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To apply for a job when how does easy panic do – every day net of preserve one’s health

To apply for a job when how does easy panic do

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To be about to for the people of interview, a lot of people can have panic of to apply for a job. Come up against such how should we do? We follow below slightly of healthy net small make up understand together.


To apply for a job when how does easy panic do

  Panic of to apply for a job


Symptom: In one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years.


Case: Small red battling oneself are graduate of famous brand college, locate at the beginning in to apply for a job tall, time and again by company of invite applications for a job with professional and incorrect mouth, experience experience of shallow, work is not worth for and close the door on. , small red attend a CCTV ” very challenge ” TV invite applications for a job, in ” of “ force interview in this one link, official of be in charge of an examination asks her: “ your major and position of invite applications for a job are incorrect mouth, why you still apply for this one position? Although ” is small red do his utmost to explain, but still be in the first round suffer fall into disuse. Original victory and defeat is commonplace of military strategist in ancient China, dan Xiaogong feels to be in millions upon millions televiewer face, from now on time of failure of …… of cannot recover after a setback is much, as time passes, small red dare not apply for a job, because of her very fear to take an examination of an official to nag then


look. Although fall oneself,social status heartens make bold gives resume later go up, can become take an examination of Guan Yifa word, she is very nervous, incoherent, heartbeat is quickened, control perspires such condition makes …… small red still be out of job in the home up to now do “ to gnaw old a group of things with common features ” .


Countermeasure: On-the-job field of ” of disease of panic of “ to apply for a job exists generally, especially first experience duty field person, the symptom is more outstanding. To apply for a job person when to apply for a job above all due bear psychological preparation of failure, want to realise soberly, in the duty field of current competition cruelty, which to apply for a job person fail too without experience? Next, should have “ inherent I just need the belief of useful ” , failed this, come again next time, be defeated repeatedly repeatedly battle, sum up experience, believe oneself can find satisfactory job finally.

Do you know how to eliminate social distance to feel? – every day net of preserve one’s health

Do you know how to eliminate social distance to feel?

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The obtain employment pressure of this society is exceedingly enormous now, enter the dish bird of duty field newly as, do you know how to handle the association of very human relation? You know how to follow stranger communication, eliminate new to yours move as soon as possible what make? How do you know to present your best one side to the other side? Might as well will listen to a few results of a n experienced person.

Do you know how to eliminate social distance to feel?


  1, 20 minutes, eliminate distance feeling


I lived 20 years in the United States, in the United States when I can follow Chinese circle to be communicated first-rately, I once had become the virgin chairman of two large association. After returning China, I am likewise OK civilian battalion entrepreneur is together, I also can follow state-owned industry a few leader speak, the communication ability that I think to those who say is a person can be developed. After a few student studying abroads come back, he is willing to follow his only the person in a circle is communicated, once leave a student studying abroad,that circle was not communicated, it is him confine in a little scope, such affirmation are no good.


Still have before be being communicated, you must understand the setting of the other side, ability receives the topic go down. If you do not understand the setting of the other side, the problem can be encountered when you are communicated with the person. For instance, when I come up against interview of a lot of people, sit to a company, say a manager you can introduce with me, dry what is your company, such person is basic the first close to die. I see one today, on net of my metropolis preexistence, be clear about this individual and his company knowledge. After going, I can say you are the closest how, encountered what problem recently, he feels I understand him particularly, he is willing to be communicated with me. Actually you should spend time of on 20 minutes only, do not need anybody help, the thing that you can need you is found. because of your effort of 20 minutes, you can let the distance between you reduce.


  2, communication means, because of the person different


In the society with enormous now pressure of this obtain employment, regard an university as graduate, want to consider how to follow the person’s very good communication above all, how to present oneself best one side to unit of choose and employ persons, this is very important. Our company can be enrolled every year a few big the trainee of 4, we are met from inside these trainees, choose best person to work to our company, after in us the company has stayed, his social status, brand can increase a lot of. I feel firm to the undergraduate of graduation has a profit, he resembles a piece of white paper, we can train him, because they return the social view that did not shape, philosophy, viewpoint of value, so we can make them into the talented person that we want. But if you are medium high level when, we value those who have experience more. Or has particularly good professional knowledge, let you do or of; of research and development resource of your person arteries and veins is particularly good, can put you to a gleam of to develop a client so. Your judgement investment ability compares or strong, that can let you make investment. Of course, if a person can drink, also have the ground …… of his use force.


