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[smoked plum is Wu Mei _ Wu Mei and smoked plum are same] – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Probably a lot of youths do not know Wumeimei is what thing, smoked plum is plant of division of a kind of rose actually, meeting ties goes this kind of plant a kind of fructification, smoked plum fructification has a lot of officinal effect, it is current what apply extensively is important, cite a case, via regular meeting occurrence ascarid this is planted inside dot bowel path helminth, can eat Wu Mei to help cure at that time, at ordinary times everybody eats smoked plum via regular meeting, so is smoked plum Wu Mei?

Is smoked plum Wu Mei?

Are smoked plum and smoked plum same?


Green plum is Xian Guo, can make green plum wine, green plum fragile fruit, juice of extraction green plum.

Smoked plum passes rough machining to must come by green plum, can make a medicinal material, smoked plum soup (plum juice) , extract content etc

Specific have what effect to human body, the first also replied very specific

Green plum: Contain many protein, adipose (adipose oil) , carbohydrate and a variety of inorganic salt, organic acid. Content of the organic acid in green plum fructification is in commonly 3.0%-6.5% , far outclass is general fruit. The organic acid that green plum place contains basically is acid of citric acid, apple, tannin, bitter folic acid, amber acid, tartaric acid wait, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid satisfy one’s thirst, exciting appetite, remove the effect such as exhaustion, especially citric acid content is in all sorts of fruits content is most, citric acid is the important acid with indispensable metabolization of material of human body cell kind, it can promote lactic acid to decompose outside be carbon dioxide and water eduction body, restore exhaustion, and the absorption that is beneficial to calcium. Green plum nutrition is rich, low candy high sick at heart, its T is worth (candy acid is compared) it is only 0.2, the 1 / that is pear 70, the 1 / of apricot 8, lower than citric T value. Next, it has reasonable calcic phosphor to compare, ≈ of P of its Ca / 1: 1, it is the optimal food that develops children and senile health food.

Is smoked plum Wu Mei?

Smoked plum: Prevent ageing

If want true enjoyment macrobian, with respect to the torment that should not get ageing disease. Eat Wumeihui to stimulate parotid gland to be secreted hormonally, and this kind hormonal can prevent ageing. Begin to eat a Wu Mei everyday from today so.

Qing Dynasty blood

If bag of flour of seed white corn, essence, essence is white,the food that modern likes to eat is purificatory food nothing more than white sugar of noodle, essence, chemical flavoring and animal sex food. Ate these food to be able to cause the toxin leap in blood, the time is long, blood worsens circularly and produce acerbity element. Eat a Wumeike everyday the help sweeps blood, make blood sheds momentum normalization, remove the acerbity element of excessive.

Increase energy

When blood is purified, metabolism increases, body nature can regain energy. The help absorbs citric acid acid of Wumeili vitaminic reach ferment, still have can prevent a disease to reach eliminate exhaustion.

Protective digestion

Smoked plum has alexipharmic function, also prevent food to corrupt in intestines and stomach.

Eliminate fatigue

When feeling tired, because the overmuch acerbity element in the body is caused,be only on body manage. So instantly class is tired in laager, good answer not easily when arriving in the home, felt tired to kill, the proposal eats a Wu Mei, tiredness can be eliminated very quickly.

Is smoked plum Wu Mei?

Eliminate constipation

Malic acid of Wumeili guides right amount moisture bring large intestine, form excrement and urine and outside eduction body.


Of long-term sex having appetite is a few organs in the body are operated badly, appetite because pressure, overeat, also because of liver, the function of stomach and large intestine is bad, the appetite after falling ill also was differred. If want to recover quickly, need has a thing, can help restore appetitive to eat a Wu Mei everyday namely.

Solution wine function

Smoked plum is very good also to studying the effect of halitosis and hangover, when elated joyful festival, hard to avoid can drink much cup, when waking up, have a headache when be about to crack, can try to drink a cup of Wu Mei time tea. The practice is such: With a Wu Mei, bubble makes an appointment with 5 minutes in a cup of Wen Shui, join one teaspoon next time tea, drink slowly.

