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Is the child too fat? How does the child cross fertilizer to reduce weight? _ cate the world

Is the child too fat? How does the child cross fertilizer to reduce weight?

2016-11-15 16:06:55

According to statistic, our country has the children weight of 12% to exceed bid. The child is fat it is the expression with superfluous nutrition. A lot of parents think, child fat place is more lovely, but actually, the child is too fat also meet those who affect health! So, how should the child reduce weight?

Is the child too fat?

The adult is fat the influence is beautiful, still can affect health of body and mind, the child is same also of course, too fat meeting brings the child two kinds of consequence.

Give birth to systemic system disease easily: A newest research discovers Sweden, overweight male adolescent suffers from the risk of the serious and hepatic disease such as liver cirrhosis to increase. Fat can bring about loop, breath, digest, the much system such as endocrine, immunity is damaged, easier sexual precocity, and fat degree is more serious, healthy to children harm is greater.
2 influences mental health: Young age fat meeting affects the children of period the flexibility of motion and game, bring about children to be estranged by young associate. After entering adolescence, adolescent is right ” the figure is strong and handsome ” have more look forward to and appeal to beg, but exceed bid because of figure and weight, fat girl emerges the sentiment of scared, defensive, attack more easily to human association, form more easily self-abased psychology and shut disposition oneself.

Dawdle of autumn balsam pear reducing weight helps the world of your _ cate

Dawdle of autumn balsam pear reducing weight aids you

2016-10-10 13:42:14

Autumn cookbook reducing weight one. Burden of fabaceous Chi balsam pear: Balsam pear 200 grams, 15 grams of fabaceous Chi, garlic powder 5 grams, balm (oily food) 5 grams, salt 3 grams, gourmet powder a few. Practice:


Dawdle fries smoked bean curd

1, go to balsam pear flesh, abluent, cut, the scald in putting boiling water is ripe, fish out; is put into cold water again dip is cool, fish out drop works, put dish inside reserve. 2, on boiler buy fire, put oil to burn heat, put stir-fry before stewing of powder of fabaceous Chi, garlic to fry fabaceous Chi sauce, fill an air cool.

3, get on fabaceous Chi sauce in balsam pear, scatter again on balm, salt, gourmet powder, mix is even can.

2. Dawdle reduces weight (food reducing weight) cookbook dawdle contains inorganic qualitative, vitamin (vitamin food) reach protein (protein food) wait for composition. And feed more also won’t get fat, in the meantime, to hypertension (blood pressure food) , heart disease patient is beneficial, it is a kind of better hairdressing reducing weight (hairdressing food) food.

The many plant fiber that dawdle place contains, have prevent constipation (costive food) , precaution is diabetic (diabetic food) reach large intestine the action of the cancer, cholesterol content in reducing blood. And Xianggu mushroom (Xianggu mushroom food) belong to food of low quantity of heat again, can prevent get fat. Right of course healthy (healthy food) even hairdressing is very beneficial.

These are the body love most fight the world of cate of old food _

These are the body love most fight old food

2015-05-09 00:50:18

Guide language: Every place has the body belong to oneself ” term of service ” , but after this was not the organ that shows the body to arrive to be restricted regularly, be about ” expire ” , use food, can undertake fighting consenescence for each organs, defer ” operating period ” , the body sees in light of each organ most love fight anile food.

Cerebrum loves to fight old food most: La Mei

To 50 years old of above in old people, the decline of cerebrum is more terrible than appearance consenescence. Contain a lot ofcyanine element to wait for the food that fights oxidation material with what La Mei is a delegate, the cognitive function that conduce changeover grows along with the age and shows and space remember functional fall. The United States breaths out the extensive data survey of ministry of Buddha university medicine to show, the rate of cerebral function decline of the senile woman that often has La Mei is slower, the risk of cognitive obstacle disease is lower.

