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Cook the world of all sorts of Lenten cate of small doohickey _

Cook all sorts of Lenten small doohickey

2016-11-07 17:00:01

Fry bean sprouts

Bean sprouts is fresh and tender, the speed when frying wants fast, break unripe can. But fragile tender bean sprouts often takes acerbity taste, if a bit vinegar is put when fry, already can purify acerbity flavour, can maintain bean sprouts bright again fragile fresh and tender.
The fried dish is beautiful

Before the fried dish is spent, want to wash clean scald with clear water, fry with a next boiler such as cutlet next can. A few milk is added when frying, can make finished product more white tender goluptious.
Fry onion

The onion that will cut is sticky above pink, rejoin boiler is fried, fry the onion that come out so, colour and lustre is golden, quality of a material is fragile tender, delicious and goluptious. A few white wine is added when frying, fry not easily anxious.
Fry green pepper

Fry green pepper to want urgent fire to be fried quickly. A few refined salt, gourmet powder, vinegar is added when frying, boil is fried a few times, give boiler can.
Fry celery

Will oily boiler uses heat of fierce baked wheaten cake, join course boiler again inside fry quickly, can make fry the celery that go out fresh and tender, fragile slippery goluptious.

Of coarse food grain these you know _ cate the world

Of coarse food grain these do you know

2015-02-09 16:18:40

Guide language: A lot of friends are asking, how to make table rich rise? Nutrient elder summary gave the 16 words admonition below: There is alga in there is stay of proceedings, boiling water in there is leaf, flesh in there is beans, food in the meal. If these food can appear everyday on our table,I think, that will be a how good thing! Not only accomplished sort to go up richly, what can reflect a nutriment more is rich. Today we from ” there is a beans in the meal ” rise a little.

A lot of friends think ” there is a beans in the meal ” the beans eats more when the meaning has a meal namely! Looking from literal meaning is really such. But, not be so simple in light of the angle from nutrition. “Meal ” those who point to is staple food, the rice that cooks with rice, flour, noodle, steamed bread is waited a moment; And ” beans ” the thick food grains other than wheat and rice that points to namely, it is the commissariat beyond rice, flour. Add some of thick food grains other than wheat and rice appropriately on the foundation of the rise that we have everyday, flour, accomplish collocation of degree of finish, ability nutrition is abundant!

What nutrition does coarse food grain have?

Someone says: “Coarse food grain is listening not Orphean, mouthfeel is so poor, do not have nutrition for certain! ” the friend that I miss to have such idea still is absent a few. Not be actually such.

Beef is oaten cake

Bead of a frumentaceous seed, namely the prototype of the rise that we have, flour — Mai Li, paddy, it is formed by embryo of Gu Pi, burnt bisque, cereal, albumen. We come a seed bead pare one layer the nutrient value that analyses it.

The vitamin fights cold check health of 8 kinds of food takes the world of law _ cate

The vitamin fights cold check health of 8 kinds of food has a way

2016-02-18 16:52:06

Guide language: We often are heard ” healthy diet ” it is very important, but sometimes, a few ” contemporary food is watched ” be a mistake actually. For instance ” food should be eaten raw as far as possible, fruit juice always is healthy ” view. England ” daily Post ” the near future publishs expert article, the science that analysed vegetables of 8 kinds of fruit has a way.

1, carrot is whole bake

British button blocks scientist of Si Er university to point out, carrot whole water is boiled or baking eat, the healthy and chemical material that can make human body is obtained increases 25% , include the certain and known material that fight cancer among them.

2, hot water of potato belt skin is boiled

Use potato of tallow fat deepfry is worst cake to have a way. The most healthy having a way is, whole potato gross is baked or boil. Place of potato skin lower level contains a vitamin to be as high as 80% . When water is boiled, had better boil potato with hot water, in case solubility vitamin be lost.

Tendril jumps over berry to suckle sweet potato mud

Need of computer a group of things with common features is additional the world of cate of _ of 7 kinds of nutrition

Need of computer a group of things with common features is additional 7 kinds of nutrition

2015-07-22 00:35:12

1. vitamin A. It can make the sensitive material of retinal surface, nyctalopia lacks vitamin A to cause namely. Tax of tax of nutrition of area of courtyard of Taipei of hospital of Taiwan horse in the company of grows Zhao Jiang to point out, staring at computer screen for long, can use up vitamin A in great quantities. The commonnest the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A is pluck, but its contain cholesterol taller, do not suit a large number of edible. The proposal can eat the food with the much carotene that contain β , for instance the green yellow vegetable such as carrot, spinach, maize fruit, egg kind, dairy produce, because carotene has β on average inside body,1/6 can be changed into vitamin A. Nevertheless, vitamin A, β carotene is fat dissolve sex, with adipose take the effect together much better, had better join course so or eat after the meal.