Altogether, inside a successful company, have a person for certain, resource of person arteries and veins and communication capability is very strong, after we invest frame medium at that time, have more than 1000 people, when opening annual meeting, we are a ladies the first, sold three, the 2nd is a man that learns to dance two, these two are not the belle among your imagination, it is very the person of guileless, but these very the person of guileless, he knows how to be communicated with the client, he can move your heart, so this is planted moment, your communication ability, human relation becomes very important, he can maintain long relationship with the client.


   3, without self-confidence, did not communicate


A person goes to work in a company, actually the company is in what grow, so you should follow company race. If you do not run to pass a company, you lagged behind for certain, if you can run win a company, cooperate all the time if going down, you become a founding member of the company. You have a color like Korea, when going before the boss, follower follows at the back, have the difference of half pace only. My style is not quite same, after I hope my employee is told in me particularly, he is told accordingly, if he is not told, I can encourage him to must be told the next time. The matter that he does not discuss may be particularly cowardly, be afraid that oneself speak a fault. In certain industry actually you compare the likelihood other people is powerful, absolutely others does not know yourself’s industry, contrary, likely you are over others. Have a few youths he is told, so he has hope. Confidence does not have a care with the age, when chatting with you like a 90 children after, he has self-confidence very much, you feel he can be communicated very much, you are willing to be communicated with him, this kind of ability I feel that I must be encouraged.

How do you know to eliminate social distance to feel?


   4, active person promotes to a high office easily


Civilian battalion economy falls in the system of free competition, everybody servantchooses a person for a job or compare reason, it is commonly just be to use only. I have the company of a lot of very good friends, when after they appear on the market, a lot of family members left this company. When doing poineering work like me, I am president CEO, my madam is COO, but when we appear on the market, I brought company of big card of a few United States, what did me like the person of HP is deputy always, my madam leaves a company.


So below the environment that competes in freedom, what kind of person gets easily promoting to a high office? Above all, this person must have certain capacity, want to let a family know you next, this is very important. When I make a speech, I like to sit in the person of in front of particularly, still I like to carry the person of the problem particularly. These people are very interesting, the first, he is braver, he hopes to expose his in you before. The 2nd, his individual character is more active, actually this is planted person, also belong to in working later active model. When person and person are communicated, we discover through comparing, the person of the MBA that has sufferred training in the United States is very active, domestic student compares incline to Yu Anjing commonly. Finish there is activity after the thing, and more passive, like by assign task. Actually, the company of a fast advancement, like individual character to compare active person, same, the person with active individual character is likely the chance of preferment is more.


   5, same excited point, communicate without the limit


My communication ability is to take exercise gradually come out, diverse local demand is different. If be in the United States to appear on the market,the company does CEO, you are all directorate member is one caboodle foreigner, this moment your communication kind is different, you should learn their communication way, this I am all the time in study. When returning home, I begin to contact state-owned company, just beginning to contact is not particularly fluent. Because the student studying abroad comes back very simple, the speech is Sino-British mix tell, setting is college graduate, when chatting with government and state-owned company, our excited point is not quite same. I learn this time they, I understand, what do they care? How do they interact, when they work, they like to be together with who. Pass study, we found collective excited place, such we have enterprise and governmental collaboration with a lot of countries, this is to coming back a few years in, pass study, one pace is accumulated rise.

Try divorce: ? ?- of alliance  Jiang Cihao  every day net of preserve one’s health

Try divorce: ? Alliance  Jiang Cihao  ?

2017-04-19 09:53:33 origin:


Try marriage, people had been familiar with very much; Recently, a new vocabulary swarms into the eye shot of people: Try a divorce. Trying divorce backside, what the changes that hidden is legal order and people treat marriage is discreet. Follow quickly every day network of preserve one’s health is small make up go looking together!

Well-known, new ” marriage law ” simplified divorce formalities, the mediation that cancelled a month period, this makes divorce “ transfiguration easy on certain level ” . But, was our lot used up really? Won’t the decision under our impulse regret really? Since we still are done,do not understand, still look to not be clear about oneself and future, so, be inferior to coming try a divorce.

And try marriage is same, try a divorce to just divorce suppose, it is the oral agreement of two people of husband and wife, do not have legal effectiveness, after both sides of husband and wife is trying a divorce, a variety of decision marriage that during divorcing according to trying again, experience are going is to stay. Look on particular significance, the mediation before the action that tries divorce play is equivalent to period.