[can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab? ] _ crab _ can be drunk – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Eating crab on this thing, a lot of people can make relevant contraindication, remind broad woman above all, during be pregnant ten million cannot eat crab, be pregnant inchoate eat crab to be able to cause miscarriage likely, it is old people eats crab to want discretion next, old people had better not eat crab, the body is good can eat less a bit, additionally the person of easy allergy also had better not eat crab, the collocation that notices crab even is no-no, can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab so?

Can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab?

Can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab?

Crab is a kind of more welcome food, it tastes is delicious very. A lot of people think to yoghurt can be not drunk after eating crab. So, eat crab to you can drink yoghurt? What to eat crab to want to notice? What does its no-no crowd have? Look together below.

Eat crab can drink yoghurt

Crab sex is cold, yoghurt sex is smooth, they do not have strong gender flavour. Crab bases is cent of protein, adipose, water wait, yoghurt basically is the moisture, polypeptide, composition such as lactose, they are not overcome, can eat together.

Crab and yoghurt are avirulent food, both the part that an edible won’t have mutual reaction, because of this crab and yoghurt an edible won’t be brought about toxic, the message that circulate should not be true, perhaps not be complete fact.

Can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab?

Eat crab what does need notice

Eat crab cannot eat celery

Celery is to be able to go fat, it can be taken away a few adipose. Some people feel to eat crab too fat, can want to eat some of celery to go fat, eating together actually can affect protein to absorb.

Eat crab to cannot be very popular melon

Cantaloup sex pleasant is cold and slippery benefit, can divide heat aperient. Melon is very popular after eating crab, can have caustic intestines and stomach, bring about diarrhoea easily. These two kinds of food should eat weakling of intestines and stomach less, accentuate easily otherwise illness.

Eat crab cannot drink tea

Some people like to drink tea after eating crab, think to be able to go raw meat or fish. But eat crab to cannot drink tea. When eating crab, first-rate beverage is lukewarm yellow rice or millet wine, eat crab around to had better not drink tea. Because the hard to avoid in cheek of crab foot, crab can contain a bit bacterium, drink or vinegar can kill them, gastric juice also has certain antiseptic capacity, but after drinking boiled water, meeting general gastric juice is diluent, antiseptic effect sells at a discount greatly.

Can be yoghurt drunk after eating crab?

Eat crab cannot eat yam

The pachyrhizus that bake and the crab that boil is had better not eat together, some likelihoods diarrhoea, even some likelihoods get calculous case.

Eat crab cannot eat honey

Crab and honey can not eat together, these two kinds of food are cool sex, the person with bad intestines and stomach ate bring about diarrhoea easily.

Eat crab cannot eat persimmon

Crab and persimmon are cold cool matter, so both have easy injury and taste together, constitutional empty weak should notice more. Tannic acid is contained in persimmon additionally, crab flesh contains a lot ofalbumen, both encountering, the meeting is caky for tannic acid albumen, digest not easily and cloggy digestive function, make food stops to ferment within bowel, the bromatoxism phenomenon such as meeting occurrence vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea.

Eat crab cannot eat pear

As identical as persimmon truth, pear cannot eat after eating crab, of contented great scene ” renown cure does not record ” in account: “Pear sex cold benefit, the much person that feed caustic ” . And above the persimmon that tells is same, sex of pear flavour pleasant is cold, crab also the gender is cold, both is fed together, hurt person intestines and stomach easily.

[recipe of the flavor that risk dish] delicious practice of _ burden _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Risking dish is to result from of Sichuan area, the people that is in this area actually is to like to eat very hot, such word can make risk dish this kind of very famous special local product becomes very hot, and can feel again when smell very sweet, can cause to people so sweet hot mouthfeel, say to be able to love to eat very much so, of the word that the flavor that just risks dish place to be used needs to make or some difficulty.

Risk dish flavor recipe

The first pace: Burn soup-stock () of big bone soup, take out special risk (dish) boiler, join soup-stock

The 2nd pace: Toward risk (dish) footing is joined in boiler, agitate is burned

The 3rd pace: Taste sandwich dish basket and put all sorts of food into dish basket according to customer demand risk (dish) boiler

The 4th pace: 1-3 minute, in putting forward dish basket to fill a bowl, drench on sweet hot oil, sweet hot leave a sweet to risk dish to had been done!

