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Doesn’t the woman wear bust bodice bosom to meet more quite?

Update date: 2019-02-08
Editor: Beautiful

Doesn’t the woman wear bust bodice bosom to meet more quite? Is this true, either should on the contrary, female people but must notice oh.
Experimental conclusion: Do not wear bust bodice, bosom more quite
French shellfish mulberry is loose (Besancon) Jean-DenisHouillon of teaching hospital professor is opposite from 1997 the bust that 320 females have do not wearing bust bodice evolves into research, 15 years dog the test makes clear, “ adorns bust bodice does not have necessary ” completely. Still having a more important discovery is, do not adorn the female “ tit of bust bodice increases 7 millimeter every year as on average as the distance of shoulder. ”
What meaning is this? Become more strong? Yes, houillon says anatomical on the physiology on medicine, bosom won’t prop up weight because of bust bodice and by taut, contrary, the organization that supports bosom won’t develop, because this is atrophic,meet. The female that does not wear bust bodice, because of bosom the organization is able to develop, the breast is met instead more strong.
The participator that has 28 years old is joined get test group already two years, come two years all the time “ is careless of ” , she says she does not want to wear that ghost thing again. “ advantage is great, my breath is smoother, the feeling is cozier more natural, I am already very few she says ” of backache know clearly.

How does the exhaustion after man sex do

Update date: 2019-02-12
Editor: Small quick

How does the exhaustion after man sex do? How to adjust is the sex after sex fatigue? Look in light of us below the detailed introduction of content.
One: Warm-up sex imagines
Do not regard sexual love as went up the thing that the bed just does, in brain warm-up sex imagines, can let you have the longest the freest foreplay. With cerebrum a photograph of blank go into battle is compared, replete the cerebra of all sorts of gender information can be aroused quickly apparently and enter state. New think of a way produces first in the brain that lets you, the fast crafty plot in cerebrum can let you be done completely different.
Warm-up sex imagination can be in you any likely when undertake, have a meal, on foot, take a car, even if is the job when, the picture that flits inside a few seconds won’t affect whats. The pron any thing that you can see with respect to you, aught that think of, do with the gender associate. Of course, fasten infatuated, also fasten time too long, a few seconds, a few seconds are sufficient. Imaginary content also need not too clear, have an affair with and punch-drunk more comfortable become warm-up passion at using.
Also can undertake cerebral warm-up in sex process, it is the body that imagines you afresh. Not be the leg that imagines you or abdomen became what kind of, imagine you are the most sensitive however is wonderful He Yongheng, imagine it is vibrating bonnily, achieve gives the most perfect tone. Such imagination is done on spirit, the climax that comes finally can resemble singing truly good in that way and stirring. Another method of cerebral warm-up is the body activity that doing to you undertake metaphor type imagines. For instance he is knocking at the body that attacks you gently, the ding that you can imagine to the footstep into raindrop, cat, drop with a tick answers. Although these imaginations and sex have nothing to do, but the mind that can train you so can drive the body easily to react.
2: Breath is harmonious and consistent
Perhaps you had never thought, the commonnest breath also matters with sexual quality. In fact, when making love, two people breathe whether harmonious consistent special key. If you can accomplish “ to breathe ” together, also can ” of blessing of “ general character.
Accomplishing a breath is consistent simple method is: You side of body of a bend lies, you are advanced, he is in hind, he from the back annulus holds you in arms, handle is put on your bosom, can feel your breath. Next, you do to grow long deep breathing, he follows your breath. When the breath that becomes two people is gradually consistent, you can feel the join of a kind of powerful love. So do look resembling is a kind of ceremony, too earnest like, but it can make you fast enter heart heart to be linked together however, in close feeling. This kind of extraordinary close move can be built give a special sexual “ to enrage a ” , in can making you one case heavy join oblivious of oneself gender fervor.
The pose in a way with another consistent breath is a bit more complex. You and he sits on the bed face-to-face, double leg is twined each other, his right hand is put on your heart, your right hand is put on his heart, your left hand is put in the right of the other side each, stare each other next, begin to breathe together. Just stare, breath, stare, breath, let each other love flow to the heart through eye and hand. The soul that lets you sees his spirit, also let him see you. A such holding to, you meet each other discover the complexion of the other side produced change, tender, happy, the passion that at the same time be latent wears a kind to erupt urgently.
Try afore-mentioned two big excellent plan to make “ of husband and wife old love to change new colour ” while, you also can use a few small excellent plan, simple, more save labour.
To new approach of sexual love of the open up in the novel. The woman likes to read a novel mostly, and normally the imagination abounds the writer, the strange opposite sex that there may be do with sb unconscious, your person to praise greatly in the paragraph of sexual love of a few descriptions loves way. This is brand-new method certainly, can change your sexual love quickly.
After trying one individual character to love excellent plan, write the pleasurable sensation of your excitement and different common on scrip, begin is written on “ dear ” , his name is from the back, fill in secretly in the morning the bag that takes him, let him taking the results of battle of yesterday evening, go to work. When he sees this piece of scrip, he can imagine: How be met the next time? This is an excellent sex reminds of course.
Bathe to fasten busy move to walk out of toilet, spend bit of time however each inches of skin you is attentive on embellish skin dew. Type of this kind of self-help massages the sexual desire that can let you to lift unexpectedly, when you after go to bed, natural meeting yearns for his caress very much. He will be open-eyed how are you aroused so easily today, what enjoy a sex jointly in the two people in subsequently sexual love thereby is wonderful.

What does the symptom of feminine kidney deficiency of yang have

Update date: 2019-02-08
Editor: Small treasure

What does the symptom of feminine kidney deficiency of yang have, kidney empty can not be the man’s patent, the woman is met all the same kidney empty, so how is judging his kidney deficiency of yang? What does the symptom of feminine kidney deficiency of yang have? We explain a few relevant knowledge below.
What does the symptom of feminine kidney deficiency of yang have? Comprehensive for meeting occurrence look is weary force, spirit depressed, vigor is low, easy fatigue; Wei is cold be afraid that hair of cold, limb is cool (summer of the person that weigh is cool also) , body hair is heavy; Back of lumbar genu ache, waist is cold decline of painful, bones and muscles is mild; Sexual desire drops, Gong Leng Qing Dynasty of infecund, leucorrhoea is rare; Yu of blood of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy is brought about strong allow to be illogical, menstruation maladjusted or go and not free, often alvine bilge painful; After menses is delayed, the quantity is little, lubricious dark, have piece or dysmenorrhoea; Uterus, ovarian, breast gives birth to flesh tumour, cyst, hyperplasia easily to wait; Contract the disease such as inflammation of urology infection, department of gynaecology easily; Easy bring about the turn of life to shift to an earlier date; Empty asthma be discouraged, tongue is white fat big or mark having a tooth-like part of anything; Audition drops or tinnitus, memory drops; Suffer from lumbago, arthralgia easily to wait; Suffer from disease of osteoporosis, cervical vertebra, lumbar disease easily to wait; Diarrhoea of the five watches of the night, or constipation; Body puffiness or thin thin; Cadaverous or complexion is dark, give birth to the clinical symptom such as Huang Heban, acne, acne, allergy easily, specific have the following:
One, special be afraid of cold: When if you are in,others does not feel cold, feel the body is very cold, that is very bad, such circumstance may show deficiency of yang of your sweat dead kidney, in winter hands or feet icy circumstance is met more serious.
2, often limb and abdominal strut: The feminine classics regular meeting of kidney deficiency of yang has abdomen or be limb tumid circumstance, and still can have a station a little while alive sometimes crus abdomen can ache circumstance.
3, the calcaneal after stand for a long time or walking aches: Rest to eliminate ache a little below this kind of circumstance, the skin of calcaneal still is met very coarse and thick, often calcaneal is cool, these explained you are kidney deficiency of yang.
4, tinnitus, forgetful, giddy: The symptom of kidney deficiency of yang is very much, giddy tinnitus also amid, if the circumstance of kidney deficiency of yang is not improved, healthy to the female meeting has very big hidden trouble.
5, pee is various: If you often go up toilet, every time uric capacity is very much still, there still can be nocturnal make water in the evening, with respect to the specification you should recuperate a kidney.
6, leucorrhoea Qing Dynasty is rare, menstruation is deferred and classics blood is very dark, meet with menstruation abdomen before menstruation bloated or it is aching.
7, the tongue is fat and wet, and color of coating on the tongue is light.
8, often limply, the waist is algid, do not like erect back.
What does the symptom of feminine kidney deficiency of yang have? Pass above our introduction, believe everybody had certain knowledge to female kidney deficiency of yang, so if you suffer from,went up kidney deficiency of yang, ask seasonable recuperation, restore health at an early date.

