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Winter eats advantage of the dish that stew to recommend the world of cate of 6 cookbook _ more

Winter eats advantage of the dish that stew to recommend 6 recipe more

2016-12-17 17:03:10

The dish that stew with its easy digest, moisture content is high with nutrition advanced characteristic becomes winter dining table to go up ” star ” . Chinese winter is entered fill like to take the course that stew, so, does winter eat the dish that stew what to profit have after all? Below small make up the advantage that introduces winter to take the course that stew for you and diet of a few vegetable that stew.

Winter takes the advantage of the dish that stew

The 1. dish that stew basically relies on water to regard as heat medium, temperature won’t be accordingly exorbitant, basically do not exceed 100 Celsius, because this won’t heat excessive generation is harmful carcinogen.

The course feeding capable person in the 2. dish that stew is long small fire is stewed after boiling, become very soft, digest more easily absorb.

3. stews food cooking time to grow, facilitate all sorts of dressing are sufficient action, feed material tasty, smell is more nice.

The need when 4. stews dish builds a lid to heat, the photograph is completely cut off to oxygen, because this feeds capable person,medium much fights oxidation composition to be able to get saving. Still have research discovery additionally, after warm up stews two half hours, the cholesterol in the flesh can drop considerably, beneficial not saturated fatty acid increased however.

The 5. dish that stew is to connect dish to take the edible since Shang Zhiyi more, assure mineral absorb completely won’t loss

6. often stews a variety of raw material dish at the same time, food breed realizes diversification easily, also facilitate add all sorts of raising to feed capable person unripely.

Preserve one’s health of winter moisten the respiratory tract takes the world of cate of _ of 5 kinds of nut more

Preserve one’s health of winter moisten the respiratory tract eats 5 kinds of nut more

2016-10-25 18:25:39

Winter chill is dry, the person gets the body to be in such environment in cause very easily ” inside dry ” , settlement best way eats food of a few firm fruit more namely, can preserve one’s health of effective moisten the respiratory tract.

Sweet almond

Alimentary alleviation sex relieves a cough medicine, advocate treat pharynx doing, dry cough. Sweet almond has suitable gas to enrich the blood, relieve a cough to hair of filling kidney of lung of expectorant, embellish, prevention and cure bleachs prematurely and fall off wait for a function.


All through the ages has ” peanut ” good name, contain the element such as E of B of A of rich adipose, lecithin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron. Often the effect that edible groundnut can have grow benefiting life.

Yoghurt can drink ability the world of cate of _ of be good at bowel

Yoghurt can drink ability be good at bowel

2016-09-30 10:17:22

Drink yoghurt the ideal development popular feeling of be good at bowel, because the beneficial in yoghurt gives birth to bacterium to be able to adjust,bowel bacterium skirt, promote digest absorb. Nevertheless, yoghurt is not to drink what finish sth, surviving condition of beneficial unripe bacterium is tall, do not get be affected by the heat, can be killed by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, can be killed by antibiotic…

Yoghurt breed is much, it is difficult that consumer preference more makes instead. Yoghurt bag mount can see ” bacterium of B beneficial free ” ” active beneficial gives birth to bacterium ” the word of and so on, often hear on advertisement ” beneficial gives birth to bacterium ” of good body recommend. This ” eat mushroom ” have what effect after all, is pattern various ” bacterium ” which better? Have more east swim Japanese passenger, be done to puzzle by Japanese tourist guide, the beneficial unripe bacterium that Japanese yoghurt enquires in succession after going back to the motherland is 10 thousand several taller than Chinese yoghurt, have nutrition more. Is this promoted new pattern?

The name on the market spends handsome profit to give birth to bacterium was to appreciate a point merely sometimes ” ego names ” game. And amount of yoghurt beneficial unripe bacterium does not represent alvine path to be absorbed more more, can drink yoghurt ability to fill.

