6 kinds exceed raise the world of cate of _ of colour platoon poisonous food effectively

6 kinds exceed raise colour platoon poisonous food effectively

2012-02-07 14:24:44

6 kinds exceed raise colour platoon poisonous food effectively

Protecting skin is exterior kongfu not merely, wipe the product protecting skin that wipe besides Tu Tu, feed filling also is a good auxiliary step. But what vegetable can be raised colour? What fruit can discharge poison?

6 kinds exceed raise colour platoon poisonous food effectively


Hairdressing and dietetics home KimberlySnyder tell you 6 kinds can raise Yan Hai to be able to help the body discharge poison already (poison discharged skin nature became good) highest effect food, do you still remember 2009 the most popular fight old topic ” cellular rehabilitate ” ? These food help you from cellular level namely the rubbish inside cleared body, eduction toxin, your whole body and facial department had shed while clean blood sends nutrient to the cell, can take the good complexion that look brand-new!


Yes, you may have heard celery is crude fibre, conduce to peristalsis of intestines and stomach; Celery is sensitive food, if may days edible make you blacken… after all is celery good be in? It is the organic Potassium in celery actually, it is a kind of important electrolyte, can help cleanness your cell, and what cellular rehabilitate fought ageing product 2009 just about is popular sell a site.

Is this really a kind easy and maintain cheaply is the method? In crossing the potassium content in celery leaf to want to compare a bine get high much, if possible sentence, as far as possible an edible. Can add cauline page into bit heart or in dish of cold and dressed with sause, or with milk an agitate becomes fruit juice drinkable, still have the effect that reduce weight. There still are a lot of simple and easy cookbooks to be able to consult on the website of Kimberly, go looking.

6 kinds exceed raise colour platoon poisonous food effectively


Fine clean blood athlete, carry nutrient to arrive when blood cell when can cross the body and facial ministry, the cell is so cleaner, the skin is more healthy. The pip of fig is very tiny, but more than was full of nutrient, still can dissolve and help the trash from inside body of alvine path eduction and toxin. Two kinds of effect hold dry unripe fig concurrently and have, any supermarkets can be bought, might as well eat when snacks ~ !

6 kinds exceed raise colour platoon poisonous food effectively

Fall the world of cate of _ of a few kinds of food that hematic fat takes surely

Fall a few kinds of food that hematic fat eats surely

2012-02-07 14:21:11

Want to eat off hematic fat unusually easily? Our healthy food that move fat is searched greatly from everybody most the vegetable of favour, fruit begins, in the vegetables and fruits of red yellow Bai Lu, all sorts of joys and sorrows, what roll out ceremoniously above all is gram bud, onion, apple this ” fall fat 3 treasure ” .

Fall a few kinds of food that hematic fat eats surely

Onion: Elevatory good cholesterol

Onion is the vegetable that few number contains prostate element A, prostate element A is a kind of stronger hemal and outspread dose, can bate is hemal, reduce haemal sticky consistency, increase flow of coronary artery blood, promote those who cause the material such as the sodium salt with elevatory blood pressure to excrete, can adjust already accordingly hematic fat, still have step-down and the effect that prevent thrombosis. More commendable is, oil of essence of a kind of onion is contained in onion, can reduce cholesterol not only, improve sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, still can lift ” good cholesterol ” — , the content of high density lipoprotein.

Fall a few kinds of food that hematic fat eats surely

Gram bud: cholesterol the platoon goes out

Gram itself is a kind fall very well cholesterol food, and sprout in it in the process, vitamin C can achieve gram former content of 67 times. Many vitamin C can promote cholesterol to excrete, prevent its to be in arterial wall deposit. The prandial fiber of gram bud, can help the rubbish inside cleared body, OK still with food medium cholesterol photograph is united in wedlock, and its outside body of eduction of translate into cholic acid, reduce cholesterol level thereby. Pleasant of flavour of gram bud sex is cool, contain a lot ofmoisture, still can solve be bored with to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, it is the cole of fat of attune reducing weight of rare.