Mo Tou Nan Ren De Xiao Xin Si Qing Song Zhua Zhu Nan Ren Xin

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-08
Bian Ji : Zuo Zuo

    You Xie Nv Ren Tian Tian Du Zai Cai Nan Ren De Xin Si , Ke Shi Wu Lun Zen Me Cai Zen Me Xiang Du Xiang Bu Ming Bai 。 You Shi Bu Xi Huan Ta Jiu Jing Xi Huan Shi Me , Huo Zhe Ta Dui Ni Shuo Zhe Ju Hua Bei Hou Yin Han Liao Shi Me An Shi 。 Qi Shi Nan Ren Hen Jian Dan De , Huan Ge Fang Shi Qu Liao Jie Ta Men , Zhi Yao Dong De Liao Nan Ren De Zhe Xie Xiao Xin Si , Ni Men De Ai Yi Ding Hui Yue Ai Yue Nong 。

    Nan Ren Xin Li Dao Di Zai Xiang Shi Me ? Su Hua Shuo , Nv Ren Xin Hai Di Zhen , Qi Shi Nan Ren Xin Ye Cha Bu Duo 。 Hen Duo Shi Hou , Nv Ren Xiang Xiang Nan Ren Ying Gai Shi Zhe Yang , Dan Shi Shi Ji Zhong , Nan Ren Bu Yi Ding Hui Zhe Yang O 。 Jiu Jing Nan Ren De Zhen Shi Xiang Fa Hui Shi Ru He ?

Round1 Nan Ren Yan Zhong De 5 Da Zui “ Xia ” Li Wu

Xiang Gei Ni De Nan Ren Yi Jian Feng Kuang Er You Chuang Yi De Li Wu Ma ? Sheng Sheng Ba , Dui Nan Ren Lai Shuo , Jian Dan Zui Hao 。

1、 An Zhao Ta Xin Yi De Lv Cheng

    Ru Guo Ta Zeng Dui Ni Shuo Xiang Qu Ge Re Yi Dian De Di Fang Du Jia , Na Zhi Shi Ta Biao Shi Xiang Kan Ni Chuan Shao Yi Dian De Yang Zi 。 Qian Wan Bu Yao Rang Ta Lin Shi Qing Jia Qu Jia Ru Yi Duan Hao Wu Ji Hua Qie Bei Gan Ya Li De Xiao Dao Zhi Lv 。

Zheng Que : Gen Ta Qu Kan Yi Chang Zhou Mo De Qiu Sai , Hui Jia Lu Shang Chi Ge Ma La Tang Huo Zhe Kao Chi , Ni Qing Ke 。

2、 Duo Ting Ta Ge Men De Hua Lai Song Li

   Ta Shi Ta Shen Shang De Yi Kuai Rou ! Zhi Zi Mo Ruo Mu ! Wen Ti Shi Zai Ma Ma Yan Zhong Ta Yong Yuan Zhi You 10 Sui ! Bi Ru , Bian Xing Jin Gang !

Zheng Que : Ren He Ta Zui Hao De Ge Men Er Rang Ni Song Ta De Dong Xi 。

3、 You Shi Hou Ta Xi Huan Meng Meng Zuo 。

Zheng Que : Yi Jian You Zhuo Rou Ruan Fan Mao Ling De Fei Xing Yuan Jia Ke 。 Mo Qi Lai Mao Rong Rong De , Huan Zong Na Me Gan Jing !

4、 Fang Zhen Wu Qi Mo Xing Nan Ren Xi Huan Zhan Zheng You Xi , Bing Bu Yi Wei Zhuo Ta Men Xi Huan Zai Jia Li Kan Dao Yi Ba Jia Qiang 。

Zheng Que : Yi Fu Chao man De Quan Ji Shou Tao , Huo Zhe Liang Fu , Jin Wan Ni Men Ke Yi Lai Yi Chang Da Zhan !

5、 Xi Huan Diao Qing He Bei Diao Qing , Zhu Guang Wan Can Jiu Jian Ren Jian Zhi Liao 。

Zhe Zhen De Bu Hui Xiang Dian Ying Li Kan Qi Lai Na Me hot, Da Bu Fen Nan Ren Hui Jue De Hen Diu Lian Er Qie Bu Zi Zai 。

Zheng Que : Hui Jia Hou He Ta Zai Zhuo Zi Shang Chan Mian , Zhe Ge Bi Xu Jia Fen 。

Round2 Ta De Wei Xin VS Ta De Zhen Xin Hua

Nan Ren He Jin Mao Quan Yi Yang , Du Bu Zen Me Hui Gou Tong , Ni Yi Wei Ta Shi Zai Mei Hua Zhao Hua , Qi Shi Ta Jiu Shi Zai Xiang Zhuo Na Jian Shi , Zui Hao Zi Bei Yi Tai Nan Ren De Wei Xin Fan Yi Ji 。

TEXT:“ Hao Jiu Bu Jian , Zui Jin Zen Me Yang ?”

Qian Tai Ci : Ni Huan Dan Zhuo Ma ?OMG Kuai Hui Wo Wei Xin ! Gao Su Wo Ni Huan Dan Zhuo Ba !

TEXT:“ Shui Liao Ma ?”

Qian Tai Ci : Tai Xiang Yao Yi Zhi Shui Bu Zhuo 。

TEXT:“ Zai Ma ?”

Qian Tai Ci : Kuai Lai Zhao Wo Ba !

TEXT:“ Chu Lai Jian Ge Mian ?”

Qian Tai Ci : Wo Zui Jin Mei Ren Yue 。


Qian Tai Ci : Ci Wei Xin Bao Lu Nian Ling , Dui Fang Kong Pa Shi Ge Zhong Nian Li Yi Da Shu , Yi Ji Ta Yuan Yi Shang Men Fu Wu 。

TEXT:“ Zha Yan De Biao Qing ”

Qian Tai Ci : Wo Yuan Yi Wei Ni Di Xia Tou ……


Qian Tai Ci : Wo Shi Zai Xiang Bu Chu Shi Me Cong Ming De Fang Shi Lai Yue Ni 。

Round3 Zhen Shi De Nan Ren Shi Zhe Yang De

1、 Nv Ren De Wai Biao Bu Yi Ding Shi Xi Yin Nan Ren De Zhong Yao Yin Su 。

   Dan Ru Guo Nan Ren Si Kao Dao Hun Yin , Ze Bu Xiang Yao Yi Ge Zhi Hui Sa Jiao De Xiao Nv Ren , Ta Xiang Yao De Shi Yi Ge Neng Gou He Ta Gong Tong Jing Li Feng Yu , Jian Qiang Zi Xin , You Sheng Huo Qu Wei De Qi Zi 。

   Hen Duo Nv Ren You Yi Ge Cuo Wu De Guan Nian , Ren Wei Nan Ren Du Xi Huan Na Zhong …… Jiao Di Di , Yao Fang Zai Shou Xin Li Peng Zhuo Hu Zhuo De Xiao Nv Ren 。 Qi Shi Bu Ran 。 Chu Fei Shi Yi Ge Hen Nian Qing De Nan Hai , Huo Zhe Shi Yi Ge Bu Tai Cheng Shu De Nan Ren , Ta Xu Yao Yi Ge Bi Ta Geng Bu Cheng Shu De Nv Ren Lai Xian Shi Ta De Nan Zi Qi Gai 。

2、 He Ni Shang Chuang Bu Dai Biao Hui Qu Ni 。

    Hen Duo Xiao Nv Sheng Hui Cuo Wu Di Ren Wei Yi Ge Nan Ren He Ni Shang Chuang Liao Bian Dui Ni You Liao Ze Ren , Qi Shi Zhe Hen Yu Chun ! Wu Lun Ta Yi Shi Me Fang Fa Rang Ni Tong Yi Yu Ta Shang Chuang Liao , Du Zhi Hui Jia Kuai Ta Xiang Tao Li Ni De Jiao Bu 。 Er Ling Yi Xie Xiao Zi Nv Ren Ren Wei Zhe Zhong Shi Qing Shi Ge Qu Suo Xu , Hen Zheng Chang 。 Shi De , Ni Ke Yi Zhe Me Ren Wei ! Dan Wo Xiang Gao Su Ni , Dang Ni Yong Zhe Zhong Tai Du He Yi Ge Nan Ren Xiang Chu Shi , Ta Zai Ni Zhe Li De Xu Yao Jiu Jin Jin Sheng Xia “ Shang Chuang ”。