The 5th pace: Put spice of etc of hemp hot makings, also can put sesame paste of course (person cultured eats Xi’an law)

Risk dish flavor recipe

The program that make

1, make bittern. On fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, after next rape oil burn 6 maturity, valve of beans of county issueing Pi (first chop is fine) is crisp, fast put Jiang Mi, Chinese prickly ash to fry sweet hind issue Xian Shang instantly. The fabaceous Chi that puts pestle fine and soft again, grind the spice such as juice of oil of fine rock candy, ox, fermented glutinous rice, cooking wine, refined salt, pepper, dry chili, caoguo. Bubble is hit to become bittern namely after be being boiled.

2, make advocate makings. fatigue course bowel of waist of abluent, hare, eel, duck cuts 2 centimeters to grow wide diamonds larynx of annulus of; wool abdomen, pig cuts 4 centimeters of or so square. The chip; that luncheon meat cuts 4 centimeters of or so square is Lenten the chip that cuts 3 centimeters or so. With abluent bamboo autograph, wear meat and fish dishes about 339 grams a string.

3, very hot make. On fire of flourishing of bittern boiler buy, made maintenance is small boil, will of all kinds dish uses the bamboo autograph that has strung together to iron make, iron according to the duration of different dish make maturity.

4, dip in feed. Iron the cooked food that makes maturity to be put in mix of chili face fry salt dish inside, according to his taste need dips in the edible after chili and salt. Or dip in or do not dip in, decide by oneself more or less.

Lenten: Lotus root piece 80 grams, asparagus lettuce 80 grams, wax gourd is 50 grams, sweet 50 grams, bean curd does mushroom 50 grams, Chinese cabbage is 80 grams, beautiful dish 50 grams, green vegetables head 80 grams

Condiment: Bovine oil 250 grams, rape oil valve of beans of county of 100 grams, Pi 150 grams, always 50 grams of plain beans Chi, rock candy 10 grams, Chinese prickly ash is 5 grams, peppery 2 grams, dry chili juice of 30 grams, fermented glutinous rice wine of 20 grams, carry on 20 grams, Jiang Mi 10.

Risk dish flavor recipe

Expect the bag makes

Rape oil refine is ripe, cool next, join secret to make valve of footing, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, beans, fennel, anise, white sugar, break up with small fire fry to oil erubescent, wine of feed in raw material and white water (or soup-stock) , all sorts of course join after boiling 10 minutes (commonly used those distribute food: Potato chips, lotus root piece, spend dish, vermicelli made from bean starch, rice bean curd, kelp, bean sprouts dish, asparagus lettuce piece flourishing of agaric, hollow dish, blood, bowel of tip of wool abdomen, wing, goose, ham bowel, the) such as luncheon meat, put oily footing again (red oil, gallinaceous essence, gourmet powder, salt, chopped green onion, garlic Chengdu, balm) become namely with divide evenly!

[papaya milk still can be drunk painstakingly] _ can be drunk _ can be drunk – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

To the female, papaya milk is a kind of first-rate drink. Because papaya milk can promote the growth of bosom, and it is OK that the calcium in milk is returned character beautiful white skin. Generally speaking, we are OK oneself make papaya milk. But can be if was papaya milk sufferred from,you still drunk? Do not suggest everybody is drunk actually. If becoming bitter because of papaya milk, be degenerative and addle apparently.

Can be papaya milk still drunk painstakingly

Papaya milk is it is the hairdressing food that basically eats capable person with papaya and milk, the method that make is simple, contain rich papaya ferment and vitamin A, have fight decline the effect of vivid the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of muscle of hairdressing, smooth liver and stomach, easy.

The moisture of papaya has 89% higher about, and quantity of heat is very low.

Papaya contains the amino acid of 17 kinds of above, contain rich lubricious ammonia acid and lysine especially, and these two kinds are the amino acid with indispensible human body. Lubricious ammonia acid conduces to Morpheus, the nerve of the action such as analgesia conducts corporeal raw material, lysine and dextrose metabolization relationship are close, can fight exhaustion, raise attention.

Can be papaya milk still drunk painstakingly

Papaya has very much a few adipose, among them the content of not saturated fatty acid is higher, not saturated fatty acid can the spare cholesterol eduction style inside body outside.

