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Busy life lets MM also live the turn of life

To young woman, the turn of life leaves him very distant still it seems that, that should be the problem that meeting of 559 years old of ability faces. But actually, this one circumstance is producing a change stealthily.

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According to document report, the young woman of 30% is in 27% ~ to enter the range of recessive the turn of life prematurely.

The turn of life of our country woman is in more 40 ~ is 60 years old, symptom of the turn of life happens in moreMenopauseAround 2 ~ 3 years, degree of the age that the symptom appears, duration, weight because of the person different. The turn of life is the arrival as menopause, plant nerve function appears disorder, cause a series of unwell symptoms.

The female is ovarian in periodic oviposit while, still secreting the female sex hormone that can keep female youth beauty and energy. Once appear ovarian function is unusual, the exudation of sex hormone also can appear unusual, can produce menstruation not only disorder, hemal easy shrinks the change of mood of symptom, spirit, Sleep-disorder, resistance drops, still can cause memory to drop, the skin grows spot, skin to wait for a series of problems flabbily.


Female of modern city white-collar often faces busy fast rhythm life, a few young women appear with respect to meeting shift to an ealier time symptom of recessive the turn of life, include often hectic fever of be perturbed, body, menstruation is disorder etc. Investigation shows, in white-collar female of many years old 30, the person of 30% is existing the phenomenon of recessive the turn of life of different level. All these in the final analysis is by ovarian function premature exhaustion is caused.

If cannot get seasonable cure,ovarian function ebbs prematurely, can make young woman appearsOsteoporosis, qualitative metabolization of cardiovascular pathological changes, fat is disorder, Insomnia, hectic fever, Night sweatEtc. A lot of females for lack of professional knowledge, ebb to ovarian function and pay no attention to, think not to come menstruation is relaxed, arrive far fromHospitalCure. Some white-collars female arrived to bear the age to discoverStop classicsInfecund ability sees a doctor to the hospital. These patients are in imperceptible in missed the optimal treatment opportunity that postpones ovarian decline.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Middleaged period female this how health care?

Healthy body, good mentation, it is the assurance with career success and perfect and happy family. Adult is the pillar of social backbone, family. Contribution should be made more in working as a result of them, with all round the crowd has society, want to respect old Yo again in the home young responsibility. The conflict of social part, make no matter this one crowd is in on physical strength still pay on spirit very big, together with actuating pressure is great, lifestyle is undesirable, the body and mind that injuring middleaged person badly is healthy. Consequently, reasonable arrangement good job, life, study and motion, cast off the unpleasantness on affection hard, can maintain health of body and mind effectively, avoid to enter the range of crowds of all sorts of urgent, chronic tall danger.

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The person arrives middleaged should notice ego health care, regard healthy body as oneself fortune, should be in charge of doubly to health of oneself body and mind with protection.

Above all, should notice health care, answer pressure actively, the foot that rein in lives, or change lifestyle, the special craft that is interested through light outdoors activity or oneself comes slow down pressure, stretch body and mind, prevent disease of body and mind.

Next, it is reason dominates a sentiment. When reason and affection have conflict, want to be good at accomplishing comfortable affection of reasonable, suitable manage, know the inside story to enter put in order, the balance between institutional adjustment reason, maintain good mentation, accomplish Chang Le of content with one’s lot, can maintain mental health.

Have again, want to use a brain scientificly, be particular about uses cerebral sanitation, scramble pass the time in a leisurely way waste time is the least mental and produce its biggest effect. Middleaged person is loading the dual role of society and family, no matter physical strength or brainworker, a lot of things need to use a brain, accordingly, pay attention to the sanitation that use a brain, can develop optimal function of the head.

Additional, should accomplish strengthen campaign. Motion can lay in vitality, retain exuberant working energy and ability, improvement breathes a function, enhance systaltic power, quicken haemal circulation, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at bone, defer consenescence.

Anyhow, maintain health of body and mind to should try hard to accomplish ” 3 balances ” , be used up namely and the balance between supply, sleep with wake become aware the balance between, balance between spirit and body.