Composition analysis

Beneficial bowel bacterium, active beneficial unripe bacterium is one and the same

Advertisement has said the truth, beneficial unripe bacterium is good thing really: Can adjust alvine path bacterium group, promote digest absorb, promote mineral absorb etc. Nevertheless, although wrap mount to explain, common yoghurt also contains two kinds of beneficial to give birth to bacterium. A few special yoghurt added active bacterium to plant, make beneficial gives birth to bacterium amount more, sort is richer. Xu Xin builds the introduction, the sort of beneficial unripe bacterium is very much, apply at food industry basically have 8 ~ 10 kinds, add at yoghurt to basically have 4 kinds among them:

Bacili of A Bulgaria breast

Heat of B be addicted to is streptococcic

Bacili of breast of acid of C be addicted to

Bacili of D Shuang Qi

The principle is in adding the bacterium milk, ferment yoghurt. Among them, all yoghurt contain A, B these two kinds of beneficial give birth to bacterium, and those who added C and D, it is yoghurt of active beneficial unripe bacterium.

Presence of market of our country yoghurt names non-standard problem, some manufacturer for convenient sales promotion, can have an Orphean name to yoghurt. The A bacterium that some businessmen exist all yoghurt even and B bacterium also say additional add. Teach you method of a judgement — see product ingredient. If there are A and B only in composition list, the specification is common yoghurt only.
In addition, added the yoghurt that these active bacterium plant C or D, bacterium is planted really richer. Shuang Qi can see on market bacillus yoghurt, contain active beneficial to give birth to bacterium yoghurt to all belong to this kind. Just, partial businessman changes an Orphean name to fry business effect, fry make a concept, picture ” beneficial bowel bacterium ” this kind of noun just is outstanding effect, changed better the name that know, composition actually similar.

Of the amount contend for

The amount has been jumped over more more, but cannot judge

From above the analysis can see, beneficial unripe bacterium is an amount really had been jumped over more more, xu Xin builds the introduction, the beneficial in yoghurt gives birth to bacterium not to rise not quite to due action. World each district contains bacterium quantity to have certain level to yoghurt.

Our country regulation, 1 × must be contained the least in every milliliter yoghurt above of computation of 106 bacterium colony, that is to say, every milliliter yoghurt must contain 106 beneficial to give birth to bacterium at least. The regulation must contain the country such as Euramerican, Japan the least 1 × above of computation of 107 bacterium colony. This is the floor level of content of beneficial unripe bacterium, manufacturer wants not to go under this amount only. As to specific amount how many, had jumped over more more without upper limit.

So, amount of unripe bacterium of Japanese yoghurt beneficial is really likely and more, but also must see particular product.

Xu Xin is built say, our country is still ambiguous to the censorship of yoghurt beneficial unripe bacterium, although have a level, lack however censorial, the beneficial in yoghurt gives birth to bacterium to whether so much quantity assures harder really.

Optimal effect

Fresh, cold storage, not hollow drink

The amount is much although important, but also do not give birth to bacterium to be able to be absorbed on behalf of these beneficial. Generation, carry, store, set time, these factitious elements unscientific metropolis reduces any one segment greatly the beneficial unripe bacterium in yoghurt is active. So, your store means, drink yoghurt kind ultimate effect eats the advantage that takes gut to lay bacterium amount.

The acid that take be addicted to breeds bacillus is exemple, manufacturing hind is mere two weeks, their active reduces original 25 % quickly, and 4 week hind, active has the 10 % when production only. So yoghurt is drunk fresh, from production date jumps over close yoghurt, active ingredient is taller.

Temperature also is met high kill beneficial to give birth to bacterium, yoghurt must place freezer safe to save. Do not put in outdoor burning hot, must not heat more. Otherwise, beneficial unripe bacterium had not eaten to had been killed in abdomen, the amount is again much also no use.

Hollow drinking yoghurt also is big fear, the person is in hollow when hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is tall, resemble Shuang Qi bacili can be being killed by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. Xu Xin constructs a proposal, the one ~ after the meal drinks yoghurt again after 2 hours, at this moment amount of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is a bit small, can ensure effective bacterium is absorbed. Additional, the public figure that has gastric ulcer also does not suit drinkable yoghurt.

The action of antibiotic is antiseptic, and the active bacterium in yoghurt can be killed by antibiotic, so, if you fell ill to eat antibiotic, must stagger with the time that drinks yoghurt.

The food of what color suits you most? _ cate the world

The food of what color suits you most?

2016-02-18 16:52:55

Guide language: The food of every kinds of color has ” professional skill ” , add opportunely use the sanitarian effect that has one of deciding. Want to know you suit what to kind of food eat? We look below.