Contain rich Chinese flowering quince enzymatic, vitamin C, B and calcium, phosphor and mineral, nutrition is rich, the carotene that fructification contains a large number of abundance, protein, calcic salt, albumen is enzymatic, citric enzymatic wait, have hypertension of prevention and cure, nephritis, constipation and aid digestion, treat gastric disease, have to human body promote new division metabolization and the action that fight consenescence, still hairdressing protects skin to raise colour effect.

Papaya contains papaya protein enzymatic, papaya is alkaline wait.

Can be papaya milk still drunk painstakingly

Papaya is very good food, it contains rich papaya ferment and vitamin A, albumen is enzymatic can promote the body absorption to protein, the metabolism that lets skin is normal, be full of flexibility. Additional, rich Chinese flowering quince is contained in papaya enzymatic, can help lubricant skin, the content of C of the vitamin in papaya is 48 times of the apple. Increase capacity of load melon enzymatic aid digestion, can as soon as possible eduction body endotoxin, to by inside outside arriving relaxed skin, have very much.

The papaya ferment that papaya place contains can promote skin metabolization, the leather fat that in helping deliquescent pore, piles up and ageing are corneous, let skin appear brighter, more pure and fresh! Often eat papaya milk, not only can beneficial of regulate the menstrual function is angry, nourishing body, can let skin present the outward appearance of pure, meticulous, pure and fresh health more.

[big can 3 this world drink red wine? ] _ of _ chronic hepatitis B can be drunk – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

If go up through checking discovery to suffer from big the word of 3 this world, need not worry too too commonly, present medical science and technology develops quite, disease of this kind of hepatitis can have been treated, besides cooperate a doctor besides proper treatment, daily diet must add an attention more, the patient should notice to pass dietary complement quantity of heat, want to eat a few food that contain a lot ofprotein more, can improve liver function so, so big can 3 in relief patients drink red wine?

Big can 3 this world drink red wine?

Big can 3 this world drink red wine?

Alcohol can affect hepatic normal function directly not only, then also can damage hepatic health, alcohol still can produce a kind of harmful to liver cell material in the process of metabolization – aldehyde, cause an illness easily to liver cirrhosis, even way of cancer of the liver develops, so no matter drinkable where is planted wine can cause harm, because this second liver is small,3 this world cannot drink red wine, second liver is small while 3 in relief patients are noticing food, should as soon as possible checks cure, understand the development of the illness in time, go treating at an early date.

Big can 3 this world drink red wine?

Directive opinion:

Drink the easy and apparent normal immunity function that violates the body, the person that carry to second liver virus is very adverse, not be second liver develops Cheng Yi liver easily, liver having second accentuates easily, do not injure health because of face, explain circumstance friend can understand.

To the person that with second liver virus is affected, red wine also cannot be drunk. The article that contains alcohol is put in very great pressure to liver, because alcohol is,undertake decomposing in liver. If suffer from,went up second liver is small 3 this world still continue excessive drinking, as add fuel to the flames, the illness worsens the likelihood quickly.

Directive opinion: Because the development of second liver has unpredictability, so second liver patient should notice regular examination, and be treated actively according to oneself illness. Want to select the hospital of normal authority when treat, the remedial method that should choose to fit him patient’s condition at the same time, avoid to treat an error, the ensures therapy result with such nicer gift.

Big can 3 this world drink red wine?

Second liver patient can not drink, may accentuate so hepatic burden, cause illness aggravation. Second liver is disease of a kind of infectivity, it endangers the health of patient itself not just, cause a harm possibly still to the person beside, if be not treated, partial patient is met the illness is aggravating, appear even liver cirrhosis arrives cancer of the liver, so the patient should have made regular inspection, and be treated actively to disease according to oneself illness.

Directive opinion: The hospital of normal major must select when treat, the remedial method that should choose to fit him patient’s condition at the same time, avoid to treat an error, the ensures therapy result with such nicer gift, second liver recovers talent is promising. At ordinary times food should notice delicate, do not eat the food of fat, acrimony stimulation, do not want smoking to drink, lest accentuate hepatic burden, cause illness aggravation.

[can agaric and tomato eat together? ] _ tomato _ eats together – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Agaric is a kind of true fungus feed capable person, it and dawdle are different, the growth of agaric the environment is more harsh, need the ability in the environment in dark moisture to blossom quite. Of agaric look of swarthy, but nutrient value is very high however, be known as sanitarian beautiful to taste, it is each big vegetable department in the center little not feed one of capable person, the edible contraindication of agaric is not much. Agaric and tomato look to you can eat together below?