Middleaged female should master into appetite appropriately on food, if eat undeserved, activity to decrease, suffer from very easilyFat disease, Diabetic, Hypertensive, cardiovascular disease. Maintain use up and the balance between supply, need to absorb enough high grade protein, if breed kind, fish, lean lean, egg, bean products, contain a lot ofin order to maintain cellular function and the constituent; vegetable inside long complement, fruit and cornMineralWith the vitamin, can make the body retains vigor, precautionConstipation; increases to be absorbed calcicly can prevent effectivelyOsteoporosis. Additional, NervousAfter labor, should assure enough sleep, every night the Morpheus with 6-8 quiet hour, can maintain sleep with wake become aware the balance; body betweenFatigueCan be adjusted after with mental work, mental exhaustion can undertake manual activity adjusts, in order to maintain the balance between spirit and body.

Middleaged female should hold to in order to haveOxygenMotion is given priority to, the attention answers when motion: 1, add carry momentum gradually, speed and force want appropriate;2, prevent athletic excess, with feeling tired and advisable;3, if weight is overweight, and those who have cardiovascular disease is familial history or it is sedentary job, after should passing checkup, will undertake taking exercise according to athletic prescription.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Health care of green girl health

Should not be unplug eyebrow draw eyebrow. Brow has the effect that holds back sweat, dust and protective eye. The girl’s brow has not grow completely development is all ready, unplug eyebrow and draw eyebrow are equal to at this moment get rid of eye eye protective screen, make dust, bacterium falls continuously without block ground orbit, contract eye disease easily. Unplug the nerve ending all round brow cross-eye the socket of eye is a kind of evil sexual excitement, what can cause eye flesh to move is maladjusted, cause the skin is flabby all round orbit, appear easily furrow andEyelid is flagging, after manhood more influence hairdressing.

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2 the unfavorable Dai Zhui that bind side. The girl’s ear is delicate, the side that binds ear Dai Zhui to be able to cause a person to be at this moment is traumatic, still have bring bacterium to cause infection fester or be caused into bodyTetanicdangerous. According to the report, kabul city of Afghanistan, the tetanic patient that has 16% is caused by Za Er.

3 unfavorable wear heavy make-up. The skin of human body whole body shares sweat aperture 20 million above, excrete the trash inside about 15 thousand body by sweat aperture everyday. The girl wears heavy make-up cosmetics, undoubted block the eduction of the trash inside body, affect temperature adjustment not only so, cause easily still ” cosmeticMacula” , development of influence face flesh and strong and handsome.

4 should not be bundle of bosom. Bundle the movement that the bosom can affect costal, breastbone and midriff muscle, affect the normal growth of normal breath and bosom, make pectoral outline narrow, vital capacity is small, still can affect the lactation after mammary development and marriage, serious person can cause a breast benign simple table thrombus andPhlebitisWait for a disease.

5 unfavorable do not wear bra. Some girl breasts already growth is very big still do not wear bra, time grew, the breast is easy and flabby flagging, the normal blood inside cloggy mammary gland circulates, cause haemal Yu sluggish of the part, cause violent campaign of mammary disease; to make the breast gets easily alsoTraumaticAnd cause mastitis.

6 unfavorable spur mammary growth with hormone. Some girls disrelish a breast small, and takeEstrogenSpur mammary growth, although have temporary effect, but time grows, can make possibility of body of neck of mammary gland, vagina, palace, uterus, ovarian cancered increases. Abusive estrogen is caused easily not onlyDisgusting, Vomit, Anorexia, still can bring aboutThe uterus bleeds, Uterine hypertrophy, menstruation (official holiday) damage with function of liver, kidney mussily.

7 unfavorable and long-term use breast of strong and handsome abundant to cream. Some girls disrelish mammary development difference, daub is strong and handsome abundant breast creams make a breast plump, increase, use for a long time can cause period (official holiday) not tone, pigment atrophy of ad cool-headed, skin attenuates, still can make hepatic enzymatic system disorder, biliary acerbity synthesis decreases, form cholesterol stone easily.

8 unfavorable wear play pants high. Play pants high to wrap crotch, buttock and ham closely, know the difference that appear a gender, affect blood and lymphatic loop, it is normal that cloggy joint extends Qu Heshen system development, and cause a girl extremely easilyVulvitis, appearVulva Sao is urticant, aching, red, catch because of scratching can make pubic skin is shown diffuse qualityUlcer, the difficulties after micturition more very, inguinal lymph node is intumescent because of infection, aching.