Red food — hearten making a person + filling iron

If you are inborn the constitution is weaker, suffer the bully of cold virus easily, perhaps had been tangled to go up by the cold, red food can aid your a helping hand, the function of the energy of huge bite cell that has one of bodyguard of health of stimulative human body inherently, huge bite cell is cold virus to wait cause disease microbial ” killer ” , its vigor increased, cold virus nature is hard inside human body base oneself upon, more do not talk to go up grow bred. As to color relatively the carrot with a bit a few more shallow chili, contains carotene can be inside body A of translate into vitamin, epithelial tissue of play bodyguard human body is like the action of respiratory tract mucous membrane, can enhance human body what often feed to resist likewise the ability of the cold. Besides chili, carrot, three-colored amaranth, onion, red jujube, tomato, yam, hawkthorn, apple, strawberry, old pumpkin, red rice also provide this meritorious service.

Candy hawkthorn

One kind can rival the world of vegetable _ cate of ginseng

One kind can rival the vegetable of ginseng

2015-03-03 11:43:03

Guide language: Wild cabbage is plant of the mustard family, its many mutation, like cauliflower (cauliflower) , cabbage (cabbage, cabbage, cabbage patch) , cabbage mustard, on the west orchid (green cauliflower) , Pie is blue (cast aside blue) etc is by the mankind the vegetable of extensive edible. Wild cabbage originates in Europe formerly, at Holand place of regnant Taiwan period is introduced, according to Japanese person Xu Jiying raises value to be like ginseng, because this says again ” Gao Li dish ” .

Tang Dynasty ” gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine ” also the advantage of dish of account wild cabbage: “Filling marrow, benefit the vital organs of the human body, benefit joint, the bear in sth resembling a net of stimulate the menstrual flow is angry, ming Er looks, be good at person, sleep less, beneficial mental efforts, strong bones and muscles, go writtening guarantee below the heart gas. ” , visible since ancient times the healthy food that wild cabbage dish is treated to have multiple effect namely. Clear matrix fastens a hospital total courtyard deserted

Spring eats a dot to fight the world of cate of allergic food _

Spring eats a dot to fight allergic food

2013-11-08 18:51:05

Core clew: Spring fights skin allergy, protect skin to taste besides external use besides, still need to recuperate immanent loop from dietary respect. Spring eats a dot to fight allergic food more: On the west orchid, garlic, Xi Qin.

Weather turns warm, the floating dust in air, pollen and bacterium wave everywhere along with wind medicinal powder, make person skin very easily allergic, cause seasonal hypersensitive. To this, website of American collect acting Er recommended the food of allergy of a few kinds of antagonism, let everybody spend an easy spring.

Feed the person above average in material as the mustard family, orchid can prevent nasal cavity jam on the west, additional, its rich vitamin C also is to alleviate the hotshot of hypersensitive shape. Researcher discovery, absorb the vitamin C of 500 milligram everyday, can check hypersensitive record effectively, and the vitamin C that the Shengxilan of 240 grams contains 80 milligram in the flower. In addition, orange kind the fruit also is right choice, wait like orange, grapefruit, lemon, exemple the vitamin C that contains nearly 100 milligram like a big orange.

Element of some Mongolian oak short for xipi and erhuang are contained in onion and garlic, it is another of antagonism allergy powerful weapon, its action is similar to fight allergic drug. Additional, this kind of material also is contained in the apple, OK and right amount edible.

Xi Qin also is kind of ideal fight allergy to feed capable person, because it can be restrained effectively,can cause the exudation of allergic material. In the meantime, xi Qin still has diuretic effect, because this wants the body state according to oneself to decide dosage when edible, taste empty is cold person cannot eat every day.

Want antagonism allergy, still can drink a boiling water of preserve one’s health, plant expert Dr. Zhan Dr. Musi Duke recommended a Shang Pin that fights allergy: Mix an onion boil together after one valve garlic is mincing, after boiled water boils 5 minutes, add page of 200 grams nettle, bine of 240 grams celery, continue to boil 3, 10 minutes, reoccupy cooking wine, salt, black peppery or chili after flavorring can drinkable.

Xylose alcohol eats much also meet the world of cate of get fat _

Xylose alcohol eats much also meet get fat

2013-11-08 18:51:42

Core clew: Xylose alcohol already became a kind of fashionable consumable now, be beneficial to a tooth to wait, but alcohol of expert proposal xylose also cannot eat more, xylose alcohol eats much also meet get fat.