3、 Chuang Ban He Qi Zi Shi Liang Hui Shi 。

    Shi De , Yue Shi Cheng Shu De , Cheng Gong De Nan Ren , Jiu Yue You Zi Ji De Biao Zhun , Ta Shen Zhi Di Yi Yan Jiu Neng Kan Chu Yi Ge Nv Ren Shi Yong Lai Shang Chuang De , Huan Shi Yong Lai Tan Gan Qing , Shen Zhi Qu Hui Jia De 。

   Nan Ren Hui Ba Yi Shi De Wan Ban , He Yao Qu Hui Jia De Qi Zi Fen De Hen Qing De 。 Ru Guo Ni Bu Neng Rang Ta Qu Ni , Qie Wu Cheng Wei Ta De Yi Shi Wan Ban , Fou Ze Ni Shi Me Ye Bu Hui De Dao 。 Mei You Na Ge Nan Ren Hui Zai Wan Ban Shen Shang Hua Tai Duo Xin Si , Yin Wei Jiu Xiang Ni Mai Yi Fu , Yong Yuan Xiang Wang Zhuo Shang Dian Li De Xia Yi Jian 。 Er Qi Zi Jiu Xiang Shi Fang Zi , Dui Ta Lai Shuo , Shi Wen Ding De , Lao Kao De , Xu Yao Hua Gan Qing Qu Bu Zhi Qu Zhui Qiu De 。

4、 Yong Xia Ban Shen Si Kao 。

    Suo You Nan Ren Du Ming Bai , Ru Guo Ta Rang Nv Ren Xiang Xin , Ta Men De Guan Xi You Chang Qi Fa Zhan De Ke Neng , Na Me Ta Jiu Geng Rong Yi Gen Ta Shang Chuang , Zuo Ai De Shi Hou Ye Hui Geng Tou Ru 。 Wei Liao Zhe Ge Mu De , Ta Men Hui Zuo Yi Xie Hen Gui De Shi 。 Ru Gao Su Ni Ta De Ma Ma Geng Xiang Yao Ge Nv Er Huo Shi Geng Xi Huan Nv Hai Zi ; Huo Zhe Gao Su Ni Ta Mai Liao Yi Tao Xin Fang Zi , Rang Ni Bang Ta Xuan Ze Zhuang Xiu Fang An 。 Na Me Zhe Ge Nv Ren Hen Ke Neng Li Ke Shu Shou Jiu Qin 。

    Shui Xian Bei Bo Huo , Shui Jiu Xian Shu 。 Nan Ren Hen Ming Bai Zhe Ge Dao Li 。 Yi Dan Ni Bu Jia Si Suo Di He Ta Shang Liao Chuang 。 Na Me Ni Jiu Hen Rong Yi Bei Ta Chi Si 。 You De Nan Ren Shen Zhi Shi Xian Huo Shi Hou Ti Xing Ni Bu Yao Tai Kuai Jiu Fan 。 Ni Hui Ren Wei Ta Shi Ge Hao Nan Ren 。 Shi Ni Zi Ji Zuo Cuo Liao 。 Da Cuo Te Cuo !!! Ta Zhi Shi Bu Xiang Fu Ze Ren , Jin Ci Er Yi 。

5、 Ruan Ruo 、 Xiao Qi , Wai Jia You Zhi 。

    Nv Ren Tong Chang Shan Yu Ba Nan Ren Xiang Xiang De Bi Zi Ji Gao Da 、 Yong Gan 、 Da Fang 、 You Zhu Jian 。 Dan Qi Shi Zhe Quan Shi Jia Xiang , Deng Ni You Liao Ge Er Zi Ni Jiu Hui Ming Bai De 。 Nan Ren He Nv Ren Xiang Xiang Zhong De Bu Yi Yang , Zhe Bu Shi Shi Me Nan Yi Jie Shou De Shi , Jiu He “ Nv Ren He Nan Ren Xiang Xiang Zhong Bu Yi Yang ” Yi Yang 。 Suo Yi , Wo Men Cai Xu Yao Duo Gou Tong , Duo Liao Jie , Bu Shi Me ?

Dui Fu Nan Ren , Nv Ren Ying Gai Yao Zhi Dao De !

Zhong Gao 1: Dui Ta You Qi Qiu Yao Shuo , Bu Ran Guo Liao Zhe Cun , Ke Jiu Mei Dian Liao 。

    Suo Yi Zai Ta De Mian Qian , Ni Ke Yi Shuo Chu Ni De Xiang Fa , Ni Xiang Yao De Gan Shou 。 Zhi Lai Zhi Qu , Bu Yao An Shi 。 Ye Bie Da Ya Mi , Nan Ren Mei Na Me Xi Ni 。 Ta Men Ke Neng Zai Ni Biao Yan Wan Liao Yi Fan Hou , Huan Bu Zhi Dao Ni Zai Shuo Shi Me 。 Bie Mo Leng Liang Ke , Bu Qing Bu Chu De 。 Diao Qing Shi Xing Gan , Dou Nong Shi Can Ren 。 Bie Rang Nan Ren Zai Liang Zhong You Huo Zhong Wang Ji Liao Dang Shi Chu Jian Shi Na Fen Ji Dong 。 Guo Yu Zhi Zhuo Yu Mou Yi Dian , Bi Sheng Yin Hen Zhong Sheng , Zai Xiang Mi Bu Jiu Nan Liao 。

Zhong Gao 2: Ta Ye Hui You Zi Ji De Xi Hao , Bu Yao Yong “ Ai ” Bi Ta Zuo Bu Xi Huan De Shi 。

    Nan Ren Xi Huan Gan Jing De Nv Ren 。 Dui Yu Ni De Nong Zhuang Yan Mo , Ta Geng Xin Shang Ni De Su Mian Chao Tian 。 Sui Ran Shi Dang De Zhuang Rong Shi Dui Ren De Li Mao , Ke Shi Guo Liao Bu Jiu Que Fa Zhen Shi Gan Liao Ma ? Zai Ta De Mian Qian Bu Yong Ru Ci De Yan Shi Zi Ji 。

Nan Ren Xi Huan Yun Dong , Xi Huan Jian Kang De Nv Ren , Xing Qi Ri Yi Wei Zhuo Ti Yu Shi Jian , Er Bu Zhi Shi Yi Ci Huo Er Ci , Huo Quan Tian De Ti Yu Yun Dong , Bi Ru : Guang Jie 、 Ni Zai Chuang Shang 。 Bu Yao Rang Ta Jue De Ni Hen Fan , Qi Shi Zhou Mo Ke Yi Yi Qi Zuo Xie Bi Ci Du Xiang Zuo De Shi Qing 。

Zhong Gao 3: Ni De Nan Ren Bu Shi Shen , Ye Hui You Xiao Mao Bing , Ke Shi Ni Ye De Rang Ta Zai Ni Mian Qian You Xin Xin 。

    Ji Zhu Ta De You Dian , Yi Wang Ta De Que Dian , Jing Chang Dui Ta De Cai Qi 、 Neng Li 、 Zuo Li Jia Yi Biao Yang , Er Dui Ta De Que Dian Chang Chang Hu Lue Bu Ji , Rang Ta You Ge Hao De Xing Xiang , Hao De Xin Qing 。 Nan Ren De Xin Bi Nv Ren Geng Xiao , Ye Hui Shou Shang , Suo Yi Bie Guo Huo De Wan Xiao 。 You Qi Shi Hui Jiang Di Ta Nan Xing Zun Yan De

Zhong Gao 4: Bie Lin Zuo Ni De Xiao Cong Ming , Dui Ni De Nan Ren Shi Me Fang Fa Du Shi Zhi De De 。

    Ou Er Shua Xie Xiao Cong Ming De Nv Ren , Ye Hui Rang Nan Ren Ai Bu Shi Shou , Zai Yi Xie Te Shu De Chang He Gei Ta Yi Fen Xiao Li Wu , Ru Sheng Ri 、 Ji Nian Ri , Ru Guo Shi Zai Mei You Li You Shi , Da Ke Yi Shuo “ Jin Tian Xing Qi Yi Wo Jiu Xiang Shuo Wo Ai Ni ”。 Gao Su Ta Ni Zai Ai Ta , Fa Zi Nei Xin De 、 Da Dan De 。 Rang Ta Jue De Ni Xiang Ta Xiang De Wang Liao Zi Ji De Cun Zai 。 Zhen Zhi Er Chun Jie De Ke Wang , Dui Nan Ren Lai Shuo Shi Zui Xing Gan De Zuo Li 。

Zhong Gao 5: Ba Wo Ni Shou Zhong De Biao Chi , Bie Ba Sa Jiao He Xia Nao Nong Hun Xiao Liao 。