2. kind carotene. Besides β outside carotene, kind the other member with familial carotene, xanthophyll, corn is for instance yellow element, healthy to the eye contribution also cannot be ignored. Kind the origin of carotene, include to fizzle out greatly, deep green with gules vegetables and fruits, wait like pumpkin, green chili, tomato, corn, Chinese flowering quince, Hami melon, mango, watermelon. Xanthophyll is in with corn Huang Suke bottle green is found in much leaf vegetable, wait like Qin of spinach, mustard orchid, mustard, West.

Red oily gold-rimmed mustard


Can make the person loosens the world of cate of mineral water _ of the mood

Can make the person loosens the mineral water of the mood

2013-11-08 18:52:44

Guide language: Fretted, cerebra is tired have very big concern with moisture. Water has composed action to have excited effect again already, drink water to be able to make the mood is loosened, cerebrum is sober.

The meeting that be short of calcium is caused fretted

The mood is fretted it is the sign that calcium lacks in blood. Alleviate the method with fretted most effective mood is to drink contain the hard water with much calcium.

The sentiment that if be pressure,arouses is fretted, can drink alkalescent water and have slow the soda of action.

Water has the effect of calm mood. Be frighted or excitement when, the blood that drinks water to be able to promote cerebral ministry circulates, make spirit restores calm.

Drink water to be able to make brains regains consciousness immediately

Can make the person loosens the mineral water of the mood

When brains is tired, drink soft water or the water that contain vanadium water that have excited effect, the clue that can yield you regains consciousness immediately. When you are tired out, it is better to drink soda.

Additional, should use a brain when excessive and the feeling is fatigued, in a way takes a rest, drink bit of water that contain oxygen pretty good also. The water that contain oxygen can add the oxygen content in blood, stimulative blood circulates, raise attention.

Cold water can stimulate the peptic such as alvine path effectively, make its activity more brisk. Additional, cold water also can make person in a way excited rise. Drowsy when, drinking a cup of cold water to be able to regain consciousness immediately is this truth.

Let depressed discharge together along with water with uneasiness

And fretted and same, the mood is depressed also be by the calcic chroma in blood unbalance of level of insufficient, hormone is caused.

Be short of when calcium is serious, the person can lose self-confidence, become dismay, mood is uneasy. So, can drink when the feeling is depressed contain the hard water with much calcium.

Additional, as a kind contemporary disease has made the depressed disease of problem of one great society, besides because be short of calcium, its reason returns the exhaustion of invigorative sex.

Want to alleviate fatigue, drink alkalescent water, soda and the water containing oxygen that makes blood current and smooth is better. Drink these mineral water, can make body and mind gets relaxation.

Recuperate menu

When the mood is fretted, drink alkalescent water and soda to be able to alleviate fatigue; Drink the water that contains a lot ofcalcium to be able to make the mood quiet, loosen body and mind.

Alkaline ionic water

Drink half cups of water every time, a day 10.

Acid-base value arrives in PH8 between PH9.5, let the body suit slowly. The person that has hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to cross much, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to lack disease is unfavorable drink.


In the morning, afternoon each two cups.

In the evening or before sleeping, do not drink as far as possible.

Pick from ” mineral water just is best medicine ” northward and literary press is published

Constipation of jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it person careful feed _ cate the world

Constipation of jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it person careful feed

2012-03-12 14:15:24

The person that jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it opens gloomy constipation careful feed

Core clew: Folk song of a Jiangsu cries ” jasmine flower ” very famous, and jasmine flower make tea is very common also. Feed a god to teach jasmine flower of big housekeeping money to make a food today, suit this season eats early spring.

Constipation of jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it person careful feed

Theme: Soup of jasmine flower bean curd

Feed capable person: Jasmine flower 40 grams, bean curd 100 grams


1, pluck the jasmine flower come back abluent air is stand-by; Bean curd stripping and slicing;

2, heat water, put bean curd, after the boil that need water, put jasmine flower, leaf, again edible of boiler of boil of people of talent.

This soup makes the same score liver to solve gloomy, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it is acetanilide.