Fall a few kinds of food that hematic fat eats surely

Apple: Absorb redundant cholesterol

The apple is people of easy negligence ” fall fat fruit ” , its fall fat action results from what abound among them is pectic, this is a kind of water-solubility prandial fiber, can be united in wedlock with biliary acid, absorb redundant cholesterol and triglyceride like sponge, outside helping its eduction system.

Pectic still can fall with other the material of cholesterol, if the union such as vitamin C, fructose is together, increase thereby fall hematic fat effect.

In addition, the second acid that the apple decomposes also is helpful for the catabolism of cholesterol and triglyceride.

Smoke civilian protects lung the world of cate of 3 dietotherapy square _

Smoke civilian protects lung 3 dietotherapy square

2012-02-07 14:11:24

1, soup of lung of pig of pear of snow of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb

Lung extraction a pig 120 grams, abluent section, 5 minutes are boiled in unlocking water, reoccupy cold water is abluent, drop does water. mother of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb 9 grams are abluent break into pieces; Snow pear gross is abluent, go the base of a fruit and pear heart, pear flesh gross cuts small. Each material puts boiling water bowl entirely inside, slow fire boils 2 hours, the quantity is followed after flavorring drinkable.

2, yam of almond snow pear is burnt

Almond extraction north 10 grams, xue Li 1, yam ground rice, white sugar is right amount. Immerse boreal almond with boiled water first, go the garment, abluent; Snow pear flay, abluent, take the flesh to cut bead; Put bead of pear of almond, snow next inside mixer, agitate becomes slimy state. With clear water right amount, move ground rice of apricot pear mud, yam, white sugar into mushy, enter boiling water boiler inside (boiling water makes an appointment with 100 milliliter) , ceaseless agitate, thoroughly cook can. Along with quantity edible.

3, soup of pancreas of pig of ear of dried mushrooms snow

Pancreas extraction a pig 1, pig lean lean 60 grams, dried mushrooms 15 grams, xue Er 9 grams. First dried mushrooms abluent; Snow ear dip leaves abluent, pick small; Lean lean of pig pancreas, pig is abluent, section. Put dried mushrooms, Xue Er into boiler next inside, add clear water right amount, after conflagration boil, small fire boils 20 minutes, put lean lean of pig pancreas, pig, again boil, flavor can. Along with the quantity drinkable. Pancreas extraction a pig 1, pig lean lean 60 grams, dried mushrooms 15 grams, xue Er 9 grams. First dried mushrooms abluent; Snow ear dip leaves abluent, pick small; Lean lean of pig pancreas, pig is abluent, section. Put dried mushrooms, Xue Er into boiler next inside, add clear water right amount, after conflagration boil, small fire boils 20 minutes, put lean lean of pig pancreas, pig, again boil, flavor can. Along with the quantity drinkable.

Pregnant small snacks is aided to taste between equipment pregnancy _ cate the world

Have pregnant small snacks is aided to taste between pregnancy

2017-08-17 15:16:10

The female is in equipment pregnant process, the body needs a vitamin more, protein and the complement of the calcic, iron, zinc, microelement such as selenium, in order to assure the enough nutrition of human body. The early days that is pregnant in preparation can take a few small sock that aid pregnant more, below small make up everybody to share a few kinds to suit to have pregnant eats and do not suit to have pregnant eats, look together.

Fight consenescence, add memorial nut: Earthnut.

Earthnut contains rich vitamin E, enhance memory, delay the action such as consenescence.

Vitaminic E and the zinc that measure certainly are contained in earthnut, can enhance memory, fight ageing, postpone cerebral function decline, moist skin, have the very powerful effect that combats ageing to human body. Lysine also is the important part that prevents premature consenescence, often feed peanut, be beneficial to human body to defer consenescence. It is abundant adipose oil, OK to be contained in earthnut the effect that has embellish lung to relieve a cough. Contain in earthnut garment grease and a variety of vitamins, contain the material that makes cruor time shortens, can defy of fibrin deliquescent, have the function that promotes medullary production plaque, to a variety of haemorrhage sex diseases, not only have hemostatic effect, and have certain remedial effect to the primary affection, beneficial to function of human body hematopoiesis.