    You Xie Xiao Que Dian De Nv Ren , Hui Gei Nan Ren Hen Zhen Shi De Lian Ai Gan Jue , Ke Shi , Ru Guo Ni Ba Ta Dui Ni De Zai Hu Dang Cheng Wu Li Qu Nao De Chou Ma , Na Me Ni Jiu Cuo Liao 。 Ren Xing Shi Sa Jiao De Yi Zhong Fang Shi , Ke Wu Li Qu Nao Jiu Shi Du Liu O 。

Xiao Xin Qing Ai Sheng Huo Zhong Ba Da Wei Xian

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-21
Bian Ji : Xiao Bian

        1。 Jing Luan Ji Teng Tong 。 Zui Chang Jian De Shi Xing Jiao Shi Da Tui Wai Ce Huo Xiao Tui De Ji Rou Jing Luan , Ye Jiu Shi Su Cheng De “ Chou Jin ”。 Fa Sheng De Yuan Yin Ke Neng Yu Xing Sheng Huo Shi Dong Zuo Guo Yu Ju Lie Ji Ji Rou Guo Du La Shen You Guan 。
  2。 Dui Xing Sheng Huo Guo Min 。 Niu Yue Da Xue Yi Xue Yuan Fu Chan Ke Jiao Shou Dai Bo Wen Na Bo Shi Tong Guo Dui Duo Li Xing Sheng Huo Guo Min Zhe Zuo Chu Zhen Duan Hou Zhi Chu : Guo Min De Fa Sheng Duo Shu Shi You Yu Dui Shuang Ru Jiao He Dui Qi Ta Bi Yun Yong Ju He Yao Wu Bu Shi Ying , Nv Xing Chang Hui Gan Dao Yin Dao Ci Tong 、 Shao Zhuo 。 Suo Yi Guo Min Bing Bu Shi Zhen De Dui Xing Xing Wei Ben Shen Guo Min 。 Yi Dan You Guo Min Fan Ying , Ke Yong Shui 、 Shi Mao Jin Huo Zhi Jin Ca Qu Huo Guan Xi Chu Qu Can Liu De Ye Ti 、 Shuang Ji Zhi Lei , Ran Hou Xi Ge Wen Shui Yu 。
  3。 Bi Yun Ju De Hua Luo 。 Ji Hu Suo You De Yi Hun Zhe Du Jing Li Guo An Quan Tao Po Lie Huo Yin Dao Ge Mo Hua Luo De Yi Wai 。 Fa Sheng Zhe Yang De Shi Wan Quan Bu Bi Jin Zhang , Zheng Que De Zuo Fa Shi :72 Xiao Shi Nei Kou Fu Liang Ci Shi Hou Bi Yun Yao ; Jia Ru An Quan Tao Tuo Luo Zai Yin Dao Nei , Zhi Xu Qing Qing Nie Zhu Qi Gen Bu Zhuai Chu Ji Ke 。
  4。 Jing Bu Teng Tong 。 Jing Bu Ji Rou Jiang Ying Huo Shi Qian La Rong Yi Fa Sheng Niu Shang , Ke Yong Yi Tiao Mao Jin Niu Cheng Yi Gu Wei Zai Bo Zi Zhou Wei , Bing Jiang Liang Duan Xi Jin , Lai Zhi Cheng Tou Bu Jian Qing Ji Rou De Fu Dan 。
  5。 Yin Dao Ge Mo Qu Bu Chu Lai 。 Yi Ban Qing Kuang Xia Xuan Zhuan Yin Dao Ge Mo Jiu Xiang Chuan Xie Dai Yi Yang Rong Yi 。 Dan You Shi Bi Jiao Ju Lie De Xing Dong Zuo Hui Jiang Yin Dao Ge Mo Tui Xiang Shen Chu , Yi Zhi Nan Yi Qu Chu 。 Dui Ci , Wei Sheng Ke Xue Jia Tui Jian De Zuo Fa Shi : Qu Dun Wei , Ran Hou Ping Zhu Hu Xi Shou Suo Fu Bu , Yin Dao Ge Mo Jiu Hui Bei Xiang Wai Tui Zhi Ke Yi Gou De Zhuo De Wei Zhi , Zi Ji Jiang Qi Qu Chu 。
  6。 Bei Bu Niu Shang 。 Wu Lun Shi Me Yuan Yin Huo Zi Shi Zao Cheng Bei Bu Teng Tong , Du Ying Li Ji Ting Zhi Xing Huo Dong 。 Zheng Chang De Xing Sheng Huo Shi Bu Ying You Teng Tong De 。 Xing Sheng Huo Zhong Bei Tong Duo Jian Yu Bei Bu Ji Qun Xiang Dui Jiao Bao Ruo De Nv Xing , Chu Li Fang Fa Shi Li Ji Qu Xi Ce Wo , Liang Xi Zhi Jian Fang Yi Ge Zhen Tou , Bing Ju Bu Leng Fu 。
  7。 Xing Sheng Huo Guo Du Yin Qi De Ma Fan —- Niao Lu Gan Ran 。 Zhe Shi Yi Ge Chang Jian De Wen Ti 。 Yi Ban Shuo Lai , Mei Zhou Da 4-5 Ci Huo Mei Ci Xing Sheng Huo De Shi Jian Tai Chang Du Suan Zai “ Guo Du ” Zhi Lie , Guo Du Xing Sheng Huo Zao Cheng Xi Jun Qin Ru Niao Dao Shen Zhi Shang Xing Bang Zuo , Dao Zhi Niao Lu Gan Ran 。
  8。 Pen Qiang Chong Xue 。 Nv Xing Zai Xing Xing Fen Shi , Da Liang Xue Ye Yong Ru Pen Qiang Zu Zhi Xing Cheng Chong Xue Zhuang Tai 。 Ru Guo Wei Neng Da Dao Xing Gao Chao , Ze Pen Qiang Chong Xue Zhuang Tai Xiao Tui De Hen Huan Man 。 Zhe Shi , Ni Ying Gai Ping Wo , Yong Yi Zhi Zhen Tou Ba Tun Bu Dian Gao , Mei Ci Ban Xiao Shi , Mei Ri 3-4 Ci , Ke Bang Zhu Xue Ye Fan Liu , Bi Yao Shi Ke Fu A Si Pi Lin Deng Kang Yan Yao Wu 。

Ni Liao Jie Ma ? Ji Qiao Fen Xiang Di Yi Ci Xing Ai De Cao Zuo Zhi Nan

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-01-31
Bian Ji : Xiao Bao

Hen Duo Ren Bu Yuan Yi Tan Xing De Zhe Xie Hua Ti , Que You Li Bu Kai Zhe Ge Hua Ti 。 Liang Hao Mo Qi De Xing Guan Xi Ye Shi Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhong De Wen Ding Ji Chu 。

Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo De Yi Yi Dui Yu Da Duo Shu Ren Lai Shuo , Shi Ren Sheng Zhi Guan Zhong Yao De Yi Bu 。 Sui Ran Xi Fang De Xing Jie Fang Yi Wei Zhuo Xing Sheng Huo Yu Hun Yin He Sheng Er Yu Nv Mei You Guan Xi , Dan Shi Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo Dui Ren He Ren Lai Shuo Reng Ran Shi Hen Zhong Yao De 。 Sui Ran Xing Sheng Huo Yu Xing Ji Su You Guan , Ji Wo Men Zhong De Hen Duo Ren , Te Bie Shi Chu Yu Qing Chun Qi De Ren Hui Zai Xing Ji Su De Qu Shi Xia Fa Sheng Xing Xing Wei , Dan Shi Wo Men Zhong De Da Duo Shu Ren Zhi Suo Yi You Xing Xing Wei Shi Yin Wei Gan Qing Fang Mian De Yi Yi 。

Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo Tong Chang Bei Shi Wei Cheng Shu De Biao Zhi 、 Cong Nv Hai Xiang Nv Ren Guo Du De Bu Zhou 、 Sheng Ming Zhong De Li Cheng Bei 。 Ta Ke Yi Biao Zhi Ni Zai Tong Ling Ren Zhong De Di Wei , Zhe Ye Ke Neng Shi Ni Bao Fu Fu Mu De Yi Zhong Fang Shi , Huo Zhe Shi Dui Zhong Shi Ban Lv De Yi Zhong Jiang Li 。 Er Shi Ji Shang , Wo Men Reng Ran Ren Wei Shi Qu Tong Zhen Shi Mi Qie Yu Ban Lv Guan Xi De Fang Fa 。 Ta Shi Ai Qing Da Dao Zui Gao Jing Jie De Biao Zhi 。