Special remind:

One, the person that jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it opens gloomy constipation careful feed

The jasmine flower calls tea flower, rouge flower, Ye Jiaojiao again, wipe all previous four-o’clock. Jasmine flower whiteness, the view that is a beauty admires the beauty of flowers, divide outside viewing and admire, it or blindly fine medicine. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks jasmine flower sex is lukewarm flavour laborious, small pleasant, enter classics of liver, lienal, stomach, rational enrages acetanilide, monarch dirty the effect that opens gloomy. ” big dictionary of Chinese traditional medicine ” in account: The jasmine flower has ” regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it opens gloomy, monarch dirty in mixing ” effect, reach the sore poison effect that has very good antiphlogistic relieve internal heat or fever to dysenteric, bellyacke, conjunctivitis. Constant drink jasmine flower, liver having Qing Dynasty bright eye, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, make expectoration easy manages effort of fistula of induce sweat of water of dysentery, aperient benefit, dispel the wind, cure, firm tine, increase, fall blood pressure, strong heart, prevent caries radiation-proof injury, fight cancer, the effect that combats consenescence, make person prolong life, body and mind is healthy.

And the west considers to think, the jasmine flower is sweet wait for a symptom to insomnia, angst, be agitated alleviate effect can compares tranquillizer. Orgnaization of science of a Germany considers to make clear, jasmine flower aroma can alleviate angst, stimulative Morpheus, the effect is not as poor as traditional medicaments, but addiction, excessive is used deadly etc odds is lower.

Those who need an attention is, jasmine flower Xin Xiang slants lukewarm, fervent inside fill, dry knot constipation person careful feed.

Constipation of jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it person careful feed

2, jasmine flower but make tea can join course

The jasmine flower has a way very much also, but soup of to be taken orally, decoct or acting tea drink. Because jasmine flower itself has higher officinal value, health care,the function is mixed raise Yan Gong effect, with the jasmine flower so make tea can remove life-giving, stable mood and Shu Jieyu to cover tightly, weak to the stomach, chronic bronchitic wait for respirator official disease first-rate.

Common saying says good medicine tastes bitter, the jasmine flower can accomplish fine medicine sweet mouth however. Can make boil hold the post of raw material with it, or scatter in becoming dish into soup, appetitive, and have stable sentiment, remove the effect with aperient bowel of nervous, life-giving Jie Yu, embellish. Bright ” drink food takes eat writing paper ” account: “Jasmine flower tender leaf is picked and abluent, boil with bean curd feed, taste absolutely ” . Because taught bean curd of this jasmine flower soup this today, we enter jasmine board, pass prandial the joint action with the flower, will adjust our beauty.

The hope is passed this period theme, teach jasmine flower of big housekeeping money to join board, pass prandial the joint action with the flower, will adjust we inside urgent the beauty outside oh.

Remind every week:

Wooden correspondence liver, liver have one’s ideas straightened out at eye, eye of ability of wooden endowment plentiful is bright, if have a sentiment easy secret anguish of coerce of inquietude of excited, be agitated, bosom, eyesight drops quickly when waiting for a symptom, raise liver with respect to need.

Liver is the strongest time: The liver when 1~3 is the weakest time: When 13~17 strong liver keyword: Easy

● liver is afraid of overworked, this paragraph of time with the weakest diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain must notice to rest, if must work, criterion at least every other lets an eye 1 hour rest 5 minutes.

Complement reminds:

The person’s the five internal organs and photograph of the four seasons are corresponding, with spring corresponding is liver. Spring everythings on earth anabiosises, this season diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain exuberant, if recuperation is undeserved, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is met maladjusted. Because this raises liver,be the key of spring food. Dietotherapy just assists recuperation daily, do not depend on overly; If feeling body is unwell, please as soon as possible go to a doctor.

Constipation of jasmine flower regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it person careful feed

The attention let you set his mind at to take the world of cate of chaffy dish _ at 10 o’clock

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o’clock

2012-02-07 12:51:02

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o’clock

To be cold, having chaffy dish is a right choice. One table person is surrounded together, lively what can eat again is happy, it is the god-given warmth in wintry day is enjoyed really. But eat chaffy dish to need atmosphere and sense not only, need to pay attention to eating health to have nutrition more. Net love the United States lists 10 petty thing for you, hope you can enjoy the chaffy dish beautiful taste that does not have care.

Cold winter, with family friend round the chaffy dish with same reeky mouth, OK and aleatoric ” salvage ” what oneself like is delicate, it is warm however. Nevertheless, be the same as a lot of sufferring the person chases after the cate that hold in both hands same, chaffy dish backside also concealed many healthy troubles.