Contain a lot ofthe nut of rich vitamin E: Filbert.

Filbert has the effect such as disease of precautionary heart and vessels, constipation.

The vitamin of fat dissolve sex that filbert place contains is human body place more easily to absorb, the person of weak to body, easy hunger has effect of very good take a tonic to build up health. Defer consenescence effectively at the same time, blood-vessel of prevention and cure is sclerotic, the effect that moist skins. Still can reduce cholesterol, prevent the happening of disease of heart head blood-vessel effectively. Filbert has appetizing effect, rich cellulose is peptic still the action with constipation of prevention and cure. Rich vitamin A is contained in filbert former, B1, B2 and nicotinic acid, grow what be helpful for preserving normal vision and epithelial tissue cell normally and neurological health, stimulative digestion function, stomachic, increase memory, prevent consenescence.

Contain a lot ofprotein nut: Happy fruit.

Happy fruit has fall the hematic fat, effect that reduces vision of cholesterol, protection.

Happy fruit nutrition is rich, the protein content of its nutlet is made an appointment with 20% , nutlet still contains vitamin E, have the effect that combats consenescence, can enhance a constitution. Still contain a lot ofacid of ammonia of essence of life, it can alleviate not only the happening of arteriosclerosis, conduce to reduce hematic fat, still can reduce heart attack risk. Still can reduce cholesterol, alleviate reaction of acute spirit pressure.

The fruit garment of happy fruit amaranth, contain cyanine element, this is a kind natural fight oxidation material, and rich lutein is contained in emerald nutlet, it can fight oxidation not just, and also have profit very much to protecting retina.

These a few kinds of food have below between pregnancy had better eat less

1. garlic

Feed garlic to overcome the healthy atmosphere of cut down person more, still have the apparent effect that exterminates spermatozoon, yo age youth if edible is overmuch, opposite Yo is having adverse effect, reason is unfavorable feed more.

2. melon seeds

The protein part of sunflower seed is contained control spermary part, can cause spermary atrophy, affect normal birth function, reason Yo age the youth is unfavorable feed more.

3. wine

Science considers to prove, the bases alcohol of wine, can make the catechu in the body phenolic amine chroma heighten, hemal convulsion, spermary is depauperate, make spermary atrophic even, raw energy function can produce structural change, the male sex hormone such as spermary ketone secretes inadequacy, attenuate of meeting occurrence sound, the breast increases wait for Nancy expression. This kind of person is easy produce the man not Yo, although bear, the possibility that generation happening misshapes below is larger also. The female can bring about menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhoea, ovum is generated mutation, asexuality desire or stop oviposit to wait.

4. bakes flesh of flocks and herds

Eating meat of the flocks and herds that bake is habit of dweller of and other places of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, the child that a few woman that somebody discovers to love eats the hotpot that bake is delivered of suffers from mental retardation, break down or misshape. Through investigation and modern medicine research, these women and the oaf that its give birth to are the victim that arched bug affects.

5. coffee

The researcher of institute of science of sanitation of environment of American whole nation hopes to 104 pregnant female undertakes study to conclude: Coffee has immediate effect to becoming pregnant. In these females, drink the female of coffee of a cup of above everyday, pregnant possibility is the half of the person that do not drink this kind of beverage only. Accordingly, they put forward, if the female plans to be pregnant, with respect to coffee of should little drink.

Masticatory force relies on to always will not give the child off-the-peg _ cate the world the day after tomorrow

Masticatory force relies on to always will not give the child the day after tomorrow off-the-peg

2017-04-11 16:07:19

Many parents are very doting to darling, slimy shape food eats to him only when feeding and giving darling to feed is not solid food, or him chew eat to darling again. Little imagine, this one behavior is damaging the development of the masticatory ability of darling. Below small make up for how is the masticatory ability that says darling fostered.