Hen Duo Nv Xing Shuo , Yin Wei Shi Zhen Er Jing Shen Shang Gan Dao Shi Wang ; Xing Sheng Huo Bi Ai Lian Geng Po Qie ; Ta Men Mei You Cheng Nian Nv Xing De Gan Jue , Que You Fan Zui Gan 。 Dan Shi , Da Duo Shu Nv Xing Neng Gou Ji Xu Yong You Yu Kuai Liang Xing Guan Xi —— Jian Li Mei Man Xing Sheng Huo De Guan Jian Shi Bi Ci Xin Ren De Ban Lv Da Cheng Gong Shi 。

[ Shi Ji Dui Ce ]

● Que Bao Ni De Ban Lv Liao Jie Ni Mian Dui Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo De Xin Qing ; Ru Guo Ke Neng Shi Xian Yu Ta Tan Yi Xia Ni De Gu Lv 。

● Wei Zi Ji Zuo Hao Qia Dang De An Pai , Bao Kuo Si Xia De Chang Suo He Chong Yu De Shi Jian 。

● Bi Yun Shi Que Bao Ni Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo Bu Huai Yun De Mi Mi 。

● Ru Guo Cong Wei Yong Guo Wei Sheng Mian Tiao , Ni De Yin Dao Jiang Jiao Jin 。 Ke Shi Qian Xian Cha Ru Yi Zhi Shou Zhi , Ran Hou Shi Di Er Zhi 、 Di San Zhi , Bing Xiang Xia Ya , Yi Kuo Zhan Yin Dao Kai Kou 。

● Xuan Ze Yi Ge Rang Ta Rong Yi Cha Ru De Ti Wei 。 Fen Kai Tui , Ru Guo Ke Neng Zai Tun Xia Fang Yi Ge Zhen Tou 。

● Ke Zai Ta De Yin Jing Shang Tu Tuo Ye Huo Zhe KY Jiao 。

● Wo Zhu Ta De Yin Jing , Bai Zheng Wei Zhi Bing Rang Ta Cha Ru ; Zhe Jiang You Zhu Yu Ni Gan Dao Zhang Wo Zhu Dong Bing Kong Zhi Jie Zou 。

● Jin Ru Shi , Shao Wei Xiang Xia Qing Tui Ta , Yi Mian La Jin Ni De Yin Dao Ji Rou 。

● Di Yi Ci Da Bu Dao Gao Chao —— Zhe Zhi Shi Yi Ci Lian Xi 。

[ Chu Nv Mo ]

Chu Nv Mo Shi Yin Dao Ru Kou Chu De Yi Zhong Pi Fu Zuo Zhou , Zhi Jian Yu Ren Lei He Ma , Kan Qi Lai Mei You Zhen Zheng De Sheng Wu Xue Yi Yi 。 Ru Guo Nv Xing Chu Sheng Shi Chu Nv Mo Bi Suo , Chu Chao Shi Xu Yao Qie Kai Chu Nv Mo Yi Rang Jing Xue Liu Chu 。

Ni Ke Neng Chu Sheng Shi Chu Nv Mo Jiu Bu Wan Zheng , Huo Hou Tian Yun Dong Shi Chu Nv Mo Lie Shang 。 Ru Guo Yi Qian Wei Po , Di Yi Ci Xing Sheng Huo Shi Chu Nv Mo Jiang Lie Shang Huo Bei La Shen 。 Ru Guo Lie Shang , Hui Chu Xian Yin Dao Liu Xue , Dan Shi You Xie Ren Bu Hui Chu Xian 。 Ru Guo Ni Mei You Liu Xue , Bu Yun Xu Ta Ren Zhi Ze Ni Bu Shi Chu Nv 。 Chu Nv Shi Zhi Mei You Jing Li Guo Cha Ru Zhe Yang De Xing Sheng Huo , Er Bu Shi Zhi You Wei Po De Chu Nv Mo 。

Shi Bu Shi Hen Chang Zhi Shi ? Xiao Bian Ye Zhen Jing Dao Liao 。 Hen Duo Shi Hou Wo Men Chang Chang Hu Lue Zhe Xie Xi Jie 。

Ni Liao Jie Ma ? Ji Qiao Fen Xiang Xiao Chu Chu Ci Xing Sheng Huo Kong Ju

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-20
Bian Ji : Xiao Bao

Zai Fu Qi He Xie De Sheng Huo Zhong , Xing He Xie Shi Bi Xu De Sheng Huo Ji Chu 。 Zhang Wo Yi Xie Xing Ji Qiao Dui Ti Sheng Fu Qi Gan Qing Zhi Guan Zhong Yao 。

Chu Ci Xing Sheng Huo Yin Guo Fen Kong Ju Er Hun Mi , Shu Yu “ Xing Kong Ju Zheng ”。 Zhe Zhong Qing Kuang De Fa Sheng , Zhu Yao Shi Que Fa Xing Zhi Shi Zao Cheng De 。 Ping Shi Dui Xing Sheng Huo De Zhi Shi Liao Jie Hen Shao , Dui Xing Huo Dong You Mo Ming Qi Miao De Kong Ju Gan , Ba Xing Jiao Xiang Xiang De Ke Pa 、 Tong Ku , Hui Liu Xue Bu Zhi 。 Hun Qian Xing Cheng De Zhe Zhong Kong Ju Qing Xu , Hui Jiao Ta Ba Jie Hun Dang Cheng Yi Zhong Wu Nai De Bao Fu 。 Zhe Yang , Xin Hun Ye De Chu Ci Xing Jiao , Chang Chang Hui Yin Wei Xin Niang De Kong Ju Er Shi Bai 。 Huan You Yi Xie Nv Qing Nian Shou Feng Jian Yi Shi De Ying Xiang Tai Shen , Zong Ren Wei Gen Nan Ren Shui Jue Shi Di Ji Xia Liu De , Shi Ang Zang De , Xing Jiao 、 Huai Yun , Na Geng Shi Nan Ren Xiang Shou , Nv Ren Shou Zui De Shi Deng Deng 。 Man Nao Zi Du Shi Zi Ji Bian Zhi De Zhong Zhong Jiao Lv Yu Kong Ju 。 Deng Dao Xin Hun Ye Xing Jiao Shi Rong Yi Chan Sheng Jiao Lv He Kong Ju , Dao Zhi Yin Dao Jing Luan , Yin Jing Wu Fa Cha Ru , Fa Sheng Xing Jiao Teng Tong , Yan Zhong De Huan Hui Chu Lai Xing Jiao Hun Mi 。

You De Ren De Xing Kong Ju Zheng , Bu Shi Xin Li Yin Su Zao Cheng De , Er Shi Shen Ti Ke Neng You Man Xing Ji Bing 。 Zhe Zhong Ren De Xing Ben Neng Shi Cun Zai De , Xing Yu Wang Huan Shi Qiang Lie De , Ke Yin Wei Que Fa Bi Yao De Xing Zhi Shi , Bu Hen Liao Jie Xing Sheng Huo Dui Man Xing Ji Bing Jiu Jing You Mei You Ying Xiang , You Duo Da Ying Xiang , Sheng Pa Xing Jiao Hui Shang Hai Shen Ti , Huo Jia Zhong Bing Qing , Dui Xing Jiao Hui Chan Sheng Xin Li Shang De Kong Ju Qing Xu , Zhe Zhong Qing Xu Ru Guo Bu Zhu Yi Ke Fu , Jiu You Ke Neng Shi Ai Qing De Huo Yan Man Man Leng Que , Nong Bu Hao , Huan Hui Yin Qi Shuang Fang Gan Qing De Lie Hen 。

You Xing Kong Ju Zheng De Xin Niang Shou Xian Yao Zhang Wo Xing Zhi Shi 。 Yu Ben He Bu An Chan Sheng Kong Ju , Zhi Shi He Bao Zhang Que Ju Jue Kong Ju 。 Xin Hun Fu Fu He Zhun Xin Niang 、 Zhun Xin Lang Zui Hao Gong Tong Yue Du Yi Xie You Guan Xing Zhi Shi De Shu Ji , Te Bie Shi Zhun Xin Niang , Geng Yao Mo Qing Nv Xing Xing Xin Li 、 Xing Fan Ying Deng Yi Xie Sheng Li 、 Xin Li Zhi Shi 。 Zhe Yang , Cai Neng Da Po Shen Mi Gan , Bi Ci Xiang Hu Jie Na , Xiang Hu Ti Liang 。