Give the hint that tries divorce men and women:

1, do not want fast battle quick decision

The sensation that becomes you appears when the crisis, do not be eager to making conclusions, in be in the mood such as indignant, sad, anguish when the person especially when, reach harder an objective rational conclusion, often enrage act to turn the business knowingly to worse condition. Might as well so make oneself and spouse sober and sober through trying a divorce, can treat clear condition already, be helpful for making judgement again.

2, place custom

No matter try the time of the divorce to have how long, want to place the right during two people are trying a divorce and behavior, for example: Can call to another; Can call inside what period of time; Call to conjugal parents regularly salaam; Want not to enter the domestic activity of the other side even; If the relatives and friends of the other side marries to perhaps fall ill,the heavy big event such as be in hospital happens, two people are couplet sleeves appear, still be one party absent; Otherwise should tell the child; If hiding the truth from the child, two people should make what effort again …… anyhow, this custom is it is better to be decided more finely, during avoiding to try a divorce, just foul among them, create new contradiction, let marital relation one disaster after another.

3, conventional deadline

Must restrict a time namely finally, the key that tries a divorce is trying ” at “ , the aleatoric “ that cannot do not have deadline so tries ” to go down. Otherwise, feeling pulls weaker more, ought not to leave originally, also became “ catastrophe to come finally respective flying ” .

Try divorce: ? Alliance  Jiang Cihao  ?

The person that kiss all previous says

Xiao Xiao: This paragraph of day lets our him introspection

The teacher tries a divorce 28 years old 3 months

I and my gentleman are green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, begin to talk about love from the university, also the family life that early begins to enter his home, get along well also with his family, I think all metropolises are very great originally, after can not thinking of to marry, the thing produced change however.

Saying is very insignificant minor matter, but bagatelle also can give marital edifice overturn. for instance, weekly day should bear my gentleman midday I answer person of his mom home and their family to eat lunch together, this is their final domestic party time. He very enjoy this time, but he does not know I like this party not at all, I feel only antipathetic with as dry as a chip depression, this is a dinner party completely. I disclose my opinion with the gentleman slowly, such party I whether have attend optionally, is not must attend every time. But the gentleman thinks however, I this is the expression that does not unite, want to ravel he and close people. Difference arises so. Plus other a few contradiction, we feel marriage goes to the end.

One day, gentleman and I say, try a divorce as us. I agreed immediately. Tell the truth, I also wish to move out immediately, cast off this kind of stifling matrimony. We agree, after 3 months, we discuss marriage to whether continue again. In these 3 months, I am born with first and his domestic person says, I go to provincial study, besides call regularly beyond the family that sends one’s respects to him, I need not attend their party again. I looked for a house to be moved, the “ that began us tries divorce ” . The day rises suddenly leisurely, did not have brawl, exculpatory, grouse, criticize severely, but at the same time, a lot of more also yearning, yearn for a gentleman former good, the fear that also experiences Gu pillow difficult Mian and alone. I do not know a gentleman to pass how. Anyway after 3 months, we happen to coincide the ground says: “ does not divorce. ” tried the one act of the divorce to end so.

After be together afresh, the gentleman relaxed to ask to me, the family that permits me to be able to choose to whether attend them freely meets, and the desire that I also can cooperate a gentleman as far as possible, concession is made on a few things.

Try divorce experience: Although face, still is that individual, but mix the feeling previously is different, feel previously everything of of course, feel however now all the more this paragraph of day also lets warm …… our him introspection, “ I also am not right. ”

Lake: I get acknowledgment to try a divorce

Free profession person try a divorce 31 years old 5 months

With wife love 8 years, but did not think of, married two years to make the decision that tries a divorce. The reason is, she fell in love with others. Mix when her I am honest everything when, I if only she did not say with me. Tremendous anguish raids me, I feel the life was over thoroughly, I do not know how to should return the right path, choose to divorce? But I still am loving a wife. Pretend to did not happen when everything? But the wife tells me her in vain obviously,fell in love with others really. How to do? How to do? How to do? I must make a decision, what to but I do not know this again,do to decide. Finally, I and wife decide, try a divorce, time adventitious, wait for everybody to wanted to be clear about place one condition definitely again.

such, the wife moved out, I begin one individual life, I discover the wife was this home to be paid really slowly a lot of, housework is vivid I basically had not been done, the wife undertook the whole thing in what go to work all housework; The wife is one has small endowment the person of emotional appeal, but I had not satisfied her romantic desire almost, listen to her to pour out to was not accomplished repeatedly even. Yes, no matter how, these cannot make her off the rails argument, but, I realize liability is not total is her of a person, I also err. The time that my altogether used 5 months just slowly him be pacified mood, let oneself go from inside the mood of a victim, my ready-made begins to live afresh with the wife. Fortunately, the wife also wants to had continued with me. such, our “ tried divorce ” life to end. Of course, wife and outside that had broken contact.