The masticatory ability of darling needs acquired education

Darling is met inherently absorb, but parents of masticatory ability need will be fostered the day after tomorrow. When some darling are having a meal, can have do not eat solid food to eat milk products only or often the circumstance such as retch, a lot of parents think this is darling is being carried feed or do not have a meal seriously. Actually, this kind of circumstance explains the masticatory capacity of darling is insufficient, need parents is fostered correctly.

Can make fluctuation when darling when occlusive movement, explain he had had abecedarian mastication capacity. At this moment parents should be fostered in time, the masticatory ability that lets darling achieves progress.

It what dried fruit pregnant woman eats is good that what dried fruit pregnant woman eats? Accurate mom should write down the world of firm _ cate

It what dried fruit pregnant woman eats is good that what dried fruit pregnant woman eats? Accurate mom should be written down prison

2017-03-24 16:29:48

When the woman is pregnant, be when needing compensatory nutrition most, because want to retain the physical power of the mother’s body not just right now, offer even fetal all sorts of nutrition elements that require in place of the development in the mother’s body. It so pregnant woman eats what dried fruit is good that so pregnant woman eats what dried fruit this problem is worn in the worry all the time accurate mom, actually the nut such as seed of walnut, melon, loose seed, filbert is pregnant Mom eatable ” cerebral gold ” oh!

1, walnut

Walnut contains rich phosphatide, it can fill head, be good at head, the development with stimulative coriaceous cerebra. 500 grams walnutmeat is equivalent to 2500 grams egg or the nutrient value that place of 4500 grams milk contains, among them about 60% is sodium albumen, still E of lysine, glutamic acid, vitamin waits.

2, melon seed

Have sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds and watermelon commonly child. Eat pumpkin seeds to be able to treat traditional Chinese medical science of seed of watermelon of kidney stone ill; to think sexual flavour pleasant is cold in case more, the not saturated fatty acid that has bowel of benefit lung, embellish, hemostatic, be good at stomach to wait for place of seed of effect; sunflower to contain can rise to reduce the effect of cholesterol.

3, loose seed

Contain rich vitamin A and E, and human body must fatty acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and flax acid, the leather Nuo collect that still contains other plant institute to do not have is acerbity. It not only the effect that has powerful body of disease of beneficial Shou Yangyan, dispel. Still have defend the cancer, action that fights cancer. Pine nut benevolence contains the adipose oil of 74% , basically be oleic acid fat, lung having profit relieves a cough, aperient effect.

4, filbert

Contain not saturated fatty acid, contain a lot ofphosphor, iron, Potassium to wait mineral, and vitamin A, B1, B2, nicotinic acid, it is OK to often eat bright eye, be good at head. Have ” the king of nut ” appellation. Can fill lienal beneficial is angry, acerbity bowel stops have diarrhoea.

5, happy fruit

Nutlet contains a lot ofvitamin, folic acid, phosphor, Potassium, natrium, calcium, still contain at the same time nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, mineral etc. Because abundant oil is contained in happy fruit, because this has the effect with embellish aperient bowel, conduce to airframe discharging poison. Happy fruit is nourishing feed medicine, its flavour pleasant is avirulent, lukewarm kidney is warm lienal, by beneficial empty caustic, gas is arranged in tone, can treat dysentery of neurasthenic, bloated, anaemic, hidebound, slow rush down to wait for disease.

The child is short of the world of cate of _ of easy head cold of these 5 kinds of nutriment

The child is short of easy head cold of these 5 kinds of nutriment

2017-02-24 17:17:01

1, be short of vitamin C: Disease-resistant poisonous ability will be abate. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin C has citric, green pepper, Chinese cabbage, potato to wait.

2, be short of vitamin A: Can affect function of human body immunity. The food that contains vitamin A to abound has liver of yoke, cod-liver oil, butter, animal and plant sex to contain the food with rich carotene, wait like asparagus lettuce leaf, carrot, tomato, yam.

3, be short of calcium: Answer to eat the food that contain calcium more as far as possible, wait like soup of bean products, fish, shrimp, kelp, bone, take calcium tablet, cod-liver oil when necessary. The parent often looks after children even to outdoors activity.