Xing Sheng Huo Zhong Yao Zhuan Yi Zhu Yi Li 。 Yao Xiang Ban Fa Ba Zi Ji De Zhu Yi Li Cong Kong Ju Dui Xiang Zhuan Yi Dao Bie De Di Fang Qu , Zhe Zhong Fang Fa De Xiao Guo Huan Shi Xiang Dang Hao De 。 Xin Lang Bu Yao Xing Ji , Fou Ze Hui Jia Ju Qi Zi De Kong Ju Xin Li , Yao Duo Yi Xie Wen Rou 、 Ti Tie 、 Fu Ai He Nai Xin 。 Zai Xing Jiao Qian , Duo Yu Qi Zi Jiao Liu Yi Xie Xing Sheng Huo Ren Shi Yu Gan Shou , Duo Shuo Yi Dian Er Qing Hua , Man Man Di 、 You Bu Zhou Di Ba Qi Zi De Xing Yu Ji Fa Qi Lai Zai Xing Jiao , Qian Wan Bu Yao You Cu Su 、 Lu Mang De Ju Dong , Geng Bu Neng Ji Ji Mang Mang Di Xing Jiao 。 Zai Xing Jiao Guo Cheng Zhong , Biao Xian Chu Kuan Rong 、 Ti Tie 、 Fu You Ai Xin , Ru Si Dui Qi Zi De Xing Kong Ju Gan Zheng You Yi 。

Yuan Lai Huan You Zhe Yang De Ji Qiao 。 Wei Xi He Xie Liang Hao De Xing Guan Xi , Fu Qi Shuang Fang Ren Ren Du Ying Nu Li 。

Shi Yong Xiao Ji Qiao Zui Shi He Zhong Guo Ren De Xing Ai You Xi

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-06
Bian Ji : Zuo Zuo

Zai Fu Qi He Xie De Sheng Huo Zhong , Xing He Xie Shi Bi Xu De Sheng Huo Ji Chu 。 Liang Hao Mo Qi De Xing Guan Xi Ye Shi Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhong De Wen Ding Ji Chu 。

Dui Yu Xing Ai Da Bu Fen Zhong Guo Ren Huan Shi Hen Bao Shou De 。 Dan Shi Zai Fu Qi Zhi Jian , Yi Xie Xiao Ji Qiao 、 Xiao Qing Qu Bu Jin Xiang Shou Dao Ke Yi Xiang Shou Xing Ai Huan Ke Yi Zeng Jin Fu Qi Gan Qing 。 Rang Wo Men Lai Kan Kan Shi He Zhong Guo Ren De Xing Ai You Xi Ba 。

Yi 、 Ying Er You Xi

Fu Qi Shuang Fang Ke Yi Jia Zhuang Cheng Er Tong , Fei Chang “ Hao Qi ” Di Cha Kan Dui Fang De Shen Ti He Xing Qi Guan ; Ye Ke Yi Xiang Ying Er Si Di Zuo Zuo Zi Yu , Ji Fa Dui Fang De Mu Ai Huo Fu Ai , Zhang Fu Ke Yi Xiang Ge Er Zi Si Di Tang Zai Qi Zi Huai Li “ Ren Xing 、 Shi Huai He Sa Ye ”, Bo Nong He Shun Xi Qi Zi De Ru Tou 。 Dui Yu Mei You Hai Zi De Qi Zi Lai Shuo , Zhang Fu De Shun Nai Shi Ta Ba Dui Wei Lai Hai Zi De Ke Wang Rong Hua Wei Dui Zhang Fu De Yi Pian Rou Qing , Dui Yi You Hai Zi De Qi Zi Lai Shuo , Zhang Fu Zui Chun De Wen Rou Chu Mo Huan Qi Liao Ta Xin Zhong Guo Qu Wei Yang Hai Zi Shi De Zhong Zhong Kuai Le De Hui Yi 。

Er 、 Ai Qing You Xi

Fu Qi Ke Yi Gong Tong Yue Du Yi Xie Ai Qing Zuo Pin , Gen Ju Gu Shi Qing Jie Zi Ji Ban Yan Li Mian De Zhu Ren Gong , Zai Wo Shi Nei Yan Chu 。 Ye Ke Yi Zi Ji Bian Zao Gu Shi Huo Gen Ju Shuang Fang De Lian Ai Jing Li Lai Yan Chu , Zhe Geng Neng Yin Qi Shuang Fang De Xing Qu 。 Zhe Xie “ Suan Tian Ku La Xian ” De Ai Qing Ti Yan , Ke Yi Jia Shen Fu Qi Dui Ren Lei Ai Qing De Li Jie , Zhen Xi Shuang Fang Mei Hao De Gan Qing , Zai Xing Zhi Gao Ang Zhi Shi , Yi Dan Yi Fang Ti Chu Xing Yao Qiu , Ling Yi Fang Wang Wang Hui Ji Ji Di Xiang Ying 。

San 、 Dong Wu You Xi

Fu Qi Mo Fang Dong Wu Zuo Xi 、 Da Nao 、 Xing Jiao De Dong Zuo , Lun Liu Yan Gei Dui Fang Kan , Jie Ci Yin Qi Dui Fang De Ha Ha Da Xiao , Song Chi Yin Qi Ta Shi You Er Beng Jin De Shen Jing , Bao Chi Yi Zhong Qing Song Yu Kuai You Mo De Xin Jing 。1973 Nian Chang Sha Ma Wang Dui San Hao Han Mu Chu Tu De 《 He Yin Yang 》 Yi Shu , Lun Shu Liao Shi Zhong Mo Fang Dong Wu Zuo Xi De Xing Jiao De Dong Zuo , Bing Cheng Zhi Wei “ Shi Jie ”。

Si 、 Luo Ti You Xi

Fu Qi Shuang Fang Chi Luo Quan Shen , Yao Me Zai Qing Rou Lang Man Yin Le De Ban Zou Xia , Tiao Zhuo Luo Ti Wu Dao ; Yao Me Xiang Yong Er Wo Shuo Zhuo Qing Hua , Xiang Hu Fu Mo Shen Ti ; Yao Me Jin Xing Xia Qi Bi Sai , Shu Yi Pan Tuo Yi Jian Yi Fu ; Huan Ke Yi Zai Rou He De Deng Guang Xia , Zhun Bei Yi Xie Jiu Cai , Bian Chi He Bian Liao Tian , Liao Tian De Shi Hou Bie Rang Yan Jing Xian Zhuo 。 Xu Yao De Shi Hou , Wei Ta Liao Liao Fa Shao , Bang Ta Mo Qu Chun Bian Can Liu De Cai Xie 。 Huo Xu Zhe Zhi Shi Yi Ge Chun Tan Xin De Ye Wan , Huo Xu Shi Yi Ye Chan Mian 。

Wu 、 Huan Xiang You Xi

Ren Yu Dong Wu De Cha Bie Jiu Zai Yu Ren You Xiang Xiang Li 。 Xing Sheng Huo Zhong Ruo Que Fa Liao Huan Xiang , Xing Xing Wei Zhi Neng Lun Wei Yi Xi Lie Dan Diao Fa Wei De Ji Xie Hua Dong Zuo 。 Yin Ci , Fu Qi Ke Yi Ba Dui Fang Huan Xiang Wei Re Lian Zhong De Qing Lv , Huo Yi Jian Zhong Qing De Mo Sheng Nan Nv , Zuo Zhuo Ge Zhong Dong Zuo Tiao Dou Dui Fang 。 Dan Fu Qi Shuang Fang Ying Shu Li Zhe Yang De Xin Nian :“ Yin ” Zhi Cun Zai Yu Hun Wai Wu Chi De Luan Jiao Zhi Zhong , Fu Qi Xing Ai Wu “ Yin ” Ke Yan 。 Zao Zai 20 Shi Ji Chu , Zhu Ming De Xing Yi Xue Jia Hai Mi Er Dun Jiu Gao Su Wo Men :“ Wu Lun He Zhong Xing De Xi Shua Fang Shi ; Jiu Xin Li De Li Chang Shuo , Shi Mei You Jin Ji De 。 Fu Qi Zhi Jian , Yi Qie Xiang Hu De Qin Zuo Xing Wei Shi Mei You Bu Dui De 。”

Xing Huo Dong Zhong De Ji Qiao Wo Men Hen Nan Tong Guo Lao Shi He Jia Chang Huo Qu 。 Hen Duo Shi Hou Xiao Xiao De Yi Xie Ji Qiao Jiu Neng Gen Da Cheng Du Shang Gai Shan Xing He Xie 。

Ji Ge Xiao Ji Qiao Rang Ni Geng Wan Mei Qing Wei Xing Nue Hui Geng Shi Nv Ren Geng Gao Chao

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-01-30
Bian Ji : A Tao

Xing Huo Dong Bu Dan Shi Ren Lei Fan Yan Sheng Xi De Guan Jian , Geng Shi Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhi Liang You Zhi Yu Fou De Bao Zheng 。 Xian Shi Sheng Huo Zhong Guan Xi Liang Hao De Fu Qi Zhi Jian Wang Wang You He Xie De Xing Guan Xi 。