Biscuit of blue berry earthnut coils


Ginger honey law reducing weight aids your Qiu Dong to reduce weight the world of hairdressing _ cate

Ginger honey law reducing weight aids your Qiu Dong to reduce weight hairdressing

2016-09-08 09:43:36

The emperor that honey is feminine hairdressing all the time is tasted, but do you know, honey water can reduce weight, what give everybody introduction today is ginger honey law reducing weight, suit autumn winter season to reduce weight very much thin body, in health thin body while return can alimentary hairdressing!

The Mm that loves the United States knows various methods reducing weight certainly, of motion, of medicaments, of food, had you heard ginger honey water reduces weight, the hairdressing emperor that well-known honey is a woman is tasted, how is ginger honey water drunk reduce weight?

Law of black tea of very comfortable in the winter operable ginger reducing weight, can warm the body reduces weight again already, recommend to everybody again so. Suit a crowd, often the MM with icy hands or feet, process reducing weight wants to eat the MM of sweetmeat, let the MM that oneself rest two days very hard, break full feed the MM; that cannot bear absolutely all day long to be able to use method of ginger black tea reducing weight.

What is ginger law reducing weight?

Ginger contains ginger hot element, can quicken blood to flow, make the body produces tepid feeling, at the same time also can outspread pore, make a sweat, take away the redundant quantity of heat inside body, so, try ginger way reducing weight together, the operation is simple, the effect is apparent!

The bath of vinegar of thin body ginger of ginger law reducing weight

Material: Vinegar of a ginger, a few and rice wine

Method: Filling full Wen Shui (about 42 degrees) the ginger that a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides that boil puts in bath crock, vinegar and rice wine, the water level when bubble bath does not cross wind, dip rests 5 minutes 2 minutes, do 5 times continuously can discharge sweat in great quantities, weekly dip 1, every time half hours.

Effect: Besides can reduce weight, the United States is white outside, cannot tighten up flabby skin quite, avoid the state with the flabby skin after reducing weight.

Which kinds of bodily form should take the world of cate of _ of which kinds of dish

Which kinds of bodily form should eat which to plant dish

2012-02-07 13:09:42

Dr. Sawade ever pointed out adviser of medicine of network of American ABC news, bodily form is the key that creates reasonable food and drink. The United States ” fitness ” the magazine measures a body for everybody custom-built dietary program, these suggest to be able to help us eat more scientificly according to the food of different figure.

Which kinds of bodily form should eat which to plant dish

Small chili figure (or fine model) the person of small chili figure does not have apparent body curve, namely hip circumference, waistline and shoulder breadth are more adjacent. They once get fat is met with the body intermediate place is given priority to like abdomen, because this meeting has,have heart disease and diabetic risk. Beautiful state-operated raises Kekelun learning the home to point out, this kind of person answers food of protein of profit of much edible fish, olive oil, nut, seed.

The person of chili bodily form Breakfast should absorb albumen of much energy profit to be like an egg, fiber of lunch appropriate much complement green is for instance vegetable, dinner can eat some of cruelly oppress and legume appropriately. The snacks that suits chili bodily form has: Yoghurt, currant, almond.

Control 5 hour to be able to reduce weight _ cate the world

Control 5 hour to be able to reduce weight

2012-02-07 13:11:53

The person has 5 hour in a day want to have a thing most, at that time, if indulge oneself appetite, as time passes, fat, overweight wait for a symptom to be able to be in casual search come to come. But if can exercise restraint effectively or replace with other form, for that pair of people that reducing weight get twice the result with half the effort.

Morning shut-eye awakes

Morning shut-eye awakes must complement quantity of heat

Human body rises in morning when, already nearly 8 attribute hollow position to 10 hours. To receive the job in the morning and study, must complement quantity of heat. A cup of hot chocolate contains 110 kilocalorie quantity of heat about, juice of a cup of orange contains 109 kilocalorie quantity of heat and human body about 15% what what folic acid needs inside the day. And chocolate and fruit juice are better simple carbohydrate, namely energy source.

If think one day energetic, that absorbs enough quantity of heat with respect to need, a cup of chocolate or orange juice, add a cup of yoghurt again or a fresh fruit can satisfy this one requirement, can implement plan reducing weight better so.