9 unfavorable wear cusp high-heeled shoes. Girl toe is soft tender, wear cusp high-heeled shoes for a long time, squash not only attrition toe, still cause crural disease. This kind of foot is ill, painful disease of high-heeled shoes Zhi is called on medicine. Wear high-heeled shoes all the year round, drive up of sufficient an old unit of length for measuring land, increase, when walking, sufficient needle is forced to squash to ahead, cause and the hemal tube wall that Zhi nerve companion goes is added thick, form local thrombus, cause sufficient Zhi nerve to be short of blood, denaturation, or form embed armour, bear hard sorely, defect of aged the rear foot is more, more serious.

10 unfavorable and long-term with food of mastication of a side tooth. With the passing of time creates strain of a side tooth easily, facial development asymmetry, damage strong and handsome.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

How does pregnancy accurate mom choose milk?

Pregnant woman is between gestation, want to maintain the nutrient need of oneself not only, even contented and fetal growth development and uterus and placenta the growth demand that wait, make good nutrition preparation for childbirth and postpartum lactation at the same time, accordingly, its are in to nutrient need go up with the quantity character relatively blame pregnant woman is tall.

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Milk and its goods have rich nutrient value because of its is the indispensable one part in pregnant woman diet. Full of beautiful things in eyes of the dairy produce on the market, sort is various now, because of all kinds dairy produce is on nutrient composition,have bigger distinction, suit the nutrition of different crowd to need so. If the choice is undeserved, have the effect that is less than compensatory nutrition not only, bring the trouble that expect is less than possibly instead. Now, we are askedDoctorThe problem that often mentions with respect to pregnant mom is made solve, so that pregnant mom basis needs right choice.

Ask: Can tall calcic grandma, low fat grandma choose? Answer: Some pregnant woman think milk is adipose content is high, concern drinks chairman for a long time fat, because this chooses low fat,suckle defatted even grandma. The adipose proportion that contains in milk actually is not high, ox of every 100 grams contains 3-4 gram about in the grandma, and after milk is defatted, composition of among them nutrition of etc of vitamin of fat dissolve sex decreases substantially, so to most pregnant woman it is not to suit drinkable. Additional, detect according to professional branch, the milk of each brand contains calcium to measure difference and not quite, and some production manufacturer is the psychology that caters to consumer, inorganic calcium was added in milk, and say ” tall calcic grandma ” , and actually human body absorbs these calcium very few, as time passes, precipitate possibly still inside body, form stone.

Ask: Which should yoghurt and bright grandma choose? Answer: Because its are fresh,delicacy is suckled, nutrient composition is destroyed very few, reason nutrition value is higher, but defect is easy the metamorphism that be mixed by pollution, large supermarket should go as far as possible when reason is bought, select the product of well-known company. But, partial human body in the absense ofLactose is enzymaticOr on the low side of lacteal carbohydrase active, the lactose in the grandma cannot be decomposed in alvine path, and ferment 2 generation is manyOxygenChange carbon, bring aboutAbdominal distension, Diarrhoea, call ” lactose is not able to bear or endure disease ” . Lactic acid bacili is joined to ferment in bright milk and yoghurt is become, because its clot is small, among themMineralBe absorbed more easily calcic, iron, zinc, can restrain the pathogenic bacteria in alvine path already at the same time, can stimulate alvine path peristalsis again, have effect to alvine function thereby. Do not be able to bear or endure to lactose so for the pregnant woman that get, yoghurt is a right choice.


Ask: Does pregnant puerpera drink battalion of recipe milk powder to cure? Answer: A lot of people think the nutrient value of milk powder is inferior to bright grandma, the recipe milk powder that fits requirement of different crowd nutrition in the market now actually is in treatment, of all kinds nutriment includes protein, mineral can withhold with major vitamin. And the aggrandizement of recipe milk powder that is aimed at pregnant puerpera technically a variety of vitamins ifFolic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin DEtc, a variety of mineral include calcic, iron, zinc to wait, still added the DHA that promotes fetal cerebra and retinal growth additionally, accordingly to pregnant woman, its nutrition value is taller.