Ye Xu Di Qiu Shang Mei Yi Ge Zheng Chang De Nan Ren Du Xi Huan Zai Xing Ai De Guo Cheng Zhong Pai Da Ta Hun Yuan De Tun Bu 。 Bu Guan Shi Nan Ren Xi Huan Zhe Zhong Gan Jue , Huan Shi Pai Da Neng Ci Ji Nv Xing Min Rui De Shen Jing , De Que , Zheng Que De Pai Da Fang Shi Neng Wei Xing Ai “ Jia Fen ” Bu Shao 。

Bu Shi Zen Yang De Pai Da Du Neng Qi Dao Zheng Mian De Xiao Guo , Du Neng Huan Qi Nv Xing De Re Qing 。 Zai Xu Ni De Ju Qing Li , Ye Xu Ru Ci , Dan Zai Xian Shi Sheng Huo Zhong , Ni De Xian Liao Jie Ta Shi Fou Xi Huan Zi Ji De Pi Pi Bei Da 。 Ru Guo Ta Ping Shi Bi Jiao Xi Huan Ni Cai Qu Zhu Dong , You Ni Chu Zai Zhang Kong De Wei Zhi , Na “ Da Pi Pi ” Ying Gai Shi Ge Hao Zhu Yi 。

Zheng Que De Pai Da Fang Shi , Guan Jian Shi Yao Zhang Wo “ Shi Me Shi Hou 、 Yi Zen Yang De Pin Lv Pai Da ”。

Yong Shi Me Da

Zai Ni Shi Yong Pai Zi , Xiao Pi Bian , Huo Qi Ta Dao Ju Zhi Qian , Jian Yi Ni Xian Yong Zi Ji De Shuang Shou 。 Bu Jin Ni Ke Yi Gan Jue Ta Mei Miao De Pi Fu , Ta Ye Ke Yi Gan Jue Dao Ni Shuang Shou De Wen Nuan He Ai Yi 。

Wen Rou De Kai Shi

Mei You Yi Ge Zheng Chang De Nv Xing Yi Kai Shi Jiu Xi Huan Cu Lu Da Li , Ni He Ta Du De Yong Xin Xiang Shou Kai Shi Shi De Wen Rou Guo Cheng ……

Ni He Ta De Zi Shi

Yu Re Hou , Ni Ke Yi Diao Zheng Yi Xia Zi Ji He Ta De Zi Shi , Rang Ni De Shuang Shou Geng Jia Ling Dong Zi You 。 Ni Bu Dan Zhi Ke Yi Pai Ta De Pi Pi , Bei Ji He Da Tui Ye Shi Ni Ke Yi “ She Lie ” De Di Fang 。

Pai Zhi You Du

Yao Ji Zhu Ni Xia Shou De Di Fang Ying Gai Yong Yuan Shi Ta “ You Rou De ” Di Fang , Er Qie Li Du Shi Shao Wei You Dian Ci Tong , Dan Geng Duo De Shi Kuai Gan 。 Zai Ni Da Suan Jia Zhong Li Qi Zhi Qian , Zui Hao Xian Mo Ca Yi Xia Na Ge Di Fang 。

Bie Kai Kou Shuo Duo Yu De Hua

Zhe Shi , Ni Wu Xu Wen Ta “ Tong Ma ?”“ Wo Ke Yi Da Li Yi Dian Ma ?” Zhe Yang Yu Chun De Wen Ti , Yin Wei Ni Wan Quan Ke Yi Cong Ta De Fan Ying Dang Zhong Kan Chu 。

Shi Bu Shi Hen Chang Zhi Shi ? Xiao Bian Ye Zhen Jing Dao Liao 。 Zuo Wei Zhu Dong Fang De Nan Ren , Bu Neng Zhi Ding Zhuo Guo Cheng He Jie Guo , Ying Gai Zhang Kong Quan Ju , Zai Yi Zhi Liang 。

Ji Ge Xiao Ji Qiao Rang Ni Geng Wan Mei 21 Zhong You Ji Qing De Xiao Hun Diao Qing Xing Ai Fang Shi

Geng Xin Ri Qi :2019-02-02
Bian Ji : Xiao Du

Xing Huo Dong Bu Dan Shi Ren Lei Fan Yan Sheng Xi De Guan Jian , Geng Shi Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhi Liang You Zhi Yu Fou De Bao Zheng 。 Xing Guan Xi Shi Fu Qi He Xie De Zhong Yao Guan Xi 。

Fu Qi Zhi Jian De Xing Ai , Yao Guo De Wan Mei , Rang Xing Sheng Huo Chong Man Ji Qing , Rang Xing Sheng Huo Geng Jia Wan Mei He Xie , Qing Xue Xi Yi Xia Xia Mian 21 Zhong Bi Jiao You Qing Qu De Diao Qing Fang Shi Ji Fa Ni Men Fu Qi Zhi Jian De Xing Yu 。

01、 Ta Bang Zhu Wo De Shou , Ran Hou Jiao Wo Yong Kou Gei Ta Tuo Yi Fu 。 Kui Ta Xiang De Chu 。 Dan Wu Ke Fou Ren Zhe You Xi Hen Guo Zuo 。

—— Wang Xian Sheng ,30 Sui , Zhu Ce Hui Ji Shi

02、 Nv You Chuan Xing Gan Nei Yi , Zai Wo Mian Qian Tiao Wu …… Fang Yin Le , Bing Yao Qing Wo Yi Qi 。 Yu Shi Chuan Zhuo Nei Yi De Liang Ge Ren Yi Qi Tiao Wu Re Shen 。

—— A JOE,27 Sui , Gao Ji Fan Yi

03、 Yin Wei He Lao Gong Fen Ju Liang Di , Suo Yi Wo Mei Tian Du Zi Pai Shu Ma Zhao Pian Chuan Gei Ta Kan 。 Dang Ran Shi Bao Lu De La , Shen Zhi …… Quan Luo A 。 Zhe Yang Ta Jiu Bu Yong Kan Qi Ta Dong Xi Yi Man Zu Sheng Li Xu Yao 。 Er Qie , Wo Yao Rang Ta Kan Wo Shi Zen Yang Wei Ta Man Man Bian Lao De 。

—— A Feng ,27 Sui , Yin Xing Zhi Yuan

04、 Ta Yi Bian He Wo Zuo Ai , Yi Bian Xu Gou Yi Ge Di San Zhe , Yong Xing Gan De Sheng Yin Gou Qi Wo De Xing Huan Xiang He Cuo Jue , Rang Wo Fang Fo Zhen De Zhi Shen Yu 3P You Xi Zhi Zhong 。

—— Yuan Qiang ,24 Sui , Da Xue Sheng

05、 Ta Zhun Bei Liao Liang Tiao Xiao Mao Jin , Shi Liao Shui , Liang Ren Ge Han Yi Tiao 。 Zai Jie Zhuo De Zuo Ai Zhong , Liang Ren Quan Cheng Yi Ju Hua Du Mei Shuo , Yi Sheng Du Mei Jiao 。 Mou Xie Ya Yi Fan Er Geng Zhu Chang Ji Qing , Na Wan Ling Wo Men Wu Bi Nan Wang 。

—— Li Xiao Jie ,28 Sui , Zhu Chi Ren

06、 Wo Sheng Ri Na Tian Ta Mai Liao Yi Ge Shuang Ren Yao Yi Hui Jia 。 Wan Shang Wo Lia Jiu Tang Zai Yao Yi Shang Yi Bian Yao Yao Huang Huang Dang Lai Dang Qu Yi Bian Zuo Ai , You Dian Xuan Yun , Xiang Shi He Liao Jiu Yi Yang , Fei Chang Te Bie 。

——Sabina,26 Sui , Lv Shi Zhu Li

07、 Qing Ren Jie Na Tian , Wo Men Fen Ju Liang Di Bu Neng Xiang Ju 。 Wan Shang Wo Du Zi Dao Jiu Ba He Jiu 。 Tu Ran Ta Da Dian Hua Gei Wo , Jiao Wo Dao Nan Ce Qu 。 Ran Hou Zai Na Li , Ta Zai Dian Hua De Ling Yi Tou Yong Xing Gan De Sheng Yin You Huo Wo , Wo De Shen Ti Hen Kuai Jiu You Liao Fan Ying 。