Strange cake of candied, chocolate, music, cake… these ” sweet ” the sense that food always can bring a person happiness. But this ” sweet ” rear, having many secret worry however. The tooth that excessive absorbs candy to be able to corrupt a person not only, the person ” push to ” fat, still can make diabetic sicken odds increases greatly. To a lot of diabetics, no matter previously how ” zealous ” sweetmeat, can mix only now these ” sweet ” food ” insulation ” .

And now, xylose is mellow — a kind of low caloric is nutritional sweet taste agent, begin popularity to rise. It can make food has more cool and refreshing and pure sweet taste, but won’t be absorbed by human body completely, quantity of heat is smaller than candy of dextrose, Bai Sha much, mix by broad diabetic patient fat person welcome.

Food supermarket sells xylose alcohol ammunition

Be in abroad, xylose alcohol serves as sucrose or the substitute of dextrose is used extensively at diabetic patient in special provision, or the lozenge that is used at all sorts of food reducing weight and drug, masticatory piece in waiting for a product with syrup agent. And in home, the provision that adds xylose alcohol is increasing also. Inside the supermarket ” xylose is mellow ” food a superb collection of beautiful things, have Ma of biscuit, candied, milk powder, Sha Qi, useful still the xylose pure white at cook. Pure white of this kind of xylose can replace Bai Sha sugar, the price that a bag of 100 grams hold is in 8, 10 yuan, more expensive than Bai Sha candy give near 20 times, purchaser still is in an endless stream. Market assistant says: “Xylose alcohol compares ordinary sugar a lot of, ate more beneficial to the body! Never mention it diabetic, everyman eats to still can prevent diabetic! Everyman eats to still can prevent diabetic!!

Xylose alcohol eats much also meet get fat

So, whether is xylose alcohol true so magical? The expert says, xylose alcohol is agent of sweet taste of a kind of when be cultivated from Bai Hua and extract in the plant such as oak natural plant, because xylose alcohol is not easy by microbial ferment produce acidity material, can reduce dental caries bacterium and the generation that tine dirties so, have certain effect to preventing dental caries.

Compare with common saccharic photograph, quantity of heat is low the one large dominant position that is xylose alcohol. After it enters human body, absorb very slow, and only the part can be used, sweet degree as similar as sucrose, quantity of heat is less than other carbohydrate however 40% . Can use xylose alcohol at the substitute of domestic cane sugar accordingly, what cause in order to prevent sucrose edible too much is fat.

In addition, foreign medicine researcher returns discovery recently: Xylose alcohol is sweet taste agent not only, it still has protection hepatic, combat the beneficial effect such as lung infection, because this xylose alcohol is considered as the best substitute of sugar.

But the friend of sweetmeat of be addicted to must not have nothing worry about, although xylose alcohol is replaceable candy, but eat much also meet euqally get fat. And change property to tell from manage, xylose alcohol is to slant cool, it not by the stomach enzymatic decompose, enter alvine talk directly, eat much can have certain stimulation to gastric bowel, the likelihood causes abdomen unwell, bilge gas, bowel cries. Because xylose is mellow,inside alvine path absorptivity is less than 20% , accumulate easily in alvine wall, easy cause osmotic diarrhoea. In Euramerican country, contain the provision of xylose alcohol, can make clear on label ” excessive is absorbed may bring about diarrhoea ” such consumptive clew.

Excessive edible can make hematic fat elevatory

Diabetic patient because cannot the saccharide with purificatory edible, using xylose alcohol to do dressing is a right choice. But those who need an attention is, xylose alcohol and dextrose are same, by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen 3 kinds of material are comprised, inside human body oxidation hind can release a heat energy. Xylose alcohol is in metabolization is earlier, the likelihood does not need insulin to participate in, but in metabolization later period, need insulin promote.

After eating xylose alcohol, elevatory to normal person blood sugar extent and speed are mixed under dextrose sucrose, but once diabetic patient is absorbed much, can produce side effect, the triglyceride in causing blood is elevatory, cause sclerosis of appearance of coronary artery congee, reason is diabetic the patient is unfavorable also feed xylose alcohol more. Have the person of the hypoglycemia that causes by insulin to those sufferring from especially, xylose alcohol is to ban more use.