Can agaric and tomato eat together?

Agaric and tomato can have together, agaric and tomato eat together won’t have the reaction with undesirable what, also won’t produce the conflict on nutrition, tomato is the vegetable with nutrient very high value, tomato can disappear of be good at stomach is fed, still can aperient, help digests embellish bowel, can increase the person’s appetite, still can prevent and cure constipation. The effect of preserve one’s health of agaric is first-rate also, a variety of nutrition material are contained in agaric, be like protein, adipose, a variety of vitamins and microelement, agaric has profit to the heart and vessels, can prevent guilty canal disease. It is very good that so these two kinds of food take dietotherapy effect together.

Tomato nutrition is rich, have special local color. Have reduce weight thin body, eliminate the fatigue, stomachic, assimilation that raises pair of protein, reduce a stomach to bilge the effect such as dyspepsia.

Can agaric and tomato eat together?

Agaric flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, have a lot of officinal effect. Can beneficial enrages powerful body, have efficiency of invigorate the circulation of blood, can prevent and cure anaemia of the sex that be short of iron. Can raise blood to be stationed in colour, skin making a person is ruddy, radiant, can dredge intestines and stomach, lubricant bowel, also have certain help to hypertensive patient at the same time.

Advocate makings: Bean curd, beans horn, tomato, agaric

Complementary makings: Onion powder

Condiment: Balm, salt, Tian Tianxian, Chinese prickly ash

Can agaric and tomato eat together?


1, all cut horn of bean curd, beans, tomato, agaric Cheng Ding;

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, part horn of bean curd, beans, tomato, agaric scald is appeared, fish out drenchs dry water is divided, outfit dish reserve;

3, boiler enters oil, powder of any of several hot spice plants of fragrant flower of stir-fry before stewing, onion, enter salt, tomato, Tian Tianxian again, mix is even, fall on horn of the bean curd that has ironed, beans, agaric, drench on balm agitate divide evenly can.

[carrot of Chinese cabbage agaric] _ fries carrot _ how to be made – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Present people is known should go of preserve one’s health, such natures won’t eat namely again a few acrimony excitant food, connect the flesh kind food also is to be able to reduce intake, can become more good to oneself body types or forms of literature so, e.g. Chinese cabbage agaric this dish puts carrot together to translate fried word still is very rich above flavour, this is a kind of very traditional dish, just turn over what some of Chinese prickly ash and anise can join when frying.

 Carrot of Chinese cabbage agaric

Chinese cabbage fries agaric dish of a traditional name of the Han nationality. Chinese cabbage scatters a; agaric to use lukewarm bleb 5 minutes with the hand molten, pick a ministry, abluent, green, Jiang Qie puts oil in filar; boiler, small fire heats, put Chinese prickly ash, anise to fry a fragrance, put green, ginger to fry a fragrance, put Chinese cabbage again piece, conflagration breaks up fry even; Chinese cabbage piece fry to slightly when molten, fall to often be smoked break up fry even, put white sugar, vinegar right amount; puts the agaric with good bubble, break up fry a few minutes, scatter essence of a few salt, chicken to break up fry even, give boiler can.

Raw material water sends agaric 100 grams, 250 grams of become known Lai, pink of soy, fine salt, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash, chopped green onion, wet starch, soya-bean oil each are right amount. – · characteristic characteristic is tender fragile dainty. Effect beneficial gas is hemostatic, hairdressing discharges poison. – practice 1. Pick the agaric that has sent the middle that washs clean; to choose Chinese cabbage or dish heart go dish leaf, cut flake.