Try divorce experience: I get acknowledgment to try a divorce, if do not have this Duan Lengjing period, I had divorced for certain, consider pair of wives sentient still, also change this decision without method. Because the person is when impulse, who can be controlled got oneself?

Li Chun: See spilt water cannot be gathered up again of this paragraph of marriage clear

The writer tries a divorce 33 years old 2 months

A woman divorces, still bringing a child, after I know I divorce much will more difficult.

Because have such consideration,be, I just did not handle a divorce immediately, agree with him however, try divorce half an year, during this, he moves out live.

When our love, the person all round always says we are Jin Tongyu female, we also live in the tower of ivory of the university all the time, but marry later, I just discover our life idea has serious difference, for instance I say to want to write bit of book to earn bit of money more more, he says I am Philistine; I say to buy big house to live bit more comfortably, he says I am Philistine; I say the child wants had read the school in the future, he also says I am Philistine; Myself pays head period return a room to borrow, he still says I am Philistine. Gradually, I begin to feel we are improper. In the time that tries a divorce, my person looks after children, write a book to return a room to borrow even, very difficult really, but he did not have bother about to pass, he says this is my ask for it. such, the half an year that agrees repeatedly did not arrive, just two months, I am determined to must leave with him, need not retry.

Although we have so good past, I once loved him so greatly, can be already trashy, our marriage is past type.

Try divorce experience: Although my love is remained finally,ring down the curtain in order to divorce, but I am thanked,try a divorce to let me see the marriage of this paragraph of spilt water cannot be gathered up again clear.

Had the actual combat of this paragraph of time, I more be certain oneself a person looks after children to also can give birth to subsist. So I leave this marriage so that not have to complain without regret.

   Every day preserve one’s healthOffer “ to try a divorce: Let them see clear love ” read, if you like these “ that share to try a divorce very much: Let them read content of clear love ” , hope you try a divorce through “ : Let them see clear love ” , find the golden key that leads to healthy road.

   Try a divorce: The relevant content that lets them see clear love introduces:

   Uncover secret: After the divorce after all who more regret

  What kind of woman divorces the most easily

  What does the cause that causes divorce of Chinese husband and wife have

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The asthma in practicing shadowboxing process does how – every day net of preserve one’s health

The asthma in practicing shadowboxing process does how

2013-01-27 11:24:00 origin: Chinese shadowboxing net


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The celiac type deep breathing of shadowboxing moves and contain a bosom to unplug meticulous practice law of the back, to official of the viscera inside precaution and cure, functionary all sorts of chronic illnesses have effect extremely. Enraging heavy the pubic region come true through celiac type deep breathing, celiac type deep breathing conduces to lubricant inside bowel and the tenacity that strengthen celiac wall muscle and flexibility, make horizontal midriff moves. Abdominal degree of tightness is moving, exercise time is long, abdomen is enriched gradually satisfactory, abound tenacity and flexibility, can enhance strength.

When shadowboxing practices, be to be not had easily have do not move, answer to fall in the motion of lumbar backbone, drive limb to undertake gyroidal fluctuation, left and right sides twines adjustable movement, from the effect that cites chief body limb arrives since permeate successively. When formulary, still should notice rachis condyle is aimed particularly, make bear ability is strengthened, systemic condyle is begged already loose, want theory theory alignment again, make the meaning of embedded move.

Shadowboxing is departmental to the body the requirement of pose situation, it is past dynasties shadowboxing practice experience and the external form that center the wisdom of masses and offer mix domestic ground inside the requirement that change.

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6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you – every day net of preserve one’s health

6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you

2014-12-13 15:35:22 origin:


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[introduction] office worker sedentary, movement is little, it is to produce rachis metabolic main reason, teach 6 your movements to solve rachis exhaustion for you. Office worker should notice good working way, avoid rachis to be in tensional condition for a long time as far as possible. Below small make up introduce 6 movements to solve rachis exhaustion for you for you.