Face posture views the world of cate of _ of condition of body viscera health

Face posture treats condition of body viscera health

2012-02-07 12:49:34

24 hours of healthy gas station
24 hours of healthy gas station Blog
Accredit of cate the world achieves rich objective formerly
Without author license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile

Face posture treats condition of body viscera health

See the body from face posture the healthy state of each viscera

The Chinese pays attention to photograph seeing a face, though see the rich and the poor, the fate brings lovers together from face posture some ” do not rely on chart ” , but among them we cannot not believe hidden health code however. “Will tell from medical angle, ‘ be born by the heart ‘ it is quite reasonable. ” ” according to theory of tradition of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the eye connects liver, bazoo to connect lung, mouth to connect lienal, ear to connect kidney, tongue to connect a heart, facial ministry is like small shrink scene area, can see the body from which the moving state of each viscera.

White sends yellow disease Tibetan liver

The color of white: If look white hair is yellow, that may have liver ill secret worry; Anaemic person eyelid is normally cadaverous; The color of the person the white of the eye that has allergic problem can pale, burnish come out, black and white obscurity.

Black rim of the eye: Companion has the black rim of the eye of a few unusual symptoms, it is the symptom of the disease sometimes. Exhaustion of function of liver cirrhosis, nephritis, kidney, breath fails, and blood disease or disease of endocrine disorder sex can appear black rim of the eye. Rest bad to bring about black rim of the eye, decrease stay up late to be able to be eliminated.

Lung of eye yellow hearts is maladjusted

The color of eyelid: Inside eyelid if appear pink make clear body in order, occurrence red shows blood, peptic and genital official function are wrong, occurrence white makes clear anaemia or haemal circulation is wrong, occurrence Titian may be function of kidney, liver, lienal, pancreatic, cardiac maladjusted.

Eye protruding: Eye protruding rises, it is to show thyroid gland has a problem.

Nostril is dry it is lobar heat

Nostril works: Want play to aerate normally nasally with olfactory function, must depend on lobar gas to mediate, breathe free benefit. Nostril is dry, breath is taking heat, often be lobar heat is caused.

N&v snuffle: Because lung sufferred chill to cause,be commonly. Japanese medicine considers to prove, n&v snuffle is returned with function of intestines and stomach not beautiful is concerned, fasten patronage to wear unobstructed nose, maintain talk of intestines and stomach is euqally serious also.

Face posture treats condition of body viscera health

Stomach of burst of corners of the mouth is too tired

Labial color: Lip and next eyelid are same, it is thin thin, can complete report gives redness of skin. Labial quality becomes low, the likelihood is inadequacy of blood red cell. The proposal changes recipe, eat pluck and bean curd more, ease exsanguine condition thereby. If double lip is too bright red, likelihood you by ” heat symptom-complex ” worry. Rise when temperature, body adjustment function is abate, two buccal just meet with lip, tongue local and erubescent. Eat fresh fruit more, drink many water, can help you dissolve body inside excess quantity of heat, color letting a lip returns to normal.

Burst of corners of the mouth: Be in fatigue condition when the stomach, can cause inside hot, bring about corners of the mouth red burst. Suggest when to having a meal, chew a few times more, be absorbed adequately and digest food. Inside the stomach ” temperature ” after reducing, corners of the mouth is red can disappear very quickly.

Dribble: After awaking in the morning, always discover bedside is dripping circuit saliva? Dribble may be gastric bowel function frail, cannot sufficient imbibe, cause moisture to stop, saliva by dilute, just flow to the side of the mouth. If you still feel bowel cries, the stomach cries, had better go seeing digestive family.

The 26 lives Xiaochang that winter preserve one’s health must know knows _ cate the world

The 26 lives Xiaochang that winter preserve one’s health must know is known

2012-02-07 12:42:20

24 hours of healthy gas station
24 hours of healthy gas station Blog
Accredit of cate the world achieves rich objective formerly
Without author license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile

The 26 lives Xiaochang that winter preserve one’s health must know is known

1, winter raises lung: Pomegranate, orange, persimmon, pear, grape, all have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid relieve a cough, the effect that embellish lung relieves a cough, it is the superior fruit that winter raises lung.

2, last small doohickey: If immerse husking fruit,be in cool boiled water, can prevent combustion already and maintain original colour and lustre, still can make a fruit ringing and sweet.