2. is fried oil is put to burn heat inside boiler, issue pink of Chinese prickly ash, chopped green onion, chinese cabbage is entered below immediately piece stir-fry before stewing is fried, fry to Chinese cabbage piece agaric is put when fat profit is bright, add soy, fine salt, gourmet powder, fry mix even. Fry to Chinese cabbage piece, agaric tasty, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch, can give boiler to install dish of edible. – characteristic Chinese cabbage – Chinese cabbage sex is smooth, small cold, flavour pleasant. Calcium is contained in Chinese cabbage of every 100 grams 41 milligram, phosphor 37 milligram, iron is 0.5 milligram and crude fibre, carotene, little. . . All Chinese cabbage cookbook

 Carrot of Chinese cabbage agaric

1 Chinese cabbage section

2 pork section, carrot section, green ginger mincing

Right amount oil is added in 3 boiler, 7 maturity add oil green ginger explodes boiler, chopped green onion is not put in completely, stay a bit, join later pork breaks up fry

4 pork are fried join one spoon soy to 5 maturity, one sweet continue to break up fry, such flesh can compare delicacy

5 can join agaric back-to-backly, fry dichotomy bell

 Carrot of Chinese cabbage agaric

6 below be the boiler below leading role Chinese cabbage, chinese cabbage water content is more, when frying need not turn on the water in past boiler

7 Chinese cabbage fry 6 maturity to join one spoon the salt of half, continue to fry 3 minutes

Carrot chicken is joined before 8 boiler essence of life, final scatter on chopped green onion,

[sea catfish stews a turnip] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The biology that encircles about seafood is very complex, and there also is the branch of apparent class in seafood circle. Among them the seafood that sea catfish lives one kind in seafood to encircle ground floor namely kind breed, but the viability that does not see sea catfish is not strong, the flavour that can be sea catfish is very delicious however. People can take hiemal time more turnip, can reduce the odds of head cold effectively so, and is the method of the sea catfish turnip that stew what kind of?

Sea catfish stews a turnip

Sea catfish stews Bai Luobo do not have poison, two can be stewed together, these two kinds of food also are not digested.

Sea catfish stews white turnip practice

With makings

Sea catfish 5 (moderate volume) Bailuo predicts a green half ginger flavoring of salt of 10g of faces of 5 Chinese prickly ash spoon / half candy of one spoon flavors scoop / 3 spoon mature vinegar 3 spoon soy 3 spoon are big sauce


1.5 seas catfish, go splanchnic and abluent, accuse water.

Sea catfish stews a turnip

2.Take out a rice bowl to begin condiment juice.

3.Seafood soy 3 spoon, mature vinegar condiment of 3 spoon above dosage is the small spoon that boiling water drinks in the home.

4.Jiang Wu piece, green 5 paragraphs, aniseed one valve, small dry chili two.

5.Most bowl clear water is added after all condiment put divide evenly of the agitate in the bowl.

6.Salad oil is entered in hot pot, oil is lukewarm after be being heated up a bit the fish ordinal enter had placed in boiler.

7.Above the fish that has placinging after the divide evenly of makings juice agitate mix up, expect juice is made the same score basically with the fish.

8.The turnip is joined after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn medium baking temperature, shang Zhishou can give boiler to remnant a few.

Sea catfish stews a turnip


White sugar 3 spoon, face of Chinese prickly ash half spoon, salt one spoon half, big sauce half spoon, above a few condiment the small spoon that dosage is flavoring.

Nutrient value

Catfish nutrition is rich, hydrous cent is 64.1 grams, protein in cruelly oppress of every 100 grams 14.4 grams, contain a variety of mineral with microelement, suit the person edible with weak empty caustic, hidebound body particularly.

[weever how evaporate is delicious] _ evaporate makes methodological _ how evaporate is made – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The means that uses steam is when doing weever for the most part, but also evaporate also has different way, so weever how is evaporate delicious? Want to choose the weever of moderate of a size first, the attention must be cleared away clean, join the condiment that suits oneself, general meeting puts ginger, green and partial aniseed. Before evaporate, use souse of burden general weever about ten minutes first, put evaporate dish useful conflagration first evaporate, later instead small fire.

Weever how evaporate is delicious


Weever, ginger, green, cooking wine, salt, evaporate fish Chi is oily wait


1. weever, purify is splanchnic, clean clean.

2. Jiang Hecong cuts filament, weever puts Jiang Si, green silk, cooking wine, salt wipes divide evenly, souse 10 minutes.

3. green silk and ginger silk shop are below the fish, water is burned, the fish with good souse puts evaporate dish in, conflagration evaporate 8 minutes, stew involving fire gives boiler after dichotomy bell.

4. gives piscine end, the juice that teem evaporate comes out, clip gives green silk and Jiang Si, drench on evaporate fish Chi is oily.