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o'clock

Bottom of clear soup boiler most raise a person

The quantity of heat of bottom of hot pot of 100 grams hemp is 517 kilocalorie, and the quantity of heat of bottom of clear soup boiler is 10 kilocalorie only, differred 50 times! Bottom of clear soup boiler not only contain adipose less, the nitrite that still can reduce Shang Zhong is dangerous, prevent suffer from excessive internal heat. Besides bottom of clear soup boiler, seafood boiler bottom also is low fat chooses delicately again. If like to weigh the chaffy dish of taste really, can nod boiler of an an affectionate couple, the soup that use Qing Dynasty comes to the food with the much oil absorption such as rinse greenery dish by boiler.

Change orderly: The flesh – dish – the flesh

The order that the tradition takes chaffy dish is to eat the meat first, because such ability take the good taste of a soup bottom. Original flavour is actually enough by very much now boiler sweet thick, when just can beginning rinse chaffy dish, rinse two chopsticks flesh, put the vegetable bean curd of one part low fat next, continue again rinse two chopsticks flesh. So alternant edible, can avoid scale of element of meat or fish maladjusted.

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o'clock

Tea and albumen beverage are first selection

The optimal beverage of tie-in chaffy dish is tea of green tea, plant and albumen beverage. Albumen beverage for instance dew of coconut juice, almond, soya-bean milk, acid breeds beverage, most drink before appropriate eat, can offer carbohydrate, also can help protective intestines and stomach; Green tea can solve reduce internal heat of be bored with, can highlight the gust of chaffy dish more; And the vegetal boiled water such as chrysanthemum tea, barley tea does not contain quantity of heat, some is OK clear fire, some can aid digestion.

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o'clock

Air is cool eat again not anxious

Hot the chaffy dish of hemp most path of dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet. A data shows, the risk that be addicted to takes the dweller of and other places of the Sichuan of chaffy dish, Chongqing to contract esophagus cancer is in countrywide head the list. The issue that should avoid to eat mucous membrane of enteron of chaffy dish scald happens, very simple also: When having chaffy dish, tell oneself not anxious, place dish in small dish air is cool, in be being put in little material next, dip in eat, must accomplish ” hot not bright lip ” .

Boiler bottom type wants consider

Besides traditional hemp hot pot is mixed now clear soup boiler, have a lot of new pattern chaffy dish again, wait by bottom of congee boiler bottom, chicken broth boiler, seafood boiler bottom, nourishing boiler for instance. These boiler bottoms added salt and little taste agent, not as good as clear soup is so healthy. Gouty patient does not suit by bottom of chicken broth boiler and seafood boiler among them. Nourishing boiler bottom joined health care to feed capable person, but because of this, it does not fit all people, because the constitution of everybody is different, use machine-madely same ” nourishing ” means, to be being turned over for partial person be ill health.

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o'clock

Potato of food grains other than wheat and rice kind aid digestion

People always is the flesh and vegetable take get abdomen circle surge, nod sesame paste sesame seed cake or just wanting to should eat is rice. Such not only go against protein use, and go against control blood fat. Can eat staple food a bit earlier actually, not only can adjust taste, return can compensatory carbohydrate. Noodle of rinse food grains other than wheat and rice is a good idea, had better be yam of direct rinse dot piece, potato chips, among them vitamin and mineral more, more fiber still can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, be helpful for maintaining nutrient balance.

Do not forget to match dish of small cold dish

When having chaffy dish, OK and a few tie-inner simple and delicate cold dish will balance, not only can prevent suffer from excessive internal heat, still can complement more vitamin C are mixed vitamin of B a group of things with common features. Dish of bitter chrysanthemum of silk of asparagus lettuce of cold and dressed with sause, small cucumber, cold and dressed with sause first-rate.

The attention let you set his mind at to have chaffy dish at 10 o'clock

Boiling water is drunk first inside half hours

Study a proof, inside half hours after beginning rinse chaffy dish, the content of the nitrite in chaffy dish soup is very low, purine is a few lower also. Accordingly, should drink the soup inside half hours to won’t have how old trouble only. Additional, the dangerous sex such as bottom of boiler of pickled Chinese cabbage, seafood boiler bottom is a few bigger, bottom of clear soup boiler is more safe.