3, goldfish and miniascape profit raise on desk much: In vexed job, in eyestrain when, the plant that can visit green or the fish of footloose move about in aquarium, loosen double eye, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, can prevent xerophthalmia.

4, bit of yoghurt drinks to have profit when having chaffy dish: Bit of yoghurt is drunk when having chaffy dish, can protect mucous membrane of gastric bowel path, precaution because of chaffy dish fat and the diarrhoea that other element causes, bellyacke.

5, dental health care: Drinking water is the simplest but method of very important however dental health care. Right amount drink water to be able to let gum keep wet, stimulation is salivary, have effect of dental health care.

The 26 lives Xiaochang that winter preserve one's health must know is known

6, preserve one’s health spends congee: White orchid spends congee, will white orchid boils concentrated juice, add honey, rice to thoroughly cook again, can relieve a cough, fill lienal, helpful to inappetence.

7, interesting phrase: Raise with homely fare raise a stomach, wash with fresh air wash lung, let bright sunshine bask in bask in a back, look for group of friends to drink small drunk, those who forget flounder this world is tired.

8, preserve one’s health of light snow solar term: Eat aptly fall hematic grease food, wait like balsam pear, corn, buckwheat. Should eat more stew feed and black food, wait like black agaric.

9, Qiu Dong change garments according to the season maintains: Nourishing and maigre recommend cabbage, content of its vitamin C is 3.5 times of tomato, eat more can enhance airframe disease-resistant ability.

10, conduce of soya-bean milk of water chest nut alleviates autumn.

11, health sticks person: Eat garlic raw to need to notice: Cannot hollow the boiling water that overheat drinks after be born to feed or be fed, tea. Every time with 2 to 3 valve in the limit of, notice to cannot be fed together with honey. Heart disease and chronic constipation person should feed less.

12, day moxibustion sticks medicine to need an attention: When sticking medicine to day moxibustion again, the expert expresses: “39 cold weather ” day moxibustion is better to curative effect of disease of chronic, respiratory system, but be not cure-all.

13, winter enters fill to notice please: Winter is entered fill to apply to a constitution only deficiency of yang or cold, wet the crowd that waits for pathology change, unwell the crowd that heats up disease at flourishing of fire of constitutional deficiency of yin with irritability and fact.

14, method of chilblain of sanitarian prevention and cure: Cold winter, long chilblain is quite vexed thing. In wash his hands everyday, the clearance of face, foot, knead gently brush the skin to low-grade fever, can promote haemal circulation effectively, prevent chilblain.

15, sanitarian section law: The curtain is pulled open to perhaps open the lamp immediately after getting up, conduce retains vigor, say according to research, the physiology rhythm that can let you so keeps synchronous with.

16, optimal in the winter activity: The optimal method that can improve a sentiment in the winter is much activity, canter, dance, skate, play a ball game etc, it is to eliminate winter be worried, maintain the good plan that spirit improves a sentiment.

17, winter food is optimal and tie-in square: Lily matchs an egg, have moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, Qing Xinan’s magical effect. Caustic of phlegmy water of lily Qing Dynasty, filling empty,

Alarm: Collocation of mistake of seventeen kinds of food kills a the dead! _ cate the world

Alarm: Collocation of mistake of seventeen kinds of food kills a the dead!

2012-02-07 12:38:27

Have a few dish type that we often make in daily life, it is a kind of wrong collocation actually, the meeting is healthy to ours if often eating it is certain to cause damage, still can let you even ” toxic ” — appear all sorts of body unwell phenomena. We have a look, what does the dish form that often takes a fault easily have.

Alarm: Collocation of mistake of seventeen kinds of food kills a the dead!

Chicken of green stay of proceedings piece

1, chicken of green stay of proceedings piece (chicken + sesame seed)

Sesame seed can be nourishing liver kidney, raise blood to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish bowel is aperient, black hair. But feed together with chicken the meeting is toxic, serious toxic person can die. Take with licorice water simmer in water medicable.

2, hemp hot kidney bean (garlic + green Chinese onion)

Garlic green Chinese onion is the food that spurs alvine talk strongly, the easy occurrence bellyacke, diarrhoea symptom after an edible.

3, shallot skin egg mixes bean curd (shallot of bean curd + )

Shallot is contained careless