Ask: What do lactobacillus beverage, lactic acid beverage and yoghurt have to differ? Answer: Water dilute is added on the foundation of yoghurt and lactobacillus beverage is become, lactic acid beverage is by inadequacy the milk of 20% , dripping lactic acid while fast agitate, form subtle protein clot and make. Two kinds added candy, CitricAcerbity, flavor, antiseptic, nutrient value cannot place on a par completely with yoghurt, and better as a result of mouthfeel, easy drinkable excessive, not only cannot get enough nutrition, and easy effect is normal prandial, because candy is divided,absorb easily still at the same time overmuch and bring about pregnant woman fat or blood sugar heighten. Accordingly, broad pregnant woman and family member are being bought and when edible milk products, must see the category of clear product, be ” grandma ” or ” beverage ” , so that make right choice.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

Leave endocrine begins from good convention mussily

Endocrinopathy is the trouble of a lot of people. Indescribable get fat, those who face a sweetheart is impatient, all over the face small blain. . . . . . Because your endocrine gave an issue,the hidden trouble in these lives perhaps is. . . . . . Below, small make up recommend for you 7 bigHealth careCabala, make endocrine darling and obedient.

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Cabala one: Soya bean is inherent the good friend that is a woman

A large number of plants are contained in soya bean and bean productsEstrogen, in precautionBreast cancerThe respect acts important role, especially soya bean, can alter the hormone inside body secrete.

   Clinical medicineConsider to show, soya bean and bean products have the effect that balances the estrogen inside body, become when the estrogen inside body is too low, soya bean or bean products can make it increases, but become when estrogen is too tall, soya bean or bean products also can make it decreases.

Cabala 2: Can not stay up late

Morpheus inadequacy can bring about metabolism maladjusted. Often stay up late or the person with abnormal work and rest often is gotten not only particularly fast, health also can be damaged badly, can not stay up late as far as possible so! Every night Morpheus hour or the 4 people that are not worth 4 hours, body metabolism is inCarbohydratethe problem can appear on processing.

Want to improve Morpheus quality, can the 2 ~ before go to bed are entered inside 3 hoursAll rightTake exercise, can make Morpheus keeps smooth. In the meantime, before sleepBubbleThe hot bath perhaps drinks a cup of hot milk to also have profit.

Cabala 3: I love bubble bath


Bubble bath is to maintain body and mind to balance one of the simplest methods, use high temperature to enter the means of bath repeatedly, can promote vasomotor, dilate. Every time bubble bath 3 minutes, rest 5 minutes reentry bath, repeat 3 times, can be in imperceptible in use up a large number ofEnergy, the effect is equivalent to cantering one kilometer. In the meantime, bubble bath also can promote old old cutin to update, maintain skin smooth and meticulous.

ButHeartBad person does not suit constant bubble hot bath, might as well the sanitarian sound strategy that tries a tradition — hotBlebFoot, can make crural ministry capillary outspread, blood of stimulative whole body circulates, achieve gymnastical goal at the same time.

Is sanitary towel the chief culprit of inflammation of department of gynaecology?

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The expert reminds: Fasten credulous advertising exaggerated conduct propaganda, tell changing wholesomely, frequently just is kingcraft

Female and inflammation, always be worry it seems that. Dog days has not come, consulting room of many department of gynaecology already the person is completely suffer from, greet height of go to a doctor. “Next temperature can go tall continuously, reckon the patient will be more, such state is annual it is ‘ exemple card ‘ . Such state is annual it is ‘ exemple card ‘ ..

This summer is not little of the patient caused for narratingDoctorattention: When interrogation investigates inflammation recrudesce source, many females in succession ” for going out ” sanitary towel, protect mat, sliver these ” accomplice ” . “Go back on his word to nurse in the female completely actually there is a place it seems that on product headWithoutCrime, after all oneself is notedMeaning Qing DynastyClean is the first, but they are really ‘ Shuang Renjian ‘ , it is proper and OK to use protect a female, avoid inflammation to raid even, but was not chosen good or be to believe advertisement effect too, open possibly for inflammation from thisNimble is connectedPath. ” the expert says.

Inflammation patient compares summer to be added in the winter 4 into

Expert introduction, the incidence of a disease of inflammation of department of gynaecology compared summer to increase 40% above at least in the winter. The inflammation symptom of woman action in chief very much the same: WithoutBlameLeucorrhoeaUnusual, occurrence peculiar smell, pudendaSao is urticant, private parts is red wait, patient age centers in two phase mostly: It is 20~30 year old young woman, be in the majority with newly-married female among them; 2 it is 40 years old are controlled, had not arrived the middleaged female of the turn of life. “Former becauseSexual behaviorRelatively active, the possibility that affects inflammation so also increases subsequently; HindPerson drop possibly as a result of airframe defense mechanism, guide pathogenic bacteria, bacterium gets a change to step in easily from this. ” expert introduction, in the bacteria that causes inflammation of department of gynaecology, discharging those who be in the first is bacterial sex appeal is caught, just be nextBeads bacterium is affected.

