve.

2. bloats crab with cooking wine, etc crab is drunk dizzy, cord unlock.

3. conflagration heats up boiler to put oil, chopped green onion and garlic rice explode sweet. Put crab, the boiler on the lid is built (need not turn on the water) .

4.6-7 turns over another after minute, conflagration continues to build boiler to build stew 7-8 in minute (if crab is too big, be afraid of not ripe also can put little water boil in a covered pot over a slow fire, this big probable error that I boil not likely jin a) .

5. whole journey is controlled 15 minutes almost (this should see the size of crab and decide) , the whole body is aglow and squashy. Give boiler collect!

 Oily stew crab

Cooking skill

1. seafood kind can put salt rarely commonly, as long as quite fresh, flavour is absolutely and very good eat.

Portion of 2. crab water is more also, when be being boiled so, need not turn on the water, (Besides very big should not talk) additionally.

Because buy,the 2nd pace above 3. is then crab is too unripe fierce, with cooking wine drunk dizzy crab, lest gives an accident.