6 movements solve rachis for youFatigue

Hold correct sitting position

30~40 minute stand have a break, or make motion of straighten one’s back of in the future, avoid to lower his head for a long time. Time should be smoked to take exercise more after coming off work, swim for instance, go to be able to alleviate well rachis is fatigue. A few introduce to alleviate below the method of rachis exhaustion.

” of “ arch bridge moves

Behavioral essentials is facial face go up, open a body with limb, drive up hip, can have the effect of lumbar of flabby cervical vertebra.

Crawl moves

Two tactics and two tiptoe touchdown, creeping on the ground like the baby, distance and speed but do according to one’s abilities, hold to 1~2 everyday second, every time 10~15 minute.

Roll about motion

Rest everyday Shi Keping lies in hard on board bed, make the body complete loosen, a few are hit to boil on the bed.

   6 movements solve rachis exhaustion.jpg for you

6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you


Ask to drive limb for the axis with the waist everywhere, make the waist holds natural and comfortable straight perpendicular position from beginning to end, although be out of shape to rachis,do not have immediate remedial effect, but can improve rachis exhaustion well.

Hold out pectoral turn

Stand naturally, akimbo, look up hold out a bosom, the body relapses towards the left, turn forcibly right. Office worker can be done after working for some time make this motion.

Copy cat straighten one’s back

Genuflect at the floor, both hands props up the body. Inspiratory, rachis is down extend, look up, stretch a neck up, at the same time hip becomes warped up. Expiratory, arch back, nutation brings a neck to be down, abdominal muscle is tightened up, make whole back as far as possible up since arch. Often make this motion, can make rachis is reached all round muscle group richer flexibility, cervical with humeral back muscle more harmonious.

Who should be read ” do 6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you ” ? The answer is: Almost everybody should be read. ” 6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you ” the heat topic that is now, Every day preserve one’s healthProvided guides of a lot of practical preserve one’s health, through reading ” 6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you ” the secret that can know health not only, master oneself destiny then, have the life of healthy beauty.

6 movements solve rachis exhaustion for you relevant content data:

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  White-collar crowd crouchs medicable exhaustion when the office

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  Stage intermediary: 7 old wrong habits take office worker more more fatigue

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Sweethearts gem gal is romantic fitness – every day net of preserve one’s health

Sweethearts gem gal is romantic fitness

2012-09-27 13:39:05 origin:


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   Cooperating each other in the center promotion is tacit, still can strong and handsome physique. What to still think? Follow TA to drill rapidlyGem galGo!

  The first type

① man Fu lies to go up in the ground, both hands is put in knee of bosom both sides Ms. ; to touch the man’s hip, genuflect stands to go up in man body;

② man upper part of the body up drawing, the head admires Ms. ; both hands to help the man’s shoulder up backward, help him be carried up pull body;

③ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly.

The 2nd type

In a way of Ms. ① double leg is apart, genuflect sits on the ground, back is erect;

Ms. ② body is extended to proneness, double leg is put in the body two side, station of man of forward drawing; is in double arm lady backside, touch lady coccyx to be in with knee, the body is forward, both hands unbend is put in lady back, press gently press lady back, help her be down Qu Shen;

③ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly.

  The 3rd type

Ms. ① genuflect sits on the ground, erect; man and lady stick back to carry on the back and sit, back is erect;

Ms. ② is extended to proneness, forehead sticks body of ground; man backward, back is stuck with lady back photograph from beginning to end, hip leaves the ground slowly, double leg unbend, both hands nature hangs down put the; on two side ground

Ms. ③ both hands to two side unbend, the palm is put on man palm, handhold his artifice, both hands exhibits; man to extension forward the arm follows lady arm extend and up drawing unbend;

④ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly next.

  The 4th type

① man go down on one’s knees sits on the ground, let right leg next backward extend, the body is extended to proneness, both hands is put on the ground before the body, forehead sticks the back of hand Ms. ; to sit in coxal upper part of the man gently, double leg is put in man body apart two side, both hands unbend is put in the; on the man’s shoulder

② man upper part of the body pulls; of the side outside stretching his hand to be put in lady double foot backward up

③ man arm captures hand of shoulder Ms. ; to help man elbow up backward, the arm that helps him backward drawing;

④ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly next.

The 5th type

① man both hands is prostrate, genuflect is on the ground, ham and crus sit in the back after the man into 90 degrees of Ms. ; , double leg parts ahead, put next door man palm, the hand helps man hip; up backward

Ms. ② body backward, make next backs clingy man back, double hind help man hip; up

③ man body is pressed downward, female hand body is considerate man is coxal backward drawing, the head is down, bend one’s knees, the foot is put in man knee two side, arm unbend, capture ankle;

④ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly next.