Sanitary towel mat is too long the likelihood causes inflammation

Relevant investigation shows: Japanese female changes on average 6 times everyday in menstruation sanitary towel, and Chinese female is 3 times only. It is Asian ethnic group together, constitution thisWithoutToo big difference, but the sanitary towel of Japanese female changes frequency is far however outclass China female.

The expert points out, advertisement sells a site to highlight, often create the illusion of a kind of magical effect to the person, the female with many lazy love in real life thinks accordingly onePieceCan fill up very long, actually, although its quality is eligible, when human body activity, anal, urethral also can make a bacteria mobile on sanitary towel cause oneself across infection thereby with special physiology structure of the vagina.

“Good sanitary towel must fall in the premise that makes sure oneself does not carry a bacterium basically, emphasize pursuit at 2 o’clock: Absorptivity is good with permeability tall, the not dry environment that because was built to private parts,closes possibly otherwise and bring about a bacterium to cause, enter human body. If be inferior sanitary towel, because material is qualitative,contain impurity possibly and the odds that absorbency is differred and increases inflammation considerably. ” expert proposal, the female had better change sanitary towel frequently, discharge a long time is best every other 3 hours change 2 ~ , 4~5 also does not exceed when flow is little hour; Although come official holiday also should clean vulva everyday, the more period should take seriously more clean.

And when buying sanitary towel, must see clear term of validity, buy the product that quality assures as far as possible, buy not too much, more unfavorable long Tibet. In addition, be sure to wash his hands before use sanitary towel, lest take the bacteria,go up to sanitary towel.

The expert is raised action

Choose sanitary towel, protect mat, sliver to have exquisite

Tampon begins to flow in white-collar female in recent yearsAll right, but also put in a kind of demur all the time to sliver: Think to fill in its inside human body, or can increase odds of the infection inside body. To this, the expert expresses: “So far, be known with respect to me, prove without evidence use sliver can bring about inflammation to affect odds to increase. ” he suggests, if periodMenstrual capacity is muchWhen, sliver can choose completely before night goes to sleep + the double collocation of thin thin sanitary towel, and the advantage of sliver already was being absorbed at be inside body a large number ofMoistureWith secretion, oneself pollution, infection is caused outside won’t taking put oneself in another’s position. Of course, if still be in child personally, had better not use sliver, lest tear Hymen.

If be menstrual around secretion of two day, oviposit period relatively a long time, journey, be away on official business below the circumstance that waits for the inconvenience that wash bath, sanitation is protected matCan sendGo up use: Its can yet be regarded as a kind of convenient, practical, clean choice. But the doctor thinks, sanitation is protected mat is unfavorable classics is commonly used.

Female private parts needs an environment that breathe freely very much, if close too tight, damp gathers, cause a bacteria easily, create all sorts of healthy problems, so, in leucorrhoea normal circumstance falls, need not use sanitation completely to protect mat, daily change briefs can.


In addition, WithoutTalking is sanitary towel, protect mat or sliver, general of avoid by all means its are long-term inside park toilet, because this kind nurses,the product is fiber material more, the material after be affected with damp be affected with damp is degenerative, the bacterium is easy invade breed, and a lot of toilet in city do not see sunshine all day, damper, mould of very easy multiply, pollute a product. The product after tearing open a bag should be put in dry, clean environment more, after be affected with damp be affected with damp must not reuse.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

The female requires vigilance ” contemporary symptoms caused by cold factors “

Cause ” contemporary symptoms caused by cold factors ” reason besides the job or study mediumPsychologyOf pressureOutside, because of,also include air conditioning or clad the body super-cooling that brings about too less.

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Human body falls in normal circumstance, FunctionContrary consensual and deputy consensualNerveIn be in mutual balance to restrict. When feeling pressure, sympathetic activity can have main effect, make the body is inNervousCondition. Maintain pressure condition to be able to cause sympathetic system all the time disorder, autonomic nerve is maladjusted, temperature adjustment function also ebbs subsequently, the symptom of iciness of occurrence hands or feet.


Pressure still can is opposite hormonal cause undesirable effect. Because the female is hormonal,accept cerebral control jointly with autonomic nerve, autonomic nerve is maladjusted, can bring about corpus luteum hormonal disorder, occurrence menstruation not the phenomenon such as the rule.