Before lunch half hours had better have bit of thing

The cookie that best coarse food grain taking a place makes, biscuit or the yoghurt that do not have candy and fruit, they are helpful for digesting quite, won’t cloggy your appetite when lunch. In addition, as a result of so not hungry, you still can choose lunch food sensibly, eat more healthily.

The world of cate of _ of 10 kinds of food that the skin loves most

10 kinds of food that the skin loves most

2012-02-07 13:01:18

Supplement at present popular dietotherapy, the skin nurses the expert went out for our summary the following skin of 10 seed coat most the food that like, see a list of names posted up on what food, remember taking a place more later, have profit to the skin.

"10 kinds of food that skin of prandial hairdressing law loves most

TOP1. On the west orchid

Enhance the skin to fight scathing ability: On the west C of rich vitamin A, vitamin and carotene are contained in orchid, can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability, still conduce to preserve skin flexibility.

. . .
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Daily vegetables and fruits casts off the world of cate of elephant leg _

Daily vegetables and fruits casts off elephant leg

2012-02-07 13:00:07

WhenStill woman how can be willing to part with or use is not put on sway the skirt of much appearance, but the flesh of stubborn go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on the leg saw honest be unluckyfeel disheartened letting a person. You perhaps had tried all sorts of drug reducing weight, had wanted to move small knife on the leg even… actually the problem is done not have so serious. Tell you a few kinds of daily fruits are vegetable, make you light relaxed pine casts off elephant leg. The jade leg that makes you fine and smooth comes out in the show below beautiful skirt!

Daily vegetables and fruits casts off elephant leg

Bizarre fruit

Prevent adipose accumulation very much more numerous place all knows the vitaminic C content of bizarre fruit is abounded, its cellulose content is quite actually rich also, fiber imbibe expands, can produce satiated move. In addition, fruit fiber can raise the rate that discloses fatty acid element, avoid superfluous and adipose ministry letting a leg coarsens.


It has exhaustion of purify leg ministry the action of diuresis and eliminate ache. Need the belle that stands for long, can eat exhaustion of ministry of tomato purify leg more. Suggest tomato is eaten raw as far as possible, can utmost ground withholds nutrition, it is OK also that make it salad or fruit juice eat.


Enhance the watermelon with your cool and refreshing assimilation, have diuresis element ” base acerbity citric Huang Su ” , make salt follows uric eduction smoothly, also have curative effect to disease of cystitis, heart disease, kidney. In addition its potassium content is not little, cannot look down upon ability of its got-up bicrural.

The world of cate of _ of hairdressing curative effect of honey

The hairdressing curative effect of honey

2012-02-07 12:54:37

Acne: With 1 coffee spoon malt oil is mixed petrolatum waiting for a quantity, add agitate of glue of a few bee to be become equably starchy, apply is in affected part, massage gently, morning and evening each 1, a period of treatment is a week.

Aphtha: The honey that 1 spoon measures, add essence of life of a few citric oil, melt slowly within oral cavity, a day 2 – 3, till inflammation disappears till.

Divide wine flavour: Need the honey that 3 spoon measure only, namely early in the honey that takes 1 spoon late each, can eliminate alcohol peculiar smell.

Trichomadesis: Daily and hollow the bee glue that takes 1 spoon amount, hold to a month. Year season takes effect blame beautiful.

A nose to light candles at: 1 squashy banana flay smashs slimy record, mix the royal jelly of dosage of size of a walnut and 1 spoon olive oil banana mud, mix the apply after divide evenly is in at lees, make a bit massage. After quarter, gently banana mud wipe, use next had dipped in pily round rub-up of Wen Shui, successive 5 days.

Chilblain: The vaseline that measures a few malt oil, 3 spoon and the bee glue that 1 spoon measures mix cream shape, apply at affected part, massage gently, with alexipharmic gauze rub-up, morning and evening each.