  The 6th type

Ms. ① double leg sits on the ground apart, back is erect, both hands backward extend; man sits in lady back, bend one’s knees, double foot touchs the waist after the lady, the hand grabs lady wrist, help her arm backward drawing unbend;

② man right leg touchs lady right shoulder up, right leg unbend, body in a way backward, erect, lady shoulder opens; backward

③ man left foot touchs lady left shoulder up, left leg unbend, body in a way is adjusted backward, in a way of body of unbend arm Ms. ; is forward, the face is gadarene;

④ maintains 5-10 breath, restore slowly next.

The 7th type

Ms. ① double leg parts and sit, leg ministry opens unbend to two side as far as possible, back is erect unbend of departure of; man double leg, sole touchs lady ankle;

Ms. ② and man sword arm extend straight photograph to grasp ahead, go up bosom in a way backward drawing, left hand up unbend, left hand photograph is changed to grasp after keeping moment, the right hand up drawing;

Photograph of ③ left hand is grasped, drawing of body towards the left, the body is close to leg ministry as far as possible, the right hand captures left tiptoe, keep moment, change side drawing; next

④ body restores straight, lady body is extended to proneness, both hands is put in unbend of arm of man of the; on man ham, both hands is put after the lady to carry on the back, fall gently pressure, help lady is forward drawing, keep moment, part crossing-over practices.

  The 8th type

Ms. ① Fu lies to go up in the ground, both hands exhibits; man to stand at the back of the lady to extension forward;

Ms. ② double leg raises; man both hands to hold lady double foot up, help her double leg promotes; up

③ man puts down lady double leg slowly, walk along in a way of lady ahead Ms. ; to loosen body;

The bosom on Ms. ④ and head up drawing, arm up both hands of unbend; man grabs lady wrist, help a lady up drawing, keep a short while, next lady slowly reductive loosen, part crossing-over practices.

Interesting and simple gem gal of thin abdomen A – every day net of preserve one’s health

Interesting and simple gem gal of thin abdomen A

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 [introduction] interesting and simple thin abdomen AGem gal, through A gem gal raises him the consciousness to the body, can notice a few body little detail that notice to be less than at ordinary times and little feeling, also can experience at the same time ferial li of sarcous motion that not very activity goes to. Mobile body, cooperate deep breathing, the cellular active that can let us is changed, accelerate adipose flaming efficiency, came along unship is interesting and simple thin abdomen A gem gal.

  Interesting and simple thin abdomen AGem gal

1, Two arms are transverse open substantially, inspiratory while had moved the arm the top of head.

2, Expiratory, left hand of right hand drawing, pour the body toward right list slowly.

  3, Substantially drawing flank leaves side position, slowly inspiratory, again slowly expiratory.

   Interesting and simple.jpg of gem gal of thin abdomen A

Interesting and simple gem gal of thin abdomen A

4, Inspiratory, drawing body, next expiratory, with right hand of left hand drawing, pour the body toward left bend slowly.

5, Experience right lung breathing. Slowly inspiratory and expiratory.

6, Slowly inspiratory, recover the body erect condition.

   Every day preserve one’s healthOffer “ interesting and simple ” of gem gal of thin abdomen A is read, the “ that if you like these very much,shares is interesting and simple content of ” of gem gal of thin abdomen A, hope you pass “ interesting and simple ” of gem gal of thin abdomen A, find the golden key that leads to healthy road.

  Interesting and simple inside Shanghaiguan of photograph of gem gal of thin abdomen A contains a material:

    Gem gal idea of 4 kinds of optimal dark!

   Slow gem gal treats insomnia!

   Gem gal maintains the office healthy!

   Often do lumbar gem gal to leave disease of department of gynaecology!

   Drive away a day of tired gem gal 6 type!

Can adjust through music your constitution! Did not know? ! – every day net of preserve one’s health

Can adjust through music your constitution! Did not know? !

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Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hints, the constitution of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of everybody is different, may appear various healthy hidden trouble. So, face the constitution of different sort, we this how Where is health care of preserve one’s health? Today, small make up me to introduce for you, with the musical regimen of constitutional photograph correspondence.