Japanese expert reminds a woman, appear to avoid ” contemporary symptoms caused by cold factors ” , besides preventing body catch a cold, should notice life pattern more, do not stay up late as far as possible, increase even additionally take exercise, develop interest interest, adjust oneself mood will release pressure.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

Proper ” act like a spoiled child ” make a female more healthy

Pressure of female now sexual life is greater and greater, minatory move is healthy, the female makes in the life a few ” small step ” , proper mood is conveyed, show oneself truest, natural one side, can let you have human charm not only, and can make you more healthy.

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   Act like a spoiled child

Acting like a spoiled child is a kind of Nancy expression, the kind that carries give the impression of weakness achieves the goal of psychological expect, it is a kind of when humanness plays lovely performance. The wife that does a meeting to act like a spoiled child is opposite not only human relation is helpful, still can bring profit for oneself health.

Research shows, can act like a spoiled child, the woman that often acts like a spoiled child is more healthy. From physiology angle, normal female basically has two kinds to adjustNerveThe hormone that excitement spends, make nerve excited, vasomotor for instanceAdrenalin, kidney element; Make nerve is restrained, element of the acetyl choline of hemal diastole, serum. State of mind is gentle, wait for person and the woman that gas, love acts like a spoiled childBloodIn the woman that the content far outclass of choline of serum element, acetyl does not love to act like a spoiled child, their disposition is tender, get angry not easily, neurological movement is harmonious, produce body disease lesser. From psychological angle, the woman that can act like a spoiled child can handle good feeling, family more, create harmonious human environment. AdditionalOutside, the woman that can act like a spoiled child will be proper give the impression of weakness, in the job and lifeAngstIncident also is met a lot of less, be helpful for mental health.

How to master act like a spoiled child a kind of such weapons? On the concept, proper give the impression of weakness does this true wife, the problem asks to aid, inadequacy wants to dare to admit. On the action, use some of mood word, many somes of petty action.


In actual life, the undesirable mood that the female lets her more easily abreacts come out, sadness cries namely, letNervousThe mood gets in time releasing, reduce a disease thereby. According to Russia family psychologyDoctorNajierida Shuerman says, tear confirms is to alleviate mortgage is the most effective ” effective prescription ” . Probable it is this truth, the wife is so less than the man that the wife because nervous and the stalk that cause is dead,mixApoplectic. According to statistic, the maleWeepthe 1/5 that frequency is a female, consequently the male suffers fromUlcerWait for disease relatively the female is much, also have research discovery, man of lacteal hormone prep above is urged in female tear, difference of this kind of hormone is probable it is one of reasons that the female loves to shed tear especially. In fact, cry bitterly wipes away tears when sufferred grievance or be being tormented by bitterness, can abreact the anguish in the heart come out, very beneficial to improving a sentiment, should weep, it is to cause cankerous disease, Hypertensive, Mental obstaclemain reason. And American scholar considers to discover, people is when the mood is depressive, meeting generation is certain active to the living things with evil human body part. After crying, mood strength is general but bring down 40% , and the result that won’t use tear to remove mood pressure is, the influence is healthy, make certain disease aggravation.



A famous psychologist of Japanese investigates discovery to 5700 females of 24 years old of above, of above of half the numberFuFemale the man that likes to follow her or good friend pour outInsideThe anguish of the heart and trouble, the body of these people is more healthy. The nag is a woman a kind of special health care method, to gastric bowelFunctionRise to protect action, enhance airframe disease-resistant ability.

(responsibility edits: Field trip of Xu dawn world edits: Chen Qiong)

The female unplugs 10 days after tooth menstruation advisable

  FuFemale menses had better not unplug tooth

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Of menstruation airframe should stimulate, immune ability drops, grow in quantity of material of activation of zymogen of dissolve of the fibrin in airframe and saliva, BloodNot easy and caky form hematic clot. Unplug after the tooth, cut and salivary contact cause cut heal is slow, incidentalBacterial infectionWith haemorrhage.

   TakeProphylacticHad better not unplug during tooth

  ProphylacticCan make bodyInsidefibrin is decomposed increase, unplug after the tooth, cut part cannot form good hematic clot, the bacteria can get a change to step in causeHurt an infection, influence cut cicatrizations.