Strut: Successive the bee glue that a week of morning and evening takes 1 tablespoon to measure. After a month, if still have strut feeling, continue to take, when taking bee glue every time, chew as far as possible fully.

Eye agnail: Boil 0.1 litres water, after refrigeration, join full 1 spoon honey, in order to cleans the eye of inflammation, one day is cleaned 3 – 4.

Dermatitis: 40 grams sage leaf is put preparation is boiled in 1 premium, the filter after 10 minutes is clean, join the honey that 10 spoon measure next, paint handles in inflammation. After 20 minutes, with water (add a few lemon juice) abluent, light graze works. Daily time each, till inflammation disappears.

Burn: Pound two into slimy shape tomato patch greatly, join 2 spoon honey, apply is in at burn. After 10 minutes, rinse potato mud clean with cold water, again light graze works, daily apply 3.

Mosquito bite: Mix inside lavender honey and bee glue, scale is respectively 2: 3 with 1: 3, besmear is bitten at bug place, had wrapped up with gauze, 3 – medicine is changed again after 4 hours, till red disappear.

Furrow: On a gauze Tu Man does wet honey one layer partly, apply is in at furrow, after 15 minutes, with posse ball of wet disinfection cotton is wiped clean, every weeks 1.

Dinner eats so, small result is ill! _ cate the world

Dinner eats so, small result is ill!

2017-06-12 11:17:06

Modern often breakfast undeserved one and the same, be in however dinner when belly-worship, the food of eat of morning and evening has very big effect to our body, dinner eats too fully too big and same meeting causes a few diseases. We see the healthy hidden danger that those problem dinner bring below.

One, the problem that dinner exists

Like breakfast, dinner is very important to health. But the healthy problem that dinner exists is not as little as breakfast.

1, too big

Dinner is too full because dinner is big,be, because,be by day ” be in debt ” , because dinner time is wide,be beyond, so, often in a day of 3 eat, dinner eats the bigliest, eat at most, the fullest. If touch,go up there is meal bureau outside in the evening, may be belly-worship, much more eat to be drunk more.

2, have dinner is too late

Dinner is too late because of next evening, come off work to buy food to supermarket, food market, dish is washed to cook again after arriving home, sometimes meal wants really to the mouth in the evening after 8 o’clock. Come up against dinner party party, that dinner eats is commonplace. Such, because dinner is late, with fall asleep in the evening time be apart is too close, so extremely those who go against people is healthy.

3, often eat a late food

There still is lingering interest after late banquet sometimes, negotiate even after business affairs dinner sometimes, meet to still be done not have in the evening sometimes to one’s heart’s content, also some wants follow the fashion after the activity in the evening, some people often eat a late food. Dinner drank alcohol, the late food carouses beer; dinner gives birth to fierce seafood, the late food eats langouste; dinner is assorted fries a meal, the late food is butyric cake. Ate a late food, just touch the pillow sleep.

4, nutrition is inhomogenous

Dinner is big present people everyday very busy, the child is busy go to school. Adult is busy go to work. In the morning, hurriedly leave the home, midday, still do not drive so that come home certainly. Often be carelessly of breakfast, Chinese meal is dealt with, take a place casually, cram oneself with food goes. Towards evening, the child classessed are over, adult came off work, have time, the family gets together was in one case, do a meal well, eat a meal well, place high quantity of heat, high on desk of food of adipose, high protein, enter in the mouth. The elite all of a day of 3 eat is centered in dinner, be in debt of a day wants to fill in dinner completely come back. Intercourse of present people it may not be a bad idea, much dinner party. Meal property is the hottest in the evening, ranking and good friend of brother brother, colleague, inferior, business affairs negotiates, all sorts of classmate party, conferences, people all enjoys big cate in the to one’s heart’s content in late banquet.

Above is 4 kinds of dinner that are put in healthy problem, we say for ” problem dinner ” . “Problem dinner ” it is element of a when affect middleaged health important food, two ” problem dinner ” without hindering important matter, but regular, long-standing ” problem dinner ” can bring a lot of issue to health.