1, constitution of deficiency of yang

Deficiency of yang points to the pathology phenomenon that in relief deficiency of vital energy declines. In relief gas has the effect of warm limbs, internal organs of the body, if function of airframe of criterion of deficiency of yang drops. Feature of constitution of deficiency of yang and cold sex constitution are adjacent, the air that it is this world is inadequate, have cold elephant. The person of constitution of deficiency of yang, muscle is not hale, feeling hands or feet is sent when cool, back or gastral cavity ministry, lumbar genu ministry are afraid of cold, rare jalf congealed of light have a bowel movement, pee color is clear and the capacity is much. Male seminal emission, female leucorrhoea Qing Dynasty is rare, easy diarrhoea, micturition frequency is frequent, especially nocturnal make water is much, sexual decline. Disposition is much more depressing, indrawn.

Musical recuperation: Hear news of horny sound, a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, hearten this world is angry, increase human body vigor. Music of seven-stringed Chinese zither ” running water ” ” wine is mad ” ” yes therefore ” wait.

2, constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability

Constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability is to point to when function of internal organs of the body is maladjusted, fluid of the shade inside easy occurrence body is insufficient, deficiency of yin with irritability is unripe inside hot disease, constant expression is brothers heart heat, the cheek is wet red or slant red, often feel the eye is dry, the mouth does pharynx dry, the skin is dry, disposition is impatient, the tongue slants character red, liver mosses is little, do not have liver mosses glossily even, much because be invaded outside hot and dry evil.

Musical recuperation: Hear a sound, trade news more. Feather sound enter kidney, for water under source, trade news is water into lung over source. Feather music of tone seven-stringed Chinese zither has ” black morbid night crying of babies ” ” childish Chao Fei ” . Music of business mode seven-stringed Chinese zither has ” long Qing Dynasty ” ” the crane cries 9 Gao ” ” Bai Xue ” ” Xiao Xiang Shui Yun ” etc.


  3, constitution of deficiency of vital energy

Deficiency of vital energy is a series of pathology change that because vigour inadequacy is caused,point to and card are awaited. Alleged gas, it is the material with the mainest human body, the quiet energy of life with the gas that absorbs carry to change Shuigu by the energy spirit in kidney, taste and inspiratory lung is united in wedlock jointly and become. Deficiency of vital energy, body of generally refer to frail, complexion cadaverous, breath short, limb is lack of power, giddy, move a sweat to go out, speech sound is humble etc. The person of constitution of deficiency of vital energy catchs a cold easily, ability of the disease-resistant after falling ill is weak and hard heal, suffer from splanchnic prolapse easily still for instance gastroptosis. Musical recuperation: Suit to listen to sound of news of Gong Yin, trade, a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale more. Because Gong Yin enters news of lienal, trade,enter sound of lung, a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale to enter a heart. Lung advocate gas, taste is acquired this, enrage what blood needs heart arteries and veins to drive. In can listening to music of seven-stringed Chinese zither more ” running water ” ” spring ” ” long Qing Dynasty ” ” the crane cries 9 Gao ” ” civil Wang Cao ” etc.

4, constitution of obstruction of the circulation of vital energy

What the life that the gas of human body is a person moves is essential with motivation. Of life activity maintain, must rely on gas. The gas of human body, divide gift, as acquired as a priori environment and dietary nutrition relevant beyond, and closely related the physiology function with kidney, lienal, stomach, lung. So all sorts of physiology activities of airframe, it is gas essentially what move inside human body is specific reflect. Should enrage cannot outside amount to and the knot gets together at inside when, form obstruction of the circulation of vital energy. The person of constitution of obstruction of the circulation of vital energy, bodily form slants thin, constant feeling downhearted, mood is grave, easy insecurity, angst is disturbed, sensitivity, sentimental, feel easily fear or be scared easily, often feel breast and two coerce ministry bilge painful, often have the feeling with frowsty bosom, often ground of for no reason at all sighs, guttural ministry often has jam feeling or eyewinker feeling, easy insomnia. Expression is anxious and depressed, flimsy. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, obstruction of the circulation of vital energy is much by blue be worried, mood not free from worry be caused by. Long-term obstruction of the circulation of vital energy can bring about blood circulation not free, serious effect is healthy.

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Chaffy dish has ” 5 tall ” eat to hurt a body easily more – every day net of preserve one’s health

Chaffy dish has ” 5 tall ” eat to hurt a body easily more

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Chaffy dish is good in color, in winter ovation. But chaffy dish is not everybody all appropriate, fine long hair harmless. Its are main the reason is chaffy dish food has 5 “ tall ” , long-term edible can send nutrition injury of mucous membrane of superfluous, stomach and noxiousness material save up, be caused thereby or pathological changes of mucous membrane of ulcer of aggravating fatty liver, coronary heart disease, diabetic, hypertensive, digestibility, stomach, cancer of the stomach. Does tall ” of this 5 “ have He Ying to ring to human body?