  Had better not unplug after before be pregnant 3 months and 6 months tooth

After before 3 pregnant months and 6 months, it is incidentalAbortionAndSlinkperiod, do not unplug inside this period so tooth. HaveHabitual abortionWith premature delivery history person, had better not unplug between gestation tooth. Must unplug when the tooth, had better choose the 3-6 in gestation between the month, and answer unplugging day of tooth around 1-2, everyday flesh is notedCorpus luteum ketone10 milligram, eliminate to unplugging of the toothScaredPsychology, lest produce abortion and premature delivery.

   Lactation unplugs the tooth wants discreet

Unplug the tooth wants to use narcotic commonly, the composition of this moment narcotic can be absorbed by the child as the latex of lactation, to dotNerveThe system grows development is bad. If must unplug, had better unplugging tooth hind does not want mother milk raise inside 72 hours, after the narcotic after waiting 72 hours metabolizes basically, be in lactation.


  The female is optimal unplug tooth period

According to clinical data the analysis confirms, menstruationPeriodicThe 14th day is the woman unplugs the optimal period of the tooth. Right now cut cicatrizations fast good, produce bacterial infection not easily, AchingLighter also. So, it is advisable that the woman unplugs the tooth had better choose 10 days after menstruation.

(responsibility edits: Field trip of Xu dawn world edits: Chen Qiong)

Glad Mom rich grand

Get used to disease:
Use contraceptive[Detailed]

Top retail price: ¥ 55/ box

The drugstore on the net: Be good at one netCFDA

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Navel catch cold catch cold can send menstruation to be not moved

Navel to the place that a blame Changshu all is for people, it is located in abdominal midpoint to cave place, it is a new student after umbilical cord falls off, the base of a fruit of leaves root of a life is organized, the point that attributes an arteries and veins in system of main and collateral channels of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine — divine faulting acupuncture point.

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To name of divine faulting acupuncture point the explanation of the meaning, basically have two kinds: One kind is to show magical place is abandoned among them, namely vitality place place; Another kind is the portal that points to perky and current discrepancy, for fetal the channel that gets nutrition from the mother’s body, keep fetal life activity. Relationship of the gift of human body a priori and this point is close, the ancients has ” hilum is the vital organs of the human body this ” , ” vigour puts in dirty root ‘s charge ” view.

Navel heat preservation is very important

Navel is most the place that is afraid of catch a cold. Navel and abdominal other position are different, muscle and adipose organization are not had below hilum, hemal and rich. Those who regard an abdomen as the wall is final close place, the skin is thinner, susceptibility is tall, have osmotic strong, absorb force to wait for a characteristic quickly. Because protective screen function is poorer, belong to relatively frail ground again in human body, easy catch cold catch cold and catch cold.

The heat preservation of umbilical ministry should notice more when Morpheus, lest causeDiarrhoeaOrCold. Especially to young woman character, especially period female, blood-vessel is in bloodshot condition, outfit of the hilum that wear dew makes pelvic cavity because of catch cold catch cold the most easily vasomotor, bring about menstrual blood stream not free, time grew to be able to be causedDysmenorrhoea, period is lengthened, Menstruation is not movedEtc.

In addition, wearing the outfit that show hilum to be able to make lumbar abdomen bare, what suffer the stimulation of cold heat easily to cause gastric bowel function is disorder, bring about a bacteria inbreak, appearVomit, Bellyacke, the disease of gastric bowel system such as diarrhoea. And umbilical ministry skin is more delicate, be damaged easily, umbilical eye easy assemble bilge, if also can cause infection not carefully.

Lukewarm raise navel, this world that can inspire a suit is angry. The organ such as stomach of vicinity of divine faulting acupuncture point, courage, pancreas, bowel, what through be opposite the god faults is lukewarm raise, still can treat bellyacke, diarrhoea, urgent chronic gastralgia, Gastroptosis, stubborn sexHiccup, Functional sex is dyspeptic, the disease such as colonitis, prolapse of the anus.

Knead raise taste by navel conduce

Massage hilum ministry can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, conduce to digest absorb, have diarrhoea of defecate jalf congealed person adjustable, constipate person can connect. Method: Lie on one’s back, two legs hump, press with right the centre of the palm first at umbilical ministry, left strike with the palm of the hand is put on right the back of hand, suitable hour hand is massaged 36 rounds gently. Next, change left the centre of the palm to press at umbilical ministry, right strike with the palm of the hand is put on the back of hand of left strike with the palm of the hand, anticlockwise massage 36 rounds gently.