Little material taste wants delicate

For exorbitant to uric acid person, sauce makings does not choose seafood taste again as far as possible, lest purine is exorbitant; Mashed garlic balm dips in expect adipose content is higher, crowd of tall blood fat is unsuited; Value of sesame paste nutrition is highest, still can offer many calcium and vitamin E, suit patient of fat of hypertensive, tall blood quite; If do not have the problem with uric exorbitant acid, choosing seafood soup to expect is the most delicate, suit to need to control the person of weight. Perhaps can use soy, vinegar, fermented bean curd, green, ginger, garlic to wait come oneself allocate low fat condiment. Little material does not want too salty, come more healthy, the 2 flavour that will won’t seize soup copy.

Eat chaffy dish time not to exceed 1 hour

Consider to show, bottom of soup of certain chaffy dish is burned after boiling 90 minutes, nitrite content can increase close decuple much! A large number of nitrite can make a person direct and toxic. Although we are common the nitrite content in eating chaffy dish boiling water is unapt so tall, but the amino acid in nitrite and chaffy dish soup decomposes child union, the likelihood forms carcinogenic substance inferior saltpetre amine, it is healthy and dangerous that when eating, its cannot be ignored.

Each person has a the world of cate of _ of healthy blind angle

Each person has a healthy dead space

2012-02-07 12:50:30

24 hours of healthy gas station
24 hours of healthy gas station Blog
Accredit of cate the world achieves rich objective formerly
Without author license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile

Each person has a healthy dead space

The person that loves clean most those who be overcome is the home in too dirty too random, this is not clean addiction, however manner of a kind of life. A lot of people are flagrant environmental soil, but do not care about the body to stay however have ” healthy blind angle ” .

Each person has a healthy dead space

Blind angle one: Skin of computer of unexpectedlying knowledge ” “

Problem: The skin sere, pore coarsens, risk outside small blain blain, dry, black rim of the eye forms the eye and ceaseless accentuation is waited a moment. Actually this is expression of cutaneous morbid state.

Reason: Computer is in switch on the mobile phone what condition arises is electrostatic very big to cutaneous power. Electrostatic action can make fluorescent screen surface adsorptive the dust in a lot of air and contamination, we and computer are in nearly very close, much dirt also can fall on the skin, let skin soil, pore jams, coarsen gradually, blain blain is caused; At the same time adsorptive also the moisture of skin surface layer, make cuticular dehydrate. As time passes, pledge with respect to skin of meeting occurrence drying drier and drier, oily skin is qualitative oilier and oilier vicious circle. The radiation that computer produces harms the skin and eye, bring about an eye dry, of black rim of the eye generate and accentuate gradually, skin hair works, cause photosensitive sex skin disease likely — small roseola or erythema appear on ― skin.


1, often clean skin. “Electrostatic aspiration ” can make your face very dirty, half day work comes down, must wash a face, wash one’s hands, pledge by skin the clean face serum that chooses different set is washed, let the skin loosen; After coming off work, want to bathe in time.

2, often drink water ” to skin ” . Computer radiate can bring about skin hair to work. Product of agent of a bottle of water is put beside, be like nutrient fluid, soft (bright) element of skin water, elite, often fill to the face filling water. A few moisture content are added in his things that protect skin the tall frost that protect skin and fight knit frost. Drink water more, can complement already skin moisture prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, can promote metabolism again.

3, classics tipple green tea. The tea much phenol in green tea is had very strong fight oxidation.

4, ” of cleaner of classics tipple ” . The fresh fruit juice that does not fry via boiling and lettuce juice are the ” cleaner ” of human body, can remove the toxin that piles up inside body and trash. The toxin inside body is little, the skin also is met bright and clean a lot of. Be like: Cider, orange juice, carrot juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice.

Each person has a healthy dead space

Blind angle 2: Do not be clear that oneself hold subject affection

Problem: Mature female should understand disease of common department of gynaecology somewhat, often notice all sorts of reaction of own body, accomplish precautions averts perils.


Want to understand somewhat to the knowledge of these diseases.

1, vaginitis: Main show is leucorrhoea grow in quantity, show yellow sample or purulent pattern, have a stink, when infection is serious, can appear a bit vagina bleeds, have straining painful reach the vagina glowing feeling. If drag in vestibule reachs uric road junction all round mucous membrane, often appear frequent micturition, make water is painful.

2, chronic cervix is phlogistic: Main show reachs alvine path symptom and period for leucorrhoea grow in quantity, aching, bladder irregular, dysmenorrhoea, pelvic cavity is heavy feeling.