Dressing content is highThe place in makings of chaffy dish soup contains many Chinese prickly ash, chili, peppery, ginger, salt to wait, have to gastric mucous membrane intense excitant, often eat can send gastric mucous membrane to damage, be caused even or pathological changes of mucous membrane of aggravating digestibility ulcer, stomach, cancer of the stomach. << preserve one’s health decodes: The composition of “ nutrition ” of salt

Noxiousness material content is highThe water in chaffy dish is boiling all the time, a lot of food are boiled repeatedly in chaffy dish, mutual in high temperature between can produce a series of chemical reaction, the toxic material that produces can be in edible person the save up inside body, as time passes can make edible person toxic.

Adipose content is highEating chaffy dish to use vegetable oil is not very sweet, because this is multi-purpose chop, fish, chicken, hotpot and other flesh kind, among them adipose content all very tall, often eating chaffy dish to cause the disease such as tall lipemia and fatty liver, coronary heart disease, diabetic, hypertension is very natural thing.

The volume that contain sugar is highCarbohydrate overfeeding, quantity of heat is excess, spare part is met translate into is adipose store inside existence body, be caused thereby or aggravating fatty liver, coronary heart disease, diabetic, hypertensive, fat disease, accelerate anile process.

Protein content is highNo matter be animal albumen or vegetable protein, grown man absorbs 100 grams of 70 ~ , woman everyday 60 ~ 90 grams above, can create waste, not only right healthy profitless, destroy the equilibrium of the nutriment inside body instead, the absorption that affects calcium and use.

Can see from this, it is chaffy dish cannot eat more; 2 it is the person that have no-no disease does not eat as far as possible; 3 it is to should eat have to make according to oneself circumstance adjust appropriately, if change hemp hot wait a moment for 3 delicacy.

Autumn should balance food to beware suffer from excessive internal heat – every day net of preserve one’s health

Autumn should balance food to beware suffer from excessive internal heat

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Autumn is a drier season, a lot of people can appear the skin is weather-shack, have the appearance such as the skin, the health that gives a lot of people brings particular menace. Of course, autumn also is the much hair season of easy get angry. In the life, a lot of people appear easily giddy, talking around gives birth to the symptom such as sore, little imagine, these and autumn get angry have very big concern. So, in this dry season, we should notice cutaneous filling water not only, prevent suffer from excessive internal heat to also become the important facet of this seasonal and healthy preserve one’s health.

  AngryWen Jiang low, climate is dry for main reason

People is not new to suffer from excessive internal heat, but autumn internal heat after all from why and come? After entering autumn, air temperature is reduced ceaselessly, the air of northern region also begins to become dry. From the point of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, this is ill evil of human body diseases caused by external factors, aestivate of human body classics is burning hot at the same time after crossing sweat, ferry enrages consume and answer feeling dry to heat up ill evil to bring about. The internal heat inside body crosses congress to bring menace to health. E.g. , gastric fire can cause stomach-ache, have a bowel movement dry wait for a symptom, lobar fire is caused possibly haemoptysis, cough, yellow phlegmy wait for a symptom, irascibility reachs easy insomnia to wait with the occurrence of a few be agitated likely about.

Besides the change of eliminate climate condition, a few undesirable habits and customs of person itself also created an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage to the disease. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, fire of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is major by inside and unripe,

Autumn should balance food to beware suffer from excessive internal heat

E.g. , actuating pressure crosses congress to affect the psychosis of people, stay up late wait for undesirable habit to also can bring about force of human body immunity to drop, also reduce to the counteractive ability of the disease.

Another of sponsorial body health main factor is to assure enough watering everyday, human body dehydrates achieve weight 10% when, faint, temperature rises meeting occurrence be agitated, whole body tall, blood pressure drops reach the skin to lose the symptom such as flexibility. Accordingly, it is very important that enough moisture is absorbed.

Expert proposal, usually, the adult of the activity of light physical strength that the proposal lives below friendly climate condition is daily and least water 1200ml, water should a few for many times. Need is special those who remind is, the ability when answering to avoid to feel thirsty as far as possible drinks the habit of water.

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