4, be short of zinc: Eat the food that contains zinc to abound more, be like liver of lean lean, animal, incrustation kind food (walnut, earthnut) .

5, be short of iron: Children is short of iron to be met anaemic, contract urgent chronic infection easily. The child that is short of iron should have liver of black agaric, animal, bean curd, jujube, dried small shrimps, corn to wait more, when necessary profess to convinced medications.

Darling sleeps why to often wake in the evening _ cate the world

Darling sleeps why to often wake in the evening

2016-10-13 11:08:26

According to statistic, the children habit of 15% awakes in the middle of the night. This meeting affects parents the Morpheus in the evening, bring worry to parents. But no matter darling is nightly,awake much more frequent, or how irritating, do not make him big cry as far as possible. Answer to go to the side of him immediately, help him find out problem place, drink bit of water to him, let him discharge make water, or pat gently pat him, perhaps darling can continue immediately go off.

Sleep to have the effect of environmental element and oneself element falsely in darling night. Surroundings includes temperature, humidity, air fresh degree etc. Darling oneself has the need such as be hungry, full, thirsty, make water. Right now darling already had thinking activity, can daydream so, good dream darling can laugh, nightmare darling can cry, climb possibly still. Additional, because be short of calcium,the darling of less than of one full year of life still is met and nocturnal Jing, night is troubled by. Accordingly, darling does not let too excited before sleeping, watching TV especially is darling nightly daydream, cry one of main reasons that do. Darling basal metabolis and metabolism are more exuberant than growing up, the heat inside easy generation. Additional, dress, lid by overheat heavy panel, make darling sleeps easily also uneasiness is firm. When necessary, tranquillizer can be taken below the doctor’s guidance.

Anyhow, parents is in should give baby as far as possible at this moment kind and caress, make darling can install a person’s mind to fall asleep again

Darling is good, mother’s womb is very important _ cate the world

Darling is good, mother’s womb is very important

2015-05-09 01:02:13

Guide language: Gravid it is a complex physiology process, as standard of living rise, increasing parent realizes the value of prepotent actor Yo, hope to be delivered of clever and healthy and lively, lovely darling. In for ” make a person ” the dad Mom that prepare actively are early hear of already began to have all sorts of prenatal education even, but do not want to let darling be defeated in mother’s womb, you still must know pregnancy how to just can avoid darling appear grow inside palace suffer be restricted or nutrition is superfluous.

The expert reminds:

Maternal thin and small can be sent fetal grow suffer be restricted

Fetal grow suffer be restricted is current obstetric a very common kind of complex complication, the report points out its occurence rate can be as high as 5%~10% . Analysis of Wen Jiying of obstetric chairman doctor says courtyard of health care of Guangdong province women and children, the following 3 kinds of elements, it is to bring about speed and growth rate grow to all did not achieve inside fetal palace due main reason of the level:

Element of the mother’s body: Maternal bodily form slants on the low side of the weight before short pregnant, nutrition absorbs inadequacy, or pregnancy smoking, drink, and even had gotten virus infection, had taken certain pharmaceuticals, or pregnancy suffers from on hypertensive, nephrosis is asked for integratedly wait for a disease.


Build a person to know to want to want the world of Ay No_ cate to 7 kinds of food surely

Build a person to know to want to need Ay No to 7 kinds of food surely

2015-01-10 10:21:31

Guide language: The female is infecund the thing that must saying is an anguish. And the reason with infecund influence has a lot of. Among them food affects one of infecund important elements namely. What food can bring about a female so infecund? Below small write the name that should tell you these culprits, the female that preparation is pregnant after learning these names must vigilant!

1. balsam pear

Although balsam pear has acrid, but one of food that make personnel reducing weight love most however. Because the sugar content of balsam pear and adipose amount are smaller, be helpful for fat person reduce weight. But it is this kind of food that is helpful for reducing weight can bring about a female however infecund, balsam pear can affect an embryonic bed, it is certain to still can have to the uterus damage action, think pregnant female wants discretion before edible balsam pear so.