Before sleeping every night hollow, rub with the hands of will double hand is hot, the centre of the palm is left below right on fold put stick at navel place, anticlockwise make small range knead turn, every time 20-30 circle, also can have the effect of lukewarm repose faulting acupuncture point.

Often insist to knead by navel, can aid digestion of be good at head, filling kidney, side, calm the nerves fall relieve oneself of gas, benefit, strengthen the metabolism of hepatic kidney, make blood of human body gas exuberant, have to the function of the vital organs of the human body promote and adjust function, and can raise human body the counteractive ability to the disease.

Moxibustion navel maintains long life

Have in ancient times many ” moxibustion hilum ” the record that makes person health macrobian. Sanitarian moxibustion is usable ” Ai Juan ” or ” moxa cone ” apply. Use among them moxa moxibustion navel, it is daily a kind practical very strong health care treats a method. We are OK moxa (inn has Chinese traditional medicine carry out) one aspect of the matter is ignited, put in distance navel to be in skin 2-3 centimeter place is dangerous moxibustion, duration is 10-15 minute. Because moxa itself has the effect with cold dispel of Wen Tong passages through which vital energy circulates, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, with it moxibustion god faults, can develop stimulation acupuncture point and light moxaTepidExciting double re-act is used.

“Moxa cone ” moxibustion is a broad bean that uses moxa make it big ” pagoda ” shape Ai Li, put on skin point to ignite, or be in ” pagoda ” below the Jiang Pian on mat or saline end, call the moxibustion that lie between ginger, moxibustion that lie between salt. Of divine faulting acupuncture point lie between law of moxibustion of the salt, health care that lie between ginger, but interval undertakes, control 10 times every months, with every night at 9 o’clock of moxibustion for beautiful; General every time but moxibustion 3-5 wicks, ignite 3-5 namely small ” pagoda ” , every time in order to feel local and tepid comfortable, a bit blush is degree.

This acupuncture point can raise moxibustion NK cell (kill and wound a cell naturally) active, achieve the effect of health care of disease-resistant powerful body thereby, have Wen Yang to originally, revive faint is saved go against, the effect of the regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it in filling. ” medical introduction ” in say: “Of medicine not as good as, of the needle less than, must of moxibustion ” . HypertensivePatient orEasy get angryLay the person of sore, hungry condition, and after the meal inside 2 hours had better not moxibustion.

When moxibustion god faults, if carelessly mayScaldLocal skin, so we still can replace moxibustion with hot-water bottle hot compress. But water is warm should not be too tall, the feeling is tepid and cozy can, during hot compress if water bag thermal drop is small,should change instantly.

Medicaments apply hilum: Distinctive and good way giving drug

Navel is done not have hypodermic and adipose, blood-vessel is very rich, so medicaments is permeated easily, absorb, add medicaments not to suffer the interference with enzymatic stomach to destroy, because this uses dosage little, get effective fast. Navel regards human body as a distinctive way giving drug, stick apply or inflict heat to iron with medicaments wait for a method, restitute returns the function that solid of in relief, have one’s ideas straightened out enrages. Special agree with the patient of bowel having a stomach, hepatic disease, as a result of Chinese traditional medicine apply navel does not metabolize via liver, can reduce poisonous deputy reaction, because this is a good way giving drug. Be like apply with pink of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, bezoar pink can antifebrile; Pink of white sandalwood, the root of Chinese wild ginger moves wine apply to be able to alleviateAngina pectoris; Stick with apply of pink of pearl powder, the root of red-rooted salvia can treatInsomnia; Arenaceous benevolence, trifoliate orange solid apply is adjustable treat indigestion.


Chronic prevents and cure: Medicaments by Chinese traditional medicine the portion such as each comprises the root of fangfeng, the root of remembranous milk vetch, Chinese cassia tree, break hilum of apply of delicate last stage. Disinfect a god to fault with 75% alcohol tampon first, take the advantage of wet fill powder 0.5 grams within navel, adhesive plaster is stuck to cover outside medicaments can. 3 days change medicine 1 times, 5-7 second for a period of treatment, but 2-4 of successive apply hilum period of treatment.

Cure is hypertensive: the fruit of medicinal cornal, the rhizome of chuanxiong the portion such as each, break delicate last stage, disinfect navel with 75% alcohol tampon first, powder 5-10 the gram is put into navel, outside with muskiness strong bone creams solid is sealed. 3 days change medicine 1 times, was 1 period of treatment in January.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)