5. has pot additionally, hot pot cold oil puts green silk blast to give green oil, spill on the weever body with good evaporate, scatter on green silk and medlar. The steamed weever that a delicate bright slips has been done.

Above basically introduced how evaporate weever is delicious simple, did you understand? Understand next relevant knowledge about weever together then.

The nutrient value of weever

1, weever contains the nutrient part such as adipose, carbohydrate, still contain still have more cupreous element.

Weever how evaporate is delicious

2, weever contains a lot ofvitamin of A of protein, vitamin, B a group of things with common features, calcic, magnesian, zinc, Selenium to wait for nutrient element.

3, weever contains not saturated fatty acid, collagen albumen and contain a lot of20 carbon of EPA(5 Xi are acerbity) with DHA(22 carbon 6 Xi are acerbity) and contain many not saturated fatty acid.

How to choose weever


Choose good weever, had better weigh its weight first, it is 750 grams commonly the left and right sides is advisable, be if too little word does not have the flesh to eat you, willing? If too old saying, the flesh tastes apparently can coarse character.


Piscine body is pressed with finger when buying a fish, if good word shows flexibility,the fish is fresher, but if seeing the tail shows red, did not buy, that is the symptom that piscine body has loss, redemptive home can die very quickly.

Weever how evaporate is delicious


Choose weever, had better slant with piscine body of cyan advisable, and visit appearance, scale wants luster, and bright, turn over a fish branchial can see bright red color, the ability that the skin of piscine body and scale did not fall off is fresh. If see pearl eye is cloudy, have the word that there is loss on red muscle, body, scarcely wants to buy.

[how much is curry piece to put normally? ] how does _ put _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Curry piece is in at ordinary times a lot of people had been used, in daily life a lot of people like to eat curry, and the thing that does with curry, be special go with rice, curry is OK with a lot of things collocation rises those who make, although curry is delicious, but when a lot of people are using curry piece, often do not know how curry piece is used commonly, fear to put much it is meeting influence mouthfeel, put be afraid of less again without curry flavour.

How much is curry piece to put normally?

How much does curry piece put?

Can open reoccupy with a few to hydrate first, do not need too much, also can fry directly change again in dish, nevertheless not quite recommend direct fried dish, hard and the comparison that because curry piece is curry powder,presses is very dry, if be put directly,fry in dish, the rate that changes may very slow, ultimate of course goal still should fry divide evenly.

How much is curry piece to put normally?

What thing does curry piece:

1, India can say the originator that is curry, pure Indian curry is met with lilac, cumin, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Sui child, the flavor such as chili of mustard powder, yellow Jiang Fenhe is allocated and become, because use stuff is heavy, add reduce piquancy less with coconut oar, authentic Indian curry is so hot degree hold concurrently strongly full-bodied.

2, coconut sauce was joined to come among Thailand curry bring down piquancy and enhance fragrance, and the flavor such as leaf of the citronella that additional place joins, fish sauce, bay, also make Thailand curry original. Red curry is the curry that Thai loves to use, because joined red curry sauce, color tape is red, flavour is hotter also. Prawn of Tai Shiqing curry, because used the data such as Yan alizarin red and green lemon skin, so curry shows viridescence scene, also be the curry with celebrated Thailand, likewise delicious.

How much is curry piece to put normally?

3, the curry of Malaysia loves to go with coconut oar the bring down is mixed tartly promotion fragrance, so flavour is gentler. They used a variety of spice, be like leaf of tamarind, bay, and sweet taro, the belt in making curry hot nods distinct benefit, be full of southern Asia gust.

4, Singapore vicinity Malaysia, its curry taste and Malaysia curry are very so duplicate, taste especially weaker with faint scent. In addition, the coconut juice that Singapore curry uses and piquancy are fewer, flavour very in a popular style.

The crystallization that curry is flavor is tasted, allegedly flavor comprises curry, it is to result from India is original carnivorous with smell of mutton extremely thick hotpot is given priority to, onefold kind flavor cannot go its smell of mutton, the concentrated juice that because this uses a variety of flavor powder,be combined and becomes comes cook. This is the origin of curry. Flavor, curry passed into the European each country that gives priority to with carnivorous later, store to go to the lavatory and carry, flavor is outputted with dried food form, pulverous flavor be current up to now.