3, uterine flesh tumour: Main show measures overmuch, abdominal bump, period to lengthen for menstruation, bellyacke, frequent micturition, make water the symptom such as grow in quantity of urgent, leucorrhoea, anaemic, constipation. The technology with the at present most advanced tumour of remedial uterus flesh has the caky knife that comes from the United States to not have achieve remedial technology. This technology is had not make sb the first aim of attack, not be in hospital, reservation is complete the advantage such as the uterus, reduced a lot of anguish for mom.

4, palace neck cancer: Main show speaks blood, vagina to discharge fluid, ache to wait for shade.

5, the turn of life asks for integratedly: Main show is function of nerve of menstrual drop off, plant dropsy of heighten of disorder, heart-throb, blood pressure, fat, lower limbs, articulatory ache, osteoporosis.

6, ovarian tumour: Great majority does not have a symptom, or companion has inappetence, abdominal distension wait for enteron symptom, often be ignored easily. When ovarian cyst is brought up quickly, irregular vagina bleeds reach the cachexia such as angular, anaemia.

7, breast cancer: Main show bilges for the breast fluid of debaucjed of painful, bump, tit, excessive, axillary bump waits.

Each person has a healthy dead space

How much do yam and corn eat suddenly appropriate? _ cate the world

How much do yam and corn eat suddenly appropriate?

2012-02-07 12:37:27

First narrate: Everybody is right now healthy diet is really more noticed, go eating buffet, a lot of people can fill bit of rice less, the much yam that increase a point, corn is chestnut even, feel they belong to coarse food grain, taste more healthy. And also meet on the road everywhere sees sell corn or the stall of yam, hungry when buy, effect of allay one’s hunger is very good also. But the problem is, a lot of people eat these food to be done not have ” quantity ” concept, often take when snacks, can eat how to much eat. Actually, although they are food of low adipose tall fibrous, but if eat much, same meeting lets body get fat.

Retell truth: This kind of staple food belongs to carbohydrate, be absorbed very easily by human body, quantity of heat is true still not low. Have the level of a very easy memory, 10 centimeters of a common build yam or a corn, its quantity of heat is equivalent to half bowls of rice. The quantity of heat of chestnut wants some taller, 2 two chestnut are equivalent to the quantity of heat of 1 bowl of rice. When so you eat, ten million wants take things easy, especially those become them snacks eater.

In general, corn and yam suit to make staple food more, full abdomen feels stronger also. Should notice, if become prandial if taking food, avoid to take other starch again even kind food, lest bring about fat.

Take the advantage of heat to eat most the world of cate of _ of injury intestines and stomach

Take the advantage of heat to eat most injury intestines and stomach

2012-02-07 12:26:33

“Take the advantage of heat to eat ” it is a civilities that the Chinese entertains a guest all along, nevertheless, this kind of ceremony should change it seems that changed. Recently, according to Taiwan cancer clinical research develops a report of foundation to point out, eat so that super-cooling overheat can have caustic bowel path and body function, eat the food with temperature close more at ordinary times, can defer ageing of intestines and stomach, the prolong life that help a person.

From the noodle that risking steam, to the dumpling of steamed stuffed bun of stuffing makings nice and warm, and the chaffy dish of boiling hot, the Chinese’s food cannot leave all the time ” hot ” this word. Border area of deputy secretary-general of Chinese cooking association expresses, because,this is, asian constitution is opposite weaker, it is OK to eat heat to feed provide more energy for the body, help people keep out is cold maintain temperature. Under photograph comparing, the person constitution of Euramerican and other places is stronger, eat food itself quantity of heat is higher at ordinary times, because this does not have special requirement to food temperature, the cold drinks and snacks in their dietary structure is so more. “Of course, the Chinese loves to eat heat to still have a reason is, delicate need temperature comes to a lot of alimental ” arouses ” , and the fragrance that the Chinese’s taste and smell got used to this kind to be stimulated to give out by temperature already, so heat is fed become compatriots to came 100000 changeless dietary habit. ” frontier says.

Nevertheless, however more and more research show now, a variety of enteron disease be closely bound up such as dietary overheat and esophagus cancer. Because esophagus wall of the person is comprised by mucous membrane,this is, very delicate, ability suffers 50, the food of 60 ℃ , exceed this temperature, the mucous membrane of esophagus is met by scald. Too very hot food temperature is in 70, 80 ℃ left and right sides, resemble the boiled water with strong good make tea, temperature can be amounted to 80, 90 ℃ , very easy scald feeds path wall. If often eat hot food, mucous membrane is injured have not repair gets again scald, can form simple table ulcer. Scald of again and again, rehabilitate, with respect to the change that can cause mucous membrane to pledge, further progress becomes tumor.