—— Da Tou Dong ,33 Sui , Bao Xian Gong Si Jing Li

08、 You Ci Nv You He Wo Wan Liao Yi Ge You Xi , Yong Wei Jin Bang Zhu Wo De Shuang Shou He Shuang Jiao , Ran Hou Re Lie Di He Wo Qin Wen , Bu Duan Di Tiao Dou Wo , Dan Jiu Shi Bu Rang Wo “ Dong Shou ”。 Gao De Wo Yu Huo Fen Shen 。 Zhi Dao Liang Ge Xiao Shi Hou , Wo Cai Zhong Yu Zheng Tuo Shu Fu , Da Shi “ Shou Jiao ”。

——Tony,29 Sui , Guang Gao Ren

09、 Na Tian Wo Zheng Zai Hua Zhuang , Ta Cong Shen Hou Jin Yong Wo 。 Wo Sui Shou Jiu Zhua Qi Yi Zhi Shua Mao Feng Hou De Fen Shua , Qing Qing Liao Ta De Lian Bu 、 Er Gen …… Gu Pen He Da Tui Nei Ce , Ta Zui Hou Gen Wo Shuo Cong Lai Mei Shi Guo Ru Ci You Huo 。 Yu Shi Wo Hou Lai You Chang Shi Guo Xie Shua 、 Ya Shua ……

——Mimi,29 Sui , Mei Rong Shi

10、 Wo De Qian Nv You Xi Huan Xi Wan Zao Hou , Zhan Zai Wo Mian Qian , Rang Wo Yi Dong Bu Dong Di Kan Zhuo Ta Chi Luo Zhuo Shen Ti , Man Man Di Zai Shen Shang Tu Mo Run Fu Ru , Chuan Shang San Dian Shi Nei Yi , Zai Chuan Shang Xing Gan Tou Shi Shui Qun 。 Zui Hou , Wo Cai Neng Kai Shi Dong Shou Tuo Guang Ta De Yi Fu 。

—— Yang Zi ,30 Sui , Di Chan Jing Ji

Liang Ren Mei Ci Fan Yun Fu Yu , Zhong Fu De Dong Zuo , Zhong Fu De Cheng Xu , Zhong Fu De Gan Jue , Shi Fou Gan Jue Yue Lai Yue Ma Mu ?21 Ge You “ Xing Qu ” Er Qie You Chuang Yi De Ren , Pi Lu Zi Ji De Du Jia Mi Fang —— Ru He Ling Zi Ji Geng Jia Xing Gan , Ru He Bao Chi Liang Ren Zhi Jian “ Xing ” Qu Ang Ran , Ru He Rang Mei Yi Ci De Ji Qing Geng Jia Chong Man Chuang Yi Yu Xin Yi 。 Xiao Xiao De Chuang Yi Ke Neng Hui Da Da Gai Shan Ni Men De Guan Xi , Bing Qie Ling Dui Fang Nan Wang Nan She —— Ni De Xing Gan 。

11、 Wo Lao Po You Shi Hui Jia Zhuang Ban Yan Nv Yong , Huo Zhe You Xi Li De Nv Zhu Ren Gong , Jiao Se Ban Yan You Xi Ling Wo Men De Zuo Ai Geng Jia Ci Ji You Qu 。

—— Cheng Ge ,28 Sui , Jiu Zhi Wang Luo Gong Si

12、 Ta Zhi Chuan Zhuo Yi Tiao Wei Qun Zai Chu Fang Li Wei Wo Zhang Luo Wan Can 。 Jiu Xiang 《 Dong Jing Ai Qing Gu Shi 》 Li De Qing Jie Yi Yang 。

—— A Jia ,28 Sui , Zi You Zhuan Gao Ren

13、 Wo Jia You Si Jia Yong Chi 。 Yu Shi Wan Shang , Wo Men Hui Zai Yong Chi Nei Chang Yong , Jie Zhuo Zai Shui Di Kuan Yi Jie Dai 。

—— Yan Shi Fu Fu ,35 Sui , Di Chan Jie Shang Ren

14、 Jiang Yi Kuai Shi Tou Fang Zai Wei Bo Lu Li Jia Re Da Yue 5 Miao Zhong , Mo Shang Qu Wei Re , Yong Ta Qing Fu Ta De Shou Zhi Feng Jian 、 Jiao Zhi Feng Jian , Zhe Yang Ke Yi Ci Ji Xue Dao , Ke “ Zhu Xing ”。

—— Su Shan ,31 Sui , She Ji Shi

15、 Ta Ding Zuo Liao Yi Kuai Hen Da De Jing Zi 。 Ping Shi Fang Zai Yu Shi Li , Guan Jian Shi Ke Jiu Kao Zai Wo Men Chuang Bian De Qiang Shang 。 Wo Men Ke Yi Qing Qing Chu Chu Di Kan Dao Zi Ji Ji Qing De Dong Zuo 、 Zi Ji Xing Gan De Shen Ti He Zi Ji Xing Fen De Biao Qing 。 Jiu Hao Xiang Jing Zi Li Zai Bo Zhuo Yan Qing Dian Ying , Er Zhu Jiao Zheng Shi Wo Men Zi Ji 。

——May Jie ,29 Sui , Jiu Zhi Mo Te Gong Si

16、 Wo De Nv You Hen Xiao Qiao Ling Zuo , You Shi Ta Hui Rang Wo Ping Tang Zai Chuang Shang , Ran Hou Tu Ran Zheng Ge Ren Fei Pu Dao Wo Shen Shang , Zhong Zhong Di Ya Xia Lai 。 Wo Hui Gan Jue Dao Meng Lie Yi Ji , Quan Shen Xiang Bei Lei Ji Zhong Yi Yang , Yu Huo Hen Kuai Dian Ran 。

—— A Lei ,30 Sui , Xiao Shou Jing Li

17、 Wo You Shi Hui Dui Qi Ta Nan Ren Chan Sheng Xing Huan Xiang , Tong Chang Wo Hui Pian Ta Shuo Wo Zuo Wan Zuo Liao Yi Ge Chun Meng , Ran Hou Jiang Wo Dui Qi Ta Nan Ren De Xing Huan Xiang Yuan Feng Bu Dong Di Miao Shu Chu Lai 。 Ta Ting Hou Da Shou Ci Ji , Yi Zhi Yu Xia Ci Zuo Ai Shi Geng Jia Mai Li , Er Qie Bian Huan Hua Yang 。

—— Xing Nv ,28 Sui , Xin Wen Gong Zuo Zhe

18、 Wo Yi Zhi Du Nan Yi Wang Ji Na Nian Wo De Sheng Ri , Nv You Yong Dan Gao Tu Man Quan Shen , Ran Hou Wo Lang Tun Hu Yan Di Kai Shi Ren Yi Pin Wei 。

—— Tian Sheng ,26 Sui , Jiu Zhi Jian Zhu Gong Si

19、 Nv You Chuan Liao N Tiao Ku Zi , Chang Ku Tao Zai 7 Fen Ku Wai ,7 Fen Ku Tao Zai Qi Xi Ku Wai , Qi Xi Ku Tao Zai Duan Ku Wai , Duan Ku Tao Zai Nei Ku Wai …… Ran Hou Xing Gan Di Zai Wo Mian Qian Da Tiao Yan Wu 。 Mei Tuo Yi Tiao Jiu Chun Guang Zha Xie Yi Dian 。 Ta Jiu Ru Mei Ren She Yi Yang Jiao Yan Di Tui Pi 。

——Jim,31 Sui , Jiu Zhi Chang Pian Gong Si

20、 Ta Jing Chang Zai Jia Yi Bian Chang Zi Ji Luan Zuo De Ge Yi Bian Tiao Wu Gei Wo Kan , Yi Bian Chang :“ Wo Tiao Ge Wu Gei Ni Kan , Wo Tiao Ge Wu Gei Ni Kan , Wo Tiao Ge Wu Gei Ni Kan Yi Kan Lai , O O O O ” Yi Bian Tuo Yi Zhuang 。

—— A En ,27 Sui , Mei Ti Ren

21、 Ta You Ci Ju Ran Yong Wo Ping Shi Tiao Dou Ta De Fang Shi Fan Guo Lai Tiao Dou Wo , Mo Fang Wo Shuo Fa De Yu Qi 、 Dong Zuo , Sao Rao Wo Ping Shi Sao Rao Ta De Bu Wei 。 Wo Jue De You Xie Bu Hao Yi Si , Dan Zhe Zhong Re Shen Hen You Xiao 。

——Bill,27 Sui , Wu Ye You Min 。

You Ci Ke Jian , Jian Dan De Ji Qiao Jiu Neng Ti Sheng Xing Sheng Huo De Zhi Liang 。 Mei Ge Ren Du Ying Zai Fu Qi Sheng Huo Zhong Fu Qi Ze Ren , Nu Li Ying Zao Geng He Xie De Xing